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(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:00)
For those who feel the course of gold is somehow tied to general equities, here is the monthly SP 500 chart. If Aug closes below 890, a reversal may well have begun. Or to mix metaphors: This turkey's goose will be cooked. The CCI has crossed over but not very signigicant by itself at this point. .... Also interesting is the increased monthly trading range since last summer's recovery lows. Much greater than previous years in this move.

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:02)
Open-shop 1914 @ B. Altman & Co.
New York Library, renovations in the B.Altman Building, discovered a
book, from the grand opening of the B.Altman & co. 1914.

Great read:
" With a philanthropist for its founder, it is not surprising that the
house of B. Altman & Co. devotes much care and thought to the welfare of
its employees. "

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:03)
@deja vu
One of the wire stories mentioned that this seems like 1993. 1993 is the year that I got turned into a gold bug. Had a 51% return on equity that year mostly due to the mining shares I had. Well I'm ready for an oncore and I suspect everyone else here at Kitco is too.

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:04)
6pak and all: Help. I seem to recall that UPS is a non-public corporation. Anyone know any different????

geoff s
(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:10)
What is the NSAQ and what does it repersent

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:12)
No, I do not know. sorry.

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:26)
United Parcel Service - World's Largest Private Delivery Company
1907 - 1913 - 1919 200 countries and 335,000 employees.

(Wed Aug 13 1997 00:30)
advertising by mutual funds to halt a crash?
Just for interest sake. Watched the ABC evening news and an interesting advertisement was aired by one of the large stock mutual finds. The ad stated "one day does not make the market and your retirement fund"
What is this ad telling us? Do the stock mutual funds have a advertising campaign in place to calm the fears of the masses? Are we witnessing
a hollywood stage for the financial collapse?? It looks like the final curtain is about to drop!!

George Cole
(Wed Aug 13 1997 01:25)
The Ides of August
Looks like the ides of Augusy are working out as expected. Stocks topping and headed DOWN. Gold and gold shares troughing and headed UP. The worse the stock and bond markets do, the better gold and gold shares will do. When the Dow gets back to its April lows of 6400 or so, gold probably will be over $400. This looks like the very early phase of a huge gold bull that will far surpass 1993!

EB said here recently he is 99% sure that stocks have not peaked and gold has not troughed. Think again EB!

(Wed Aug 13 1997 01:34)
Ominous looking dow today, a smooth accelerating drop, like y=-x^2 not often that it looks like a parabola. Could be quite a bad day tommorrow.

Actually it is a misconception that lemmings will run off a cliff, it was the nature filmaker that was having assistants chase and panic the group. A better analogy I've heard is that of the little groups of swamp flies that are flying in mass then all of a sudden without any apparent reason the whole swarm changes course at exactly the same time.

(Wed Aug 13 1997 01:37)
He who has the gold makes the rules
Anyone long equities is in for a smash. Gold will make it's move in a hurry while everyone watches in disbelief. The trains leaving hope your aboard for the most exciting gold move in history. As I predicted last week right here stock market pundits are in for a clobbering. Buy the dips and get whipped sawed down into the ground. Us goldbugs are back. Don't be short the precious.