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(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:01 - ID#401460)
(themissinglink (M3) )
Didn't realize that was your post. Where did you get that info? Great post I e-mailed it to friends.

I would guess that it won't be long now. Just about all charts show a bottom and the 30 year bond appears to be ready to cycle back up.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:01 - ID#39845)
Read this! Everthing is gonna scream, rip, tear, and charge.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:03 - ID#210235)
Hefty number on M3. Ain't fiat currency grand.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:14 - ID#28098)
Exhange Rates--Something to think about

A countrys trade-wighted exchange rate is an average of the bilateral rates with its trading parners, weighted by how much it trades with each of them. The measure captures the effect of currency changes on the competitiveness of a countrys exports--the higher the rate, the costlier they are.

Since the start of 1997, Americas and Britains exchange rates have appreciated substantially. In 1998 alone the pound has risen by 5% in trade-weighted terms, and the dollar by 4%. This is hurting exporters in both countries.

The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England each face a monetary-policy dilemma: they have to weigh exporters desire for a weaker currency against the need to raise interest rates to slow growth in domestic demand.

Having climbed 65% between 1990 and the third quarter of 1995, the trade-weighted yen has since fallen 27%. The D-mark is edging lower, but is roughly 2% higher than it was in 1990. The French franc is moving down too, but is still 6% higher than it was in 1990. Economist, Mar 7-13

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:19 - ID#401460)

The European Central Bank ( ECB ) is
due to announce the composition of its foreign exchange reserves -- including gold's share -- that will underpin the euro, in May.

Belgium's decision, however, has given the market some leads. This decision along with the comments by Belgium National Bank Governor Verplaetse suggests the ECB gold share could
be 15 per cent of pooled total reserves in gold, that reserves held back by EMU members could be 5-6 times their ECB contribution, and that one third of these will be held in gold.

Andy Smith, precious metals analyst with UBS in London, working these numbers on a base of $US43 billion initial ECB contribution ( 50 billion ECU for 15 members pro-rated down to 11 ) comes up with EMU member reserves held back in their respective vaults of $235 billion ( $43 billion x 5.5 ) .

One-third of this in gold equals $78 billion or 8,115 tonnes ( at $300/oz ) held back in EMU member vaults. As 664 tonnes will be pooled into the ECB ( 15 per cent of $US43 billion in gold ) , according to Verplaetse, this leaves 3,700 tonnes surplus to both ECB and national needs ( 12,463 tonnes minus 664 tonnes minus 8,115 tonnes ) .

"Place a cold towel over your head. This is frightening," Smith says.

Does this mean that the EURO$ will be the stronger currency of choice in the future, from May on?


(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:20 - ID#28098)
Hedgehog--I have not a doubt in the world that the Europeans would
prefer to have a 15%, 10% or--better yet--0% backed currency.
But maybe--a PROBABLE 'maybe'--Europe will be forced into a
"re-think" when China makes its currency fully convertible.
Because when the Renminbi becomes fully convertible ( 2000 is a
good bet ) the impossible probable is that IT Will Be Backed
by GOLD, as the Chinese stated way back in 1993. {:- ) ) )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:25 - ID#373403)

This has been going on for several years so either it is not as signifigant as the casual observer might suppose or the Treasury has found a way for this money to go directly to places which do not affect consumer prices.

Could they be creating deposits to the portfolios of banks with loans gone bad? Bad loans are a loss of money to the system so replacing the money might not be inflationary? This would create no asset inflation? The government is legally committed to insuring deposits.

Another possibility. The debt interest roughly equals money supply growth so by making these payments in newly minted money, the wealthy bond holders are likely to reinvest instead of consume. Enter the stock bubble with no measurable inflation?

What is to keep this from going on forever?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:33 - ID#263133)
Overseas Quotes
Can anyone direct me to a site or tell me what is happening tonite on the overseas maket in the PM's, especially Platinum. Kitco doesn't seem to give this onfo. on a current basis over the weekend anymore.

Quixotic 1
(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:41 - ID#48200)
I say, start the stopwatch...NOW !! (repost)
ANOTHER interpretation !! All:
Is has occurred to me, that the 5 to 10 day time frame that ANOTHER speaks of, may start from the time of the Belgian announcement ( 3 days ago ) , not the time of ANOTHER's posting. This would extend ANOTHER's window till April 3rd. There is nothing that specifies the baseline for the stopwatch. I say we give the Gentleman, ANOTHER round of consideration. IMHO

Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 07:55

The purchase of large physical stocks of gold in Nov. did send a message to the CBs. They did begin slowdown of sales/easing. The "management tool of gold in the 90s" ( see Date: Sat Mar 07 1998 13:08 ANOTHER ( THOUGHTS! ) ID#60253 ) is now to go into reverse! A large purchase, now, is sending another message, "bring gold back into $320 to $360 US$ range. We should see this in five to ten days. This will be a hard thing, as it may create a crush to cover. Let us watch this "new gold market", as it is not as before. I will post later in march!

Gold for the good guysGMJ

(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:44 - ID#401460)

I thought I heard in a report several years ago that the M2 and I think M3, do not count the cash in the stock markets. If this is true, we know where the money is going - into the markets. Again that puts all inflation back in the markets again.

I thought awhile back that an easy way for them to get rid of all of the inflation and unbacked currency, was to have a major market correction, the problem would just evaporate in the correction; however, now I don't know if they can have one without bringing the whole house down around them.

Any thoughts on this?


(Mon Mar 23 1998 00:49 - ID#401460)

If M3 does not measure the cash in the markets, this would mean that the M3 is even larger then we think - it's all funny numbers anyway, they probably don't even know.

It's late and we may have a big week ahead SO,
Good Night All


(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:02 - ID#266105)

Interesting photo in a book titled How to Invest in
Gold Coins; Donald J. Hoppe; 1970, depicting the
front page of the New York Times, Monday, March 6,
1933. Bold headlines:


Caption: March 6, 1933, The End of The Golden Age.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt issues an emergency
proclamation temporarily suspending all banking
operations, halting all further transactions in
gold and requiring surrender of privately held
gold coin, gold certificates and gold bullion
to the Federal Reserve System. This proclamation
soon to become law, ended 142 years of gold-based
money in the United States. Ironically, on this
same date, Adolf Hitler's party gained full control
of the government of Germany.

Head and sublines of front page articles left to right:

Hitler Bloc Wins Reich Majority; Rules in Prussia
Stay-at-Homes Turn Out and Give GOvernment 52%
of 39,000,000 Record Vote
Nazis Roll Up 17,300,000
Get 44% of Total Poll and Even Wrest Control
of Bavaria From Catholics
Election is Peaceful

Mob Attacked Stalin's Home in Wide Revolt, Tokyo Hears

Japanese Push on in Fierce Fighting; China Closes Wall
Jehol Forces Offer Stoutest Resistance of Campaign as
They Are Cornered
But Lose Another Pass
Chang's Troops at Kupei Bar Retreat Southward to the
Peiping Area
Nanking Admits Defeat

Relief Wages Will Be Paid Despite Holiday

Bewildered City Still Pays in Cash
Face Use of Scrip Calmly and Continues to Patronize
the Theatres and Stores
Hopeful Mood Prevails
Merchants and Travel Lines Uncertain on Use of Tender--
Many Extending Credit.

