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(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:00 - ID#252127)
I wonder if the Mining companies are being taken for a ride; that is along with their shareholder's

SORRY FOR THE WRONG URL SYMBOL: When reading bullcrap like this and consider the low gold
price, you have to wonder who is controling the gold

(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:02 - ID#347332)
To Jack:

Thankx a million. Cool link. I'm still reading it. go CAMECO

(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:02 - ID#252127)
I wonder if the Mining companies are being taken for a ride; that is along with their shareholder's

LAST TRY: When reading bullcrap
like this and consider the low gold
price, you have to wonder who is controling the gold

Yellow Jacket
(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:02 - ID#4289)
CC, JTF: Then again, the compilers of the XAU MUST be factoring in those changes in order to keep it as an "index," making for a valid ratio. Or maybe it's too late and I need to stop the posts and get some sleep.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:10 - ID#347332)
To Jack:
I didnt know Cameco was in commercial production already.
Mikey is happy. Mikey will read anything.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:24 - ID#57232)
Mike Sheller ( and Donald ) : Couldn't sleep. What you say makes sense to me -- an inverted head and shoulders. This is what Donald was talking about in a different way, and I didn't understand. What is interesting is that this head and shoulders pattern in the XAU/gold ratio is skewed upward to the right. Sure looks like we're headed up for about a month!
Was part of your prediction on silver based on the new moon? Any relation of this pattern to the use of silver bullets on dark nights? Fokelore is interesting -- sometimes a touch of truth! I think Donald did us a service stimulating examination of the XAU/gold ratio. Never hurts to be cautious, especially when its our money! My guess is that we will have a downturn in gold stocks begining in about a month ( based on recent gold stock cycles ) , unless gold bullion starts to move.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:35 - ID#386245)
Aussie gold index ( XGO ) UP 33.8 to 1303.5. Any Aussies out there with better computer skills than myself--could you please post the XGO chart--as by my reading it has just broken UP through the downtrend line from March, 97.

As per my postings yesterday Normandy ( NDY ) currently up .08 to 1.78 ( 4.7% ) and Acacia Resources ( AAA ) up .09 to 1.68 ( 5.6% ) --1 1/2 hours before closing.Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Bart Kitner
(Tue Sep 30 1997 00:38 - ID#25867)
Thanks Ron, for the Unix trivia. Where I come from "PST" means provincial sales tax, and so the term "cookie" is definitely more desireable than "persistent server tokens". I couldn't imagine hitting all the unsuspecting clients with PST.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 01:15 - ID#411259)
..... What a day! .....

5.15 December silver is the key. They will make a run at it on the open tomorrow, if it breaks through, 5.40 in a heartbeat. Got caught with 100K oz silver short at 5.78. I posted here a few times that silver had an explosive upside. The only short I put in was for a client who has 200K oz @ 5.03 that we've been stuck with for four months, so we made 60K on the long , and lost 30K on the short. A failure here would let me out of my latest short with modest profits. Beware the bull, warehouse stocks were up today, and I can see nothing else to put a rosy face on silver. I would, however, rejoice in a quick rally to the mid 5's. I could get out of my more expensive silver before gold drags it down.

Gold is ripe for another short. I have not changed my view that gold will make new lows this year. The rumors of CB sales out of Europe are not just rumors. There is an announcement coming soon, who is the culprit? I still think the Germans have a hand in the latest round of selling, we should know soon. As for the rest, I took profits on most of my PL and am largely in cash now.

JTFlick, not me who posted the XAU/gold chart. I would still like to banter some physics with you and niner. I haven't had much time to spend on this here group of late. I'm moving to Irvine, California on the 8th of October. Like all moves, this is an all consuming task. The worst part is I will have to break down the computer system so I might be out of touch for a few days. With luck, I will box it up the night before the move and reassemble the next day. Forget the kitchen, forget the bathrooms, never mind unpacking, the computer and the stereo come first.

Tomorrow is one of those days I'm going to have to be at the office at the open, seven and one half hours from now. Don't feel a bit tired, but 4 am comes early in any part of the world. Enough for this eve, good luck on all your trades.

Away To get half a night's sleep.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 02:01 - ID#386276)
Nick@Canberra. SPI tanking this arvo. Our market looks sus. Industrials down, resources up.
Would look a lot worse if not for the metals. SPI has broken support, looks good on intraday chart.
I have looked on globex & asian indices but nothing bad there.
Is this somehow related to the change in trend in some metals?
Some of the metals charts looks exceedingly bullish.
Top pick on those NABWBQ. If you were a real bear those NABWMP could be good such leverage.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 02:02 - ID#257148)
samurai silver ho ho

Japan August silver imports jump 122.9 pct yr/yr

TOKYO, Sept 30 ( Reuter ) - Japan's silver imports in August rose by 122.9
percent from a year earlier to 197.40 tonnes, Ministry of Finance ( MOF ) data
released on Tuesday showed.

The figures were as follows ( in tonnes ) :

Aug 97 July 97 Aug 96
Total 197.41 150.58 88.57
Major suppliers:
Mexico 92.52 74.00 55.36

Cumulative imports in the first eight months of 1997 totalled 1,032 tonnes against
810.61 tonnes in the same period a year earlier.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 02:23 - ID#386276)
Pilferred from the web, hot off the press!

I am surprised by this silver move to be honest. My wife has been advocating that some psychic she follows has said silver is going to go ballistic. Yea, yea, yea...I says to her. All I can say is if it hits even 1/4 of the target that her guru says...I'm gonna be REAL sorry I'm not on board this one!!!

And the speedy take-off is just the kind that can really get away from you in a hurry. This silver move is not tied to gold/ seems to be largely a silver play, and that I find interesting. In that regard, it should be demand driven, and not an inflation hedge metal play.

(Tue Sep 30 1997 02:31 - ID#255151)

Can't seem to get access tonight. Trying a backdoor here.