Banks Here Act at Once
City Scrip to Be Ready Today or Tomorrow to Replace
Emergency Step Praised
Financiers Look for Little Interruption in Business
Under Federal Program
'Trust Deposits' to Aid
Cash Now Can Be Placed in New Accounts and Drawn
Upon Without Limitation

The President's Bank Proclamation
( official proclamation beneath-- WHEREAS.. )

Use of Scrip Authorized
President Takes Steps Under Sweeping Law of War Time
Prison for Gold Hoarder
The Proclamation Provides for Withdrawals From Banks
Against New Deposits
Congress Sits Thursday
Day of Conference With the Cabinet and Financial Men
Precedes the Decree

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:08 - ID#373403)
I don't know what the selldown value of the stock market is ( i.e. the post correction value ) but to answer your question, the longer the bubble goes on the more firmly entrenched it becomes into the economy. The first year you made 20% on you stock portfolio, it was like found money and would not hurt if you lost it as easily. The next year however you start to make decisions like buying a larger house with a larger mortgage and leasing a nicer car because you feel that even if you do not make as much the next year you still have what you previously made.

This is how the Japanese real estate market is dragging down their banking/credit industry. Loans were made on bubble values and now have to be paid back with rents which reflect current valuations. No one with leveraged property can afford to sell either.

Back to the U.S. we heard recently that people have more invested in the market than their homes. This reflects both the higher stock valuations and the higher mortgage leverage. When the stock bubble pops, real estate will come down as people re-evaluate their situation downward, and then will be followed by the banking/credit markets going the same way as Japan.

Does this ever mean price inflation? Maybe real estate and financial asset deflation with consumer inflation? Downturns never are the same are they?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:11 - ID#238422)
John Disney
My brother John,

Did you notice it's now moving from 5% to 15%?
( EURO backing in gold, I mean ) . As our friend
Mr.Tzadeak would say "as I indicated in my
previous posts..." I gave 15-20% of probable
gold backing approx. 4 months ago in one of my
posts. I'm happy...Now, why do you think I came
to this conclusion? ...I don't know myself
I think it's because I drink only pure grain
vodka and use Tony Packo's pickles...

Anyway, my brother, your logical question who
buys ABX's gold at $400/oz was a turning point to
me. I stopped drinking for a while and came back to
work... I still think April is gonna be good month
for POG, but ( I know you hate "two sets of books" story ) .
two sets of books are still in an active play...nothing
changed in Siberia, even whether...
PL will establish itself above $415, as I thought before,
but when ( or if ) it hits $450, just watch....I'm afraid
it could be back below $400 - Bloody Russians may start
dumping again, I think they are plaing it now in more
sophisticated way than before. Just a wild thought...

However, use your own judgement, I'm just your younger
brother. My Camel seems to be happy for now, I bought
a case of Scotch Ale ( Samuel Adams, good stuff ) for camel,
and camel sucks it 24 hours a day with a strange
expression on its face ( ? ) ( what's the right English word
for camel's face? )

Your 2 sets of books keeper brother Oris.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:13 - ID#285392)
Aph Thanks for the excellent information
How long have you been in the business? Do you work alone, for a company or do you have a company? I know that you have told others that you get your information from charts but your depth of knowledge and experience belies that as being your only resource. You have a background that makes most us feel inadequate by comparison. You do great work!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:18 - ID#252127)
SOS, that what they fed the regular army

This 3700 tonne surplus as indicated by who else -say Andy- is just an attempt to place another nail into the coffin.
Now I see why the producers are blowing their 2000 tonne millenium coin boggle.
If they had balls they'd take cash on their profitable hedges and put their mines on standby, or stay open at breakeven and pay their employees and suppliers with what that they produce.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:29 - ID#252127)
Horseshit and no gunsmoke

When you get smoke and mirrors by the governments, lies thru their hack media and bullshit by the gold producers, how the f*** do you expect gold to go up.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:29 - ID#39971)
Andy Smith's Selective Commentary?

YORK, England, March 21 ( Reuters ) - Bank of Italy Governor Antonio


said on Saturday that gold's share in the reserves of the European

Central Bank could be the same or higher than its role in Italian


Seems to me Andy Smith should take the towel of his head and wipe the

BS out of his eyes.I believe there is a front lining up as we draw

closer to the May period where an agreement has to be made on ECU Gold

reserves.Italy,Germany,France and maybe others on the larger holdings

side and those with a lower present reserve structure on the other.

Thus,what we are now witnessing is a campaign to degrade Gold's value

led by those who wish the lower percentage.Why the perma-bear wishes

to ignore the following is anyone's guess.

''A part of the ( ECB ) reserves will be in gold,'' Fazio said. ''This

share could be in proportion or even a little bit higher than in our

( reserves ) .''

Italy is one of the largest official holders of gold in the European

Union. Gold presently accounts for around 30 percent of its reserves.

Fazio was speaking at the end of a two-day meeting of European Union

finance ministers and central bankers in this northern English town.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 01:44 - ID#401460)
the missing link themissinglink themissinglink

Thanks for the answer,
I ran some numbers out on Credit Card debt and possible 2nd mortgage leverage in the markets and it is staggering.

Once the direction turns South, at some point market margin calls will go into affect percipatating a major correction, requiring investors to borrow more to cover those calls and then eventually there will be Credit Card Loan Calls and Mortgage calls as Cash starts to dry up and interest rate will rise.

Some of this began last fall - but was temporarily put on hold. The US economy is HOT inflation is going to appear, I am in a profession that is on the front line of Inflation and Deflation. And we are on overtime, we can't even find talented help now employment rate 2.5% maybe lower now and is going down every month. If we are this busy Texas, Arizona, Florida, etc. have to be really cranking too.

Again Good Night and thanks to All for your Post.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 02:15 - ID#258129)
Boris Yelsin just fired the whole government this morning, including PM Chernomyrdin ( CNN )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 02:23 - ID#286234)
Mike, i quit drinkin' gin long ago,
gave me headaches. In a more recent era we hosted hundreds of tgifs. One thing I learned about mixing martinis- If asked for an extra DRY one, "...don't shake it too hard..." I always tossed in an extra large dollop of vermouth and took my SWEET time shakin'it, "... Sammy, that was the best martini..."

Others- In case you all think I never have anything to say about gold, try this- Rocketship *Gold* is now being towed to the launch pad.

John Disney__A
(Mon Mar 23 1998 02:36 - ID#24135)
How do you say camel's face in Russian
For Oris my brother
I think you are starting to perfect the Packo Pickles
and Vodka method of forecasting. I knew it would take
time but I think you've got it. Im happy to hear about
the 15 % backing ... on the other hand, all politicians
lie all the time.. so maybe it would be better if the
Italian guy said NO GOLD Backing at all.
Believe Russians will sell/and short palladium but
I think they are a bit light the the old platinum
double book.
Im so glad that Sheherazade is well and gets plenty
of beer and ale. Does she ever speak of me?? Did she
get the sunglasses OK??
Just read Delphi's post that Yelzin fired the Russian
Government .. a great idea .. I wish he would fire the
US Government too .. but he's probably just screwing
around... keeping the buggers on their toes.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 02:56 - ID#238422)
Oh my God!
Bloody Yeltsin fired all Russian Government?!?

Too much vodka Monday morning or he just got screwed up
again? By the way, Chernomirdin was about ready to present
PL/PA export quotas to Yeltsin...PL is going up, another
little delay, may be a couple of months only...

By the way, "Chernomirdin" in Russian means "Man with
the black face".... and he is known not to drink at work...

Shouldn't be Russian Prime Minister in the first place...

Oh, God...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:02 - ID#286234)
A vigorous fellow named Bart
Was attracted by every new skirt
Oh, it wasn't their minds
But their rounded behinds
That excited this loveable old fart.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:10 - ID#238422)
John Disney
Brother John,

She speaks a lot about you, she likes you.
Got her sunglasses, beer and filed for a
Green Card too. She needs Green Card to
get her own liquior lisense, wants more
beer at discount prices. I am cooperating,
will be easier on my pocket also, her beer
consumption going up like DOW...

In regard to politicians - don't blame them,
it's their job and they DID it for a couple
of years, they already LIED. I guess they now
need to lie BACKWARDS...

But who cares if we gonna have more beer, vodka
and pickles? ....if of course, we gonna have...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:32 - ID#286234)
oops, I meant
A vigorous fellow named Bert
Was attracted by every new skirt
Oh, it wasn't their minds
But their rounded behinds
That excited this loveable old fert.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:33 - ID#238422)
John Disney
Brother, it's high time for me to get some sleep...
but - OH MY GOD - look at PL price! and PA too...

Down with Russian Government!
Chernomirdin go home!
Long live Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin!

Nikolaevich is his second name, means his Dad's
name was Nikolai, and he is the son of his Dad..
Is this really exciting or what?

Good night.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:36 - ID#238422)
Sam, nice work. Hopefully, I'll see you again...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 03:44 - ID#286234)
One day we will enjoy some vodka and pickels, and close the place.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 04:00 - ID#286234)
am i the last one again?
Good night all. ( Ersel, you should be gettin' up about now! )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 04:10 - ID#286279)
huh, wha, how did he do that?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 04:24 - ID#358318)
An oil calculation
Bloomberg says "Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela pledged to cut output by 600,000 barrels a day, or 0.8 percent of world supply. The cut
could reach 2.7 percent if other countries cooperate. Oil for
May delivery surged $1.54 to $16.15 a barrel in New York
yesterday.". ( That's 10.5%! )

So, if an oil exporter has 1 Million barrels to export, at the old price of $14.61 they get $14.61 Million.
At the new price they must cut their share of exports by 0.8% to 992000 barrels, for which they get $16.15 a barrel, total $16.02 Million.
For 0.8% cut in production they get $1.4108 Million more, or 9.66% more money for the oil, and they saved 8000 barrels to sell the next time!
That sounds like a good deal to me. Of course, the price may be expected to settle a bit after the initial surge so maybe the oil producers won't get quite that much more. But I think they will still make gains geared up relative to the production cuts. Now if the cut were 2.7%, and the oil price rose 10.5*3=31.5%, selling 973000 barrels at $14.61+$4.60 would raise $18.69 Million, 28% more money and 27000 barrels saved!
This does of course have significant ramifications for gold.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 04:28 - ID#251268)
Hey Boris!
send them all on a safari to Africa,thats what your supposed
to do to do with them when they mess up.Don't know if it's me
or what but everything is sticking at this site could be some
effects from the fire eh,well hope it gets better tommorow promises to be
a rip roaring day.Nite all

(Mon Mar 23 1998 04:51 - ID#228283)
@All..Hi sam..

If it is true about Yeltsin and Russia being almost out of platinum...can you say LIMIT UP?!?!?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 05:28 - ID#185448)
ANOTHER-one bites the gold-dust
This is an assumption:
The EURO will be hard as concrete.

This is to think it over:
There has been a lot of speculation about the backing of the EURO in general and especially the future backing in gold. Different figures have been posted but I have been missing some essential considerations:
At what price will gold-reserves be valued?
Valuation varied from 56 US-$ ( Luxembourg ) to 382 US-$ ( Belgium ) . Italy, who brought itself into the game recently values at 380 US-$. When they say, gold-backing could reach Italian dimensions, did they talk in terms of their valuation or rather in terms of a to-be-fixed EURO-valuation, which was in fact not announced yet. ( Figures as from May 30th 1997!! ) .

As a matter of fact, european CBs value their gold holdings at a fixed rate in local currency. All major european currencies ( EMU-participants ) have sharply devalued against the USD. The DMark for instance lost approx. 7,5% in value from May 30th97 to now. The move is even more dramatic from Oct 1 96 until today, as it is approx. 18%. So one has to be careful, when the valuation of Gold-reserves is given in terms of the US-D. ( The figures I use here ( gold-valuation ) are the last I have from a credible source, dated May 30th 97 ) .

This is ANOTHER annotation:
Given a May-97-valuation of 382$ represents an estimated 353 USDollars of today for Belgian CB-gold. Further given, they did sell at their cost price - et voil - within ANOTHERs range.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 05:29 - ID#185448)
ANOTHER-one bites the gold-dust
This is an assumption:
The EURO will be hard as concrete.

This is to think it over:
There has been a lot of speculation about the backing of the EURO in general and especially the future backing in gold. Different figures have been posted but I have been missing some essential considerations:
At what price will gold-reserves be valued?
Valuation varied from 56 US-$ ( Luxembourg ) to 382 US-$ ( Belgium ) . Italy, who brought itself into the game recently values at 380 US-$. When they say, gold-backing could reach Italian dimensions, did they talk in terms of their valuation or rather in terms of a to-be-fixed EURO-valuation, which was in fact not announced yet. ( Figures as from May 30th 1997!! ) .

As a matter of fact, european CBs value their gold holdings at a fixed rate in local currency. All major european currencies ( EMU-participants ) have sharply devalued against the USD. The DMark for instance lost approx. 7,5% in value from May 30th97 to now. The move is even more dramatic from Oct 1 96 until today, as it is approx. 18%. So one has to be careful, when the valuation of Gold-reserves is given in terms of the US-D. ( The figures I use here ( gold-valuation ) are the last I have from a credible source, dated May 30th 97 ) .

This is ANOTHER annotation:
Given a May-97-valuation of 382$ represents an estimated 353 USDollars of today for Belgian CB-gold. Further given, they did sell at their cost price - et voil - within ANOTHERs range.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 06:03 - ID#224149)
abx fans take a look
Ted ---How ABX and Munk play -

(Mon Mar 23 1998 06:34 - ID#183109)
Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 07:30POLARBEAR ( $30 for POSTAGE? ) ID#183109:BART, I'm anxious to help support the Kitco cause, and am more than willing to pay the additional $18 per coin ( as I can buy a gold maple leaf for $307 ) , but what's up with US$30 for postage? I realize that it may be a bit more expensive coming from north of

the border, but it sure seems like the postman is making out good on this deal. I'll order anyhow, but wanted to voice my bewilderment. Maybe you could hire someone to drive south and then mail them all for less than $10....just a thought : )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:06 - ID#31868)
I say the Coward Erect and the rest of the Cowardista's days are numbered.
Senators complain about 'temporary' appointments
Copyright  1998
Copyright  1998 Scripps Howard

WASHINGTON ( March 23, 1998 00:24 a.m. EST ) -- What's the difference between "temporary" and "permanent"? Not enough to notice, according to key senators, when it comes to certain high-level federal appointments.

Led by the venerable Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., guardian of its institutional powers, the Senate is jumping on the Clinton administration for ignoring a 120-day time limit on temporary appointments that has been in effect, in theory, since enactment of the 1868 Vacancies Act.

At a Governmental Affairs Committee hearing last week, Byrd accused the Justice Department, in particular, of "a supreme arrogance" in what he and other senators described as a chipping away of the Senate's advice and consent role in federal appointments. Some "temporary" appointments are lasting for years, Byrd noted.

The temporary appointments issue drew wide attention last year when President Clinton named California attorney Bill Lann Lee "acting" assistant attorney general for civil rights enforcement, after the Senate refused to act on Lee's formal nomination for the post.

Byrd accused the Justice Department of an "end run around the Vacancies Act, an end run around the United States Senate and an end run around the Constitution."

On Monday, Byrd introduced a bill clarifying that all departments must comply with the 120-day limit. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., the Senate's president pro tempore, introduced similar legislation. Both bills would cut off the pay of any temporary appointee who served in violation of the Vacancies Act.

Governmental Affairs Chairman Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., dismissed the claims of attorneys general dating back to the Nixon administration who have contended that the Vacancies Act does not apply to the Justice Department.

Justice "is in flagrant violation of the law with regard to its non-observance," Thompson said. "An entire government ... could be filled with temporary appointments which could last for an entire administration."

The battle extends beyond Thompson's committee and Senate elders like Byrd and Thurmond. Republican leader Trent Lott of Mississippi, who is cosponsoring Thurmond's bill, said in an interview that the Senate's responsibilities have been encroached upon. "We take this very seriously. We do feel like they have been violating the Vacancies Act and we cannot let that continue."

Invoking the words of Montesquieu and the prophet Isaiah, Byrd argued that the separation of powers had been ignored and that the Constitution was "under siege." Of 320 departmental positions that should be subject to Senate confirmation, 59 or 18 percent "are now being filled in violation of the Vacancies Act," Byrd said. In addition to Justice, he noted numerous temporary appointments at the Commerce and Labor departments which he said are illegal.

Justice officials argue that the 1870 law that created the modern Justice Department vested the attorney general with broader powers of appointment than those afforded most agency heads.

By GEORGE CLIFFORD, Congressional Quarterly, distributed by Scripps Howard News Service

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:18 - ID#286199)
recap of news
Yeltsin fired his cabinet, has appointed a temporary PM.
Oil producers have agreed on production cuts sooner than expected.
Wage increases in U.S. are more than expected.
All precious metals are up on a Monday morning.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:23 - ID#432157)
To the poster who SOLD gold shares on Friday
Looks like your speculation is comning true. Is this not LIFE

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:34 - ID#238295)
JSE gold index up 2% this morning.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:37 - ID#286199)
Old Gold
You were right about oil. The bounce may carry as high as 17 per barrel, then we'll see if the agreement holds together. I filled all three vehicles with 91 cent gasoline yesterday. Looks like that may come to an end for a while. What's your take on the wage increase of 1.6% for lower income wage earners? It's in the WSJ this morning.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:40 - ID#26793)
Prediction of doom for the Japanese economy.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:46 - ID#26793)
Indonesia cancels 5% tax on currency exchanges.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:50 - ID#26793)
MIT economist urges investors to get out of U.S. Stocks

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:57 - ID#26793)
Japanese proposal of $230 "gift certificate" rather than tax cut. Shop 'til you drop.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 07:58 - ID#427357)

Excellent harbinger of things to come:

Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 07:40
Donald__A ( Prediction of doom for the Japanese economy. ) :

When Nippon bonds begin plummeting ( i.e. their interst rates soaring ) , and they begin in earnest to jettison their weighty cargo of U.S. T-bonds, where do you think the hundreds of billions of dollars of individual savings and institutional monies will flow?! There are really PRECIOUS few alternatives left which are 18-year lows.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:02 - ID#330175)
Poorboys................your 'latest'.......gave me a

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:03 - ID#26793)
Rothschild sends $1 billion to Korea (connection to gold donations?)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:07 - ID#26793)
Oops! Here is the Rothschild story

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:09 - ID#348286)
@Yeltsin fires entire Government
White metals ars soaring. Gold doing OK but lets see how it opens on NY. Between this and ABX plan for Y2K coins ( and any other surprises ) , could be an interesting week.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:13 - ID#26793)
Rothschild obtains Australian banking license (connection to gold sale?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:21 - ID#26793)
Talk of a boycott of Korean products

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:28 - ID#348286)
@Where is everyone ???
Donald, looks like its just you and me watchin Gold........

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:30 - ID#287312)
Suspicious <------Always watching Gold

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:38 - ID#317193)
Your posts are most enlightenig. Methinks Japan and Korea will lead the way---DOWN. Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:39 - ID#36156)
Oil Deal Spells Stock Trouble

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:45 - ID#213265)
@the scene
Current 'access' numbers on the oils show May crude at +1.94, May heating oil at +4.14 and May Unleaded +4.21. The stuff could make an even bigger jump at the open. They all will be opening in a resistance area which, of course can quickly become a support area should they trade higher. But, what's that they say; Sell the news? Then become a dippy.

As I said Friday, silver action greatly increased the odds of it seeing 6.60 into/through Tuesday.

Corn and wheats closing Friday bought them into a support area. I'll let you all take that as you will.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:46 - ID#26793)
Scholarships for the kinds of kids who might lurk at Kitco

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:47 - ID#36156)
Economist Krugman Says U.S. Stocks Look Overvalued

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:49 - ID#26793)
Maybe they all went out to gas up at the last day of the old price!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:52 - ID#26669)
Want to see something REALLY scarey?
That was the line from the "Twilight Zone" movie, just before the guy turned into a werewolf and ate his friend. Well, IMHO the UN is slowly turning into a werewolf. But it doesn't want to eat us, just devour our lunch slowly and with gusto.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:53 - ID#410194)
Gold & Silver news
While Gild might have gotten too cheap last week around "290" it's not a sure bet that the developments in Russia will be that positive. It could...but not as much as most would expect. In fact, the overnight reaction to the firing of the government ( ! ) was too see the world equity markets fade a bit which might hint at less demand for Gold! Remember the events of the last several months... In any case, if Gold would all of sudden become a flight to quality once again, it would be a major devation fromm what it became over the last few years. With open interest all the way up to 206,000 contracts, one might me wrong assuming tight ranges will continue. A Barron's article talked about how ouf of favour Gold is but a few contrarians are not enough to alter the sentiment without outside help.

Silver: With Comex stocks moving back down to important psychologically levels the market has an upward bias once again after the intense and long correction following Buffet's news that he bought a lot of it. With deliveries up to 210 last Friday and the stocks at only 89.6 millions, odds are quite strong that the $6 will hold.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:54 - ID#410194)
Correction - typo
Gild = Gold ( You knew that anyway... )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 08:57 - ID#26793)
S&P cites poor economic conditions for Hong Kong; downgrades banks

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:01 - ID#24563)
Nazi gold
Has there been any discussion here regarding the the relationship ( if any ) between the POG and the unfolding "Nazi gold" story? As I understand it investigators have recently discovered that the CB's ( England, USA, Swiss ) have blns US$ in gold which should have been, but never was, repatriated after the war.

Is it possible the CB's may have "borrowed" this gold and it is no longer in the vaults? Could they now be in the embarrassing position of having to replace it? Would this help to explain why the CB's might want to temporarily push down the POG?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:06 - ID#26793)
@Woody; lots of info on the Nazi gold story

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:06 - ID#287277)
We have a central question to address.

Is the East so in awe of the Mighty West that it will meekly submit to Western Servitude in the 21st century?

If you suspect the answer is, No., then your mind will focus on that part of the world that truly represents golds constituency.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:08 - ID#287277)
Donald--HK is a "poor" risk...
But Moody's last week elevated Belgian to an Aaa?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:09 - ID#317193)
SDRer-Look east my freinds,look east
True,true. Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:11 - ID#26793)
Sure. Belgium sold that yukky gold stuff and will now get rich in the bond market.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:14 - ID#317193)
farfel&mozel-hope your watching

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:16 - ID#261118)
Donald, please repost that link on Nazi gold as it misbehaved.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:35 - ID#36156)
Wow, 20-minutes without a post... hmmmmmm.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:39 - ID#188244)
Re: Krugman: "We're crazy."
I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Krugman is one of the few economists whose opinion I pay attention to. He is one bright guy, and although he has the liberal leaning that most economists ( at least East Coast ) do, I don't think he has a particular ax to grind.

Bill El Zebub
(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:49 - ID#261352)
Donald_A...Did you read Hedgehog @00:01 today...What do those numbers
say to you?Do you read it POW to the MOON Alice!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:52 - ID#398105)
Once upon a yank a time...........

With respect to Another, he has presented a scenario, not an absolute situation.

I tend to get a "wee" bit of a feeling that the Septic Tanks GRASP anything and everything, or should I say everything and anything ?

Apart from those good people of the USA, not too many people give a flying F... about the US$. What is the point of absorbing more debt to present your assets to the US$ ?!

The scenario that Another has presented many well have foundation, and may well come into fruition, time will tell.

So, in the mean time, stop pissing in what brains you have...even if your are Septic Tank.....

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:55 - ID#280215)
Silverbaron, APH
Thanks for your responses regarding Prechter and Wolanchuk. Sorry for the delay in repsonse, but just signed in now for the first time since Friday.

It's interesting that one of the so called Wolanchuk experts in my Friday lunch crowd never mentioned the info you ( APH ) gave about his short term call to test 8400 and then back up. If you heard this on Friday, it seems that Wolanchuk either changed his call a little recently, or my friend's co-worker is full of hot air ( tend to think my friends broker cooworker is full of hot air ) . Did Wolanchuk ever call how far down the 4th qtr bottom would be? Maybe he said 6000 or so in the past and this is what my friend's cooworker heard. I just want to make sure I have the facts. Thanks in advance!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:56 - ID#398105)
Donald__A (Rothschild obtains Australian banking license (connection to

Time to make some boy, my boy.......

(Mon Mar 23 1998 09:59 - ID#398105)
Donald__A (Rothschild sends $1 billion to Korea (connection to gold


Do you mean Rothschild or Soros..............too complicated, keep on getting myself confussed.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:02 - ID#22551)
My time projection for the XAU, has last Friday as a "pivot" day. We may get a short term move up ( at a minimum ) , to at least the short term upper trendline from 1/28 to 3/10. This trendline would also constitute the upper parameters of a triangle from 12/9/97. Time projection chart can be seen here.

Quixotic 1
(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:02 - ID#48200)
I say, Start the stopwatch...NOW !! (Repost)
ANOTHER interpretation !! All:
Is has occurred to me, that the 5 to 10 day time frame that ANOTHER speaks of, may start from the time of the Belgian announcement ( 3 days ago ) , not the time of ANOTHER's posting. This would extend ANOTHER's window till April 3rd. There is nothing that specifies the baseline for the stopwatch. I say we give the Gentleman, ANOTHER round of consideration. IMHO

Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 07:55

The purchase of large physical stocks of gold in Nov. did send a message to the CBs. They did begin slowdown of sales/easing. The "management tool of gold in the 90s" ( see Date: Sat Mar 07 1998 13:08 ANOTHER ( THOUGHTS! ) ID#60253 ) is now to go into reverse! A large purchase, now, is sending another message, "bring gold back into $320 to $360 US$ range. We should see this in five to ten days. This will be a hard thing, as it may create a crush to cover. Let us watch this "new gold market", as it is not as before. I will post later in march!

Gold for the good guysGMJ

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:04 - ID#287277)
Does THIS sound like US or Europe to you?
"A monetary system based exclusively on credit possibly could be made to function, if managed by a small group of knowledgeable men of intelligence and INTEGRITY, with complete political INDEPENDENCE and power, as well as mastery of the technical intricacies of money and finance and UNPREJUDICED understanding of both national and international conditions that influence policies.
Dr. Donald H. McLaughlin, mining geologist

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:07 - ID#238295)
SPEED: As I said earlier, the fact that the oil stocks went down just modestly as crude plunged signalled that the drop would not last long. Also the powers that be do not want oil below $15. There probably will be some cheating, but I expect that oil prices will fluctuate between $15 and $18 for some time to come. Oil equities look very expensive to me ( as do most stocks except gold miners ) , and this rally is a good selling opportunity.

Haven't read that WSJ article yet.

Much better action in the PMs this morning. My take still is that gold and gold stocks are in a basing period that may last for some time. Buy the dips and HOLD.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:14 - ID#246224)
Monday not treating you very well so you pick a fight with the 'yanks', eh?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:16 - ID#398105)
It is no longer Monday here............and why not.........

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:19 - ID#287277)
The IMFs raison d etre was to aid in TEMPORARY balance of payments problems...

QUESTION: On whose door should the IMF--logically--be pounding for admittance?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:20 - ID#398105)
SDRer...............a Septic Tank formulated this one.............

SDRer__A ( Does THIS sound like US or Europe to you? ) ID#287277:
"A monetary system based exclusively on credit possibly could be made to
function, if managed by a small group of knowledgeable men of
intelligence and INTEGRITY, with complete political INDEPENDENCE and
power, as well as mastery of the technical intricacies of money and
finance and UNPREJUDICED understanding of both national and
international conditions that influence policies.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:21 - ID#340459)
Request - Can you wise folks suggest good Gold Stocks under C$5 urgently. Please suggest one or two
that you think are undervalued but financially sound. Much Thanks for your guidance for which I remain obliged. Info uregently awaited for purchase this am.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:22 - ID#213265)
@the scene
Oldgold -- Re: my earlier posting: It sure didn't require many contracts in the oils to make a fair bit of change this morning. Now looking to be a 'dippy' again.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:23 - ID#222231)
Haggis, the Great One!
Alchemy and Gold
My Dear Aussie Friend?, ( I hope? ) Please give me your take after you read the following as to "Preacher's and Vronsky's thought as to who ANOTHER is. The person they're refering to has been gone for centuries. If there is any semblance of coincidence ( synchronocity ) ( or reality ) that A A Aziz is ANOTHER, then there may be a great deal of validity to ANOTHERS sayings. As you say, nothing is written in stone. Please reply as I do respect your opinion.

Under construction- more on Alchemy to follow

Alchemy, the ancient pseudoscience concerned mainly with the transmutation of base metals into gold, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks... The Arabs based their alchemy on the Greeks, and were principal sources for European Alchemy. Most famous of the old Arabian Alchemists was Jabir ibn Haiyan ( 721-815? ) who was known to the West as Geber, the Arabian Prince. Jabir believed that various metals ( especially gold! ) could be produced by mixing mercury and sulphur in different proportions. He enjoyed the patronage of the Barmaki Vizier during the Abbasid Caliphate of Haroon al-Rashid, and died in Kufa.

After the death of Jabir, nearly a century elapsed before Islam produced a worthy successor: this was the Persian chemist and physician Abu Bakr
Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al-Razi ( 866-925 ) ( known to the West as Rhazes ) .

The Arabs also have a great tradition of poetic arts; this was illustrated most appropriately in conjuntion with Alchemy by the "Alchemy Research Centre", which used to be at>, and
contained a poem concerning the themes of Alchemy as transmutation of base metals into gold ( Mercury metal transformed into Another... ) - unfortunately the entire site at ( dated October
1996 ) seems to have disappeared in mid-March 1998 just a few days after it was found:

"DialSpace - Announcement
This website has been removed. If you have a bookmark or a link to
this page,
please remove these as this page will disappear shortly.
PIPEX Dial Webmaster" [19 Mar 1998]

Excerpt from above site titled "ARC: A A Aziz":


Mercury are you the element
sealed in the sacred vessel
of putrification and decay?
Mercury are you the catalyst
that would transform
from lower to higher?
Mercury you are missing the creation
of the Most High's
Mercury are you the solution
that kills the lesser
and multyplys the greater?

Beyond you
is Another
In you
is Another
for you are an allusion
to Another
beyond the thought of you

After this Alchemical poem was first described ( under Poetry for Goldbugs ) a poster on the Kitco discussion group ( see list of web chats at the golden eagle site ) made a connection between 'A A Aziz' ( probably the author of the above poem ) ; an anonymous Kitco poster 'ANOTHER'; and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud ( who is described under Investor Bios ) .

In a Kitco posting by 'Pete' made on March 16th at 10:32-

'click " Alchemy and Poetry for Goldbugs ( March 10, 1998, revised
March 12 ) NEW!
cick "ANOTHER-A A Aziz"
Go back... and read "INVESTOR BIOGRAPHIES" '

However, 'Preacher' pointed out ( Mar 16 1998 13:46 ) that Vronsky ( of the golden eagle site ) had identified a Sheik Abu Bekr al-Rashid as having 'the same perspective as ANOTHER'. Curiously, there is an Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al-Razi and a Caliph Haroon al-Rashid who feature prominently in the early Arabian history of Alchemy, as mentioned above.
It is worth noting that Crown Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia - another 'A A Aziz' has been described as a "noted poet"- unfortunately I have lost the reference where this was said. I have seen no similar description applied to Prince Alwaleed.

'A A Aziz' could, of course, be anybody, even a pseudonym; the above may be nothing more than an interesting coincidence.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:24 - ID#398105)
SDRer...anyone with any sense, will not let them in........

Even if they HUFF and PUFF.........

DRer__A ( The IMF its balls hanging out............

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:24 - ID#31868)
I say take a peek at OROP and ING

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:24 - ID#341206)
The gold producers being pushed out as demand heads ever higher, HMMMM!!!
as the coiled spring is forced down the result of pressure release is frightningly straight upward.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:30 - ID#287277)
REVISIT: Banks set accord to cut credit risks [FT, 8/21/96]
"British banking experts have drafted a standard agreement..which will allow banks a LEGALLY watertight way of offsetting their deposits with each other, WHATEVER THE CURRENCY,if either should default.

"What the agreement says is that if I lend you 100m in sterling and you lend me 100m in yen, we are even.", explained one London banker closely involved with drafting the accord, which was launched yesterday by the British Bankers' Association."

Agreements such as this have CONSEQUENCES when things get 'dicey'....

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:34 - ID#22551)
I guess everyone's watching this. Aren't they?^XAU&d=1d

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:35 - ID#238295)
trend is your friend
Why are so many technicians bullish on stocks and bearish on gold despite huge overvaluation in the former and massive undervaluation of POG. Just following the old "trend is your friend adage". This is a textbook example of why it is so easy to buy at or near a top and sell out at or near a trough.

Good financial site with lots of links:

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:39 - ID#398105)
Pete............I am but a simple Scotsman.............

however, in saying that the Masters of the Masonic Lodge in Scotland know where gold is mined in Scotland, no one else does......

Another, is alive and well........

He his either yaking the piss, or he has something to say.

Most persons who post on Kitco have something to say, so I would tend to go with this scenario with respect to Another. Else, what is the point.

He has benn fairly consistant over a six month period on the scenarios that he has presented - not situations.

Who is he........he is not Scottish. So, who ?

"Gold is the most exquisite of all things...whoever possesses gold can acquire all that he desires in this world. Truely, for gold can he gain entrance for his soul into paradise".....the first Septic Tank...Christopher Columbus, 1500 AD.

Another is another, it does not matter who he is. What matters is his contribution, be it real or imaginary.

"And the gold of that land is good".....Genesis 2:12

When are you Yanks going to pull finger and VOTE ???? !!!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:40 - ID#26793)
I meant Rothschild. I have had no Soros posts today. Are you thinking they are one and the same or work together? Could be.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:50 - ID#287277)
World consumption of wheat increased to 590m tonnes in 1997. Production rose to a record 607m tonnes. Russia, Argentina, China and Australia can take the credit for the bumper harvest. Russia's performance is especially encouraging. Its estimated harvest of 44.2m tonnes is well above its five-year average of 38m. But South Africa's harvest is set to drop to 2.3m tonnes.

For 1998, the International Grains Council predicts a world havest of 591m tonnes, with projected increases in Western Europe and North Africa outweighed by forecast declines in Eastern Europe, North America and Australia because of poor winter weather. [Economist, Commodity Price Index, Mar, 1998]

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:50 - ID#398105)
The Scots...nothing to lose, everything to gain..........

A Scotsman decided to get married so one morning he sent messages to
three of his girlfriends, proposing marriage.

Two phoned immediately to say "yes' while the third phoned that night to say the same.

He married the third girl saying, "The lass for me is the one who waits for the cheap rates.

No US$'s involved.................


(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:52 - ID#183109)
If you want some real value, massive leverage, and a bit more risk, take a look at the South Africans...Randgold RANGY,Durban DROOY,Harmony HGMCY

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:52 - ID#398105)
Donald__A (@Haggis)


Left hand, and boy my boy.........

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:56 - ID#183109)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 10:57 - ID#287277)
Haggis, "Even if they HUFF and PUFF........"
Aye, that's the right of it! Sent your Scot at the ball-game
to a fellow-Scot living in Germany. As for you being a "simple Scot",
'simple' things are more often than not the vessels of truth...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:01 - ID#227290)
Market Comments

To all:

Gold has made one push to its 100-day MA and been pushed back.. But the XAU continues to drift upward which tells me gold will make another run at its MA before the day's over.
Bema Gold up C$.18 to C$3.18, that's a rise of C$.48 since Wednesday's close.
Hang on. I think we're going to get our move now.

The Preacher

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:01 - ID#39971)
SDRer.Yup.These Are My Thoughts
Have been focused on the East for quite some time actually.The West has

turned its back on gold,witnessed by the many " Gold Is Dead " articles

and recent CB sales by Australia and Canada and the talking down by

those in the East who would like more of the same.The lines are quite

clear.The only reason to watch the West/USA,is for strength in the USD,

in which gold's value is expressed,albiet erroniously.Also,the West can,

and likely does,merely use gold as a mental football to allude those who

watch it's price.Thus my interpretation of this market as dubious,at best

This may all change in the next two to three years as EMU/AMU becomes

a reality for the West to deal with,likely backed by more gold than the

West,with it's paper backing,would like to realize.Thus,the daily/weekly

news ( for sake of a better word ) is more of a tool for the traders to

manufactor a false reality for the gullable and justify those one -five

dollar swings that keep the suckers in the game.

My position is long term and follow closely more to learn than anything

else.This is why I appreciate all information and opinions,regardless of

timing,and why I understand RJ and others would prefer to stay away from

gold for awhile till the smoke ( and mirrors ) clear.

PS:I wonder if BC will be mobbed in SA with the same zeal he was today.

The miners are well aware of the New York activity that is causing them

so much grief these days. shave in a smokey mirror.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:02 - ID#227290)
Market Comments

To all:

Gold has made one push to its 100-day MA and been pushed back.. But the XAU continues to drift upward which tells me gold will make another run at its MA before the day's over.
Bema Gold up C$.18 to C$3.18, that's a rise of C$.48 since Wednesday's close.
Hang on. I think we're going to get our move now.

The Preacher

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:06 - ID#375108)
Pan American Silver
Announcement that PAA/PAASF has settled its 100% acquisition of the La Colorada mine in Mexico seems to have added a bit of a kick to the stock this morning. Hi Ted, and GO you precious metals...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:07 - ID#227290)
Market Comments
To all:

Gold has made one push to its 100-day MA and been pushed back.. But the XAU continues to drift upward which tells me gold will make another run at its MA before the day's over.
Bema Gold up C$.19 to C$3.19, that's a rise of C$.49 since Wednesday's close.
Hang on. I think we're going to get our move now.

The Preacher

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:09 - ID#227290)
More Triplets
Sorry, guys and gals, about the triple posts. I'm using a browser that told me twice that my message wasn't posted. Went to IE4.0 and reposted. My first browser was bearing false witness.

The Preacher

Voyeur Professor
(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:11 - ID#231101)
ANOTHER and the Second Coming


Sorry but I cant help making a comparison between Kitco participant attempts to fathom ANOTHERS rather Coptic posts and a wonderful scene in the Monty Python film, "The Life of Brian." Brian, a nitwit bumbler mistakenly taken as a messiah, tries to run away from a mob of adoring fans. As he trips running over rocky terrain, he loses a sandal. When the mob comes upon the sandal, one of them lifts up the shoe and shrieks, "HE HAS GIVEN US A SIGN FOR US TO FOLLOW!" Immediately, the entire mob discards one of their own sandals and resume their chase, limping in pain, after Brian.

ANOTHER may or may not be the second coming of Christ for gold investors, but I fear we will look damned foolish if we impute too much to his Masonic-like comments. We should, instead, look at the economic realities. Gold has been reduced to an absurdly depressed state, equities, on the other hand, have been given the sort of adulation worthy of Brian ( maybe even of Christ for that matter. ) Belief in the ineluctable rise of equities has taken on the status of an ancient totem worship. Rationality, the only possible route to follow if one is not going to surrender all attempts to make investing relatively objective, has been overthrown by the dogs of speculation and momentum. At such times, we should all keep faith with our dialectic that argues for a return of equities and gold to reasonable prices. One doesnt have to be a member of some economic innersanctum to understand the law of averages.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:11 - ID#287277)
HepMeMoney_Hmm@Smokey.Mirror Through which you are obviously seeing
the world QUITE CLEARLY! {:- ) ) Thank you! Nice site...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:16 - ID#22551)
Bright Side
Voyeur Professor .....Didn't the movie end with everyone strung up on crosses, singing..."You gotta look on the bright side of life". If nothing else the XAU index is not going down, atleast not since the beginning of January.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:17 - ID#287277)
Haggis, "Does this sound like US and/or Europe to you?" NEVER!
Not in ANY language, not at any time, not in any WAY...
--which was my point! {:- )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:19 - ID#341189)
Iran oil cut is actually an increase, Oh well.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:20 - ID#287358)

chaos and flux are have attached themselves to the klinton regime.
their road trips are analogous to john belushi and animal house....
every time things went bad, belushi would 'road trip' and put their problems behind them.

just saw klinton with absolute PANIC on his face as he was being pushed around by an excited crowd in africa. his security force had lost control of the situation, and he was terrified. he has forced the hand of his handlers...i hear the wails from dallas.....will his term end in africa?
this would be much easier to africa.

a great diaspora is in-bound...the timing moot...positioning will be critical for survival of assets.

bond puts
euro$ puts
euroyen puts
gold calls

the grains have followed a pattern propagated here 2 months ago......

in order to hit a home MUST step up to the plate.
options, and long term planning....YOU CAN hit a home run.

be not afraid of the lawnmower blade...swing the bat of life.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:20 - ID#334219)
Midas: Under $5
There are hundreds gold stocks you can buy that are under $5. You should be looking for those in good financial shapes that are either producers or have a valuable deposit that is being developed. The best ones will have no debts and enough cash in the bank to finance their business for the next 24 months. But the most important thing of all, your selections must offer the possibility of a major rise in price even if the price of gold stays in the current trading range or even drop further. Ideally these stocks should be down between 50% and 75% from their 24-months highs. There are maybe a few dozens juniors that will have all these characteristics. My two favorites are Cumberland Resources ( CBD ) and Minefinders ( MFL ) both trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I would add Manhattan Minerals ( MAN ) but it is mostly a base metals prospects.

Of course, if you are convince that POG is about to move substantially very soon, then there are much more valid candidates under $5. Several producers ( including the RSA golds and several junior canadians like Geomaque, Viceroy, Richmont... ) will move up if gold move up. OTOH, they will be laggards and follow gold if gold stays put or go down. I prefer the former category for now...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:23 - ID#341189)
Oil and CRB
Is anyone besides me thinking that the leap up in oil and the CRB due to something else besides the oil quota agreement? Bad numbers? Some crisis brewing?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:25 - ID#342282)
Cherokee re Clinton "IN" Africa
I saw the same. Are they pickpockets or assasins? Great Post.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:27 - ID#289357)


HOMEX - Sydney


Elizabeth Hill Silver Deposit Munni Munni

( Via Karratha W.A. )

East Coast Minerals N.L. ( ECM ) 70% Legend Mining N.L. ( LEG ) 30%


Three separate bulk testings have been completed. The aim was to:

1. Determine the grade.

2. Evaluate the best possible methods of extraction of silver from

the ore.

3. Establish the amount of potential bi products from the complex


Bulk Test No. 1 of 25 tonnes has returned a grade of 1.02% silver

including silver specimens not crushed. Bulk Test No. 2 of 25 tonnes

is almost completed. It has so far returned a calculated head grade

of 0.74% of silver.

This figure is expected to increase as further nuggety silver is

recovered during the final phases of testing.

These two tests were done at M.E.T.S. Laboratories.

The third batch of 991 kilograms was completed at Metallurgical

Laboratory Amtec. This sampling has returned a head grade of 1.0478%

silver. There will be work done on these samples using a Falcon super


There approximately 50 tonnes of ore left untreated from the 103

tonnes bulk taken out in December which will be treated after

evaluating the best methods arrived at by using two seperate

laboratories and methods.



The Joint Venture has decided due to the unexpected platinoid results

in the Elizabeth Hill ore to closely study the presence of platinoids

and platinum.

Platinum group elements have been consistently found within the

silver horizons at Elizabeth.

The Munni Munni complex also contains several other large platinoid

horizons including:

a. Upper Munni Munni Horizon

This reef originally explored by Hunter Resources has a reported

tonnage of 25 - 35 million tonnes at 2.9 g/t platinoids.

It is anticipated that approximately 5 million tonnes being present

on the East Coast/Legend Mining ground.

The ore is probably: 3 platinum to 2 palladium with copper, nickel,

cobalt and modium credits.

b. The Lower Munni Munni Horizon which is up to 8m thick and occurs

about 10m below ( a ) . Its grade so fair on limited sampling is 1 g/t.

c. Judy's Reef

Judy's Reef is the lowest reef with reserves perhaps as great as the

Munni Munni Reef. It appears that the reef has much different

chemistry to that of the upper reef.

Judy's Reef contains more palladium, nickel, copper and silver but

less platinum and gold. The palladium to platinum ratio is 10:1 with

nickel and copper values up to 2%. Silver values as high as 300 g/t

have also been recorded.

d. Basement Sulphides - from the Judy's Reef to the base of the

complex, about 30m, disseminated and narrow veins of sulphides occur.

These contain small amounts of platinoids with similar ratios to that

of Judy's Reef.

Elizabeth Hill

At Elizabeth Hill considerable exploration has shown two types of


1. Stratabound nickel-copper and silver zones which occur near the

base of the Munni Munni complex Although platinoid bearing, it is of

a lower grade and has up to 3000 g/t Ag and 2% Ni and Cu.

2. Silver Ore

The massive native silver ore of Elizabeth Hill contains considerable

quantities of The platinoids. The platinoids have probably been

dissolved by the native silver during passage through the


Two distinct types of platinoids have so far been delineated within

this deposit:

1. Stibiopalladinite

Stibiopalladinite is a palladium antimony mineral which is anticipated

to contain rhodium. The mineral occurs as fine needles within the

sulphide rich fractions.

ii. Native Platinum

Native platinum is pale yellow and appears to occur within the metal

rich silver veins. Results range from 0.5g/t to g/t for various

concentrates throughout he process.


Sample No. Pt Pd Rh Ru Ir Au Pt/Pd

Spinal 3 0.67 0.95 0.008 0.011 4.47 3:1

Knudson cons 97.9 0.304 0.699 0.0185 0.009 0.36 322:1

Fine grained

cons 19.7 0.202 0.162 0.021 0.002 0.08 98:1


Nuggets 27.8 0.215 0.049 0.011 0.003 0.531 129:1


Nuggets 0.6 0.114 0.034 0.021 0.005 0.005 5:1

Pt ( Palladium ) , Rh ( Rhodium ) , Ru ( Ruthinium ) , Ir ( indium ) Au ( Gold )

All results are in g/t

These, exceptional results show that some, as yet to be understood,

process of platinum concentration has occurred within the native


Further assaying is being undertaken to determine:

a. The correct procedures to be used at the higher levels of


b unexplained variations within the ratios of the various platinoids

and the differing platinoid minerals from this to other platinoid

units within the Munni Munni complex. To date variations have been

found from 10 palladium 1 platinum, and 1 palladium to 300 platinum.

The platinoids confirm that the Elizabeth Hill deposit's close genetic

relationship to the Munni Munni deposit. The continued variation in

palladium - platinum ratios shown a complex and as yet little known

process of ore formation at work.


The Joint Venture partners are aware of the extremely complex nature

of the Munni Munni complex and the continual surprising discoveries

of high grade silver and platinoids and although initially appear

unique, sufficient literature evidence exists to suggest such bodies

as the Elizabeth Hill silver-platinum body exist in other occurrences

world wide and that this type of body can become a producer of both

metals. Their lack of discovery is more likely due to lack of

assaying for silver.

The surprising platinum results will greatly enhance the inground

value of the Munni Munni ore.

The Joint Venture is completing the de-watering holes at Elizabeth

Hill, to enable problem-free work to be done on deepening the shaft

to 102 metres commencing late April ( after the delivery of the new

head frame ) .

L. White


(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:29 - ID#289357)

I meant Ag and PGM assays in previous post.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:34 - ID#251268)
Fellow duffers and hackers,
saw where yesterday John Daly took a 18 on 1 hole and still
finished with a 85,he put a ball in the water and proceded
to hit 5 more 3 woods in the water last ball made it ala Tin cup,
gotta give the guy credit not to have a beer after taking a 18 whew,
and to still shoot 85,amazing.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:35 - ID#342282)
JTF & Allen
My outgoing email is not outgoing. I don't know yet if it's incoming

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:44 - ID#22551)
XAU calls
Not sure what kind of posting goes on here, but I'm giving serious consideration to XAU calls when/if we pull back .382 of todays rise. That's XAU 73.

Voyeur Professor
(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:45 - ID#231101)
"Always look on the bright side of life," indeed!


Right you are, though if you are willing to accept a minor and pedantic alteration, I believe it was literarally, "Always look on the bright side of life." Sung enthusiastically by Eric Idle and a merry band of other crucified outcasts, they all join in a chorus of upbeat optimism while they hang on their crosses. I don't believe, however, the movie's final image suits gold investors, though we have suffered much. Instead, I believe it will prove more apt for equity investors who have been gleefully singing out their peculiar mantra, "buy and hold, buy and hold,." surely a chant worthy of the parodic ending of "Brian."

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:50 - ID#342282)
CC re yours @ 11:20
I'm looking at 2 cheapos. CLN & LYDX. Any comments. Thanx

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:54 - ID#342282)
Silverbaron re ECM/LEG
Have you got a URL for home pages on these? My email is out. Thanx

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:57 - ID#22551)
Avid having trouble with Avid.....pjrl

(Mon Mar 23 1998 11:58 - ID#342282)
Haggis re ECM/LEG
How do you read these? Trying to crosscheck reported data. Many thanx

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:01 - ID#342282)
PLJ re avid
Having trouble around. Like Satchel Page said "Don't look back, something might be gaining on you. Thanx, Charlie

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:01 - ID#288157)
Carl--re: oil & CRB--bad numbers? crisis brewing?
My friend, I think we can bet money on a "Yes" to both! {:- ) )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:03 - ID#269245)
High Rise and All - @ 00:19...
HR, your 00:19 post this morning was copywritten in your name, yet the material in your post has already been copywritten by the author of the Financial News report you wanted us to see. Perhaps more care should be taken in this regard, as you are claiming rights to material that has already been privilaged to someone else! No excuses. - c

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:04 - ID#288157)
Indonesia, a different perspective on 'debt'

The owner of capital ( rabbul-mal ) may invest by allowing an entrepreneur with ideas and expertise to use the capital for productive purposes and he may share the profits, if any, with the entrepreneur borrower ( mudarib ) ;

"Isalmic Banking", Mohamed Ariff, University of Malaya

PH in LA
(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:06 - ID#225408)
Wanted: Discussion

OK. It has become fashionable here at Kitco to call for caution in lending too much credence to ANOTHER's posts. The effect of this seems to be to discourage consideration of the actual content of his message. I doubt that this is the intention of the prudent warnings emanating from so many. Therefore, I ask:

Just what is the function of the futures markets and what would be the effect if they were to disappear?

My understanding is thatthey lend liquidity to the markets which tends to even out price swings and give the markets stability. It would never have occurred to me that they also give big players a measure of control over prices, but it is now my impression thatthis is exactly what ANOTHER is suggesting. Can this be true?

Many here are far more sophisticated than I, including professional traders, professors, thinkers, preachers, rocket scientists, philosophers, physicists, astrologists, etc. Can we hear from some of them on this question? Or is it too obvious for their consideration.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:09 - ID#288295)
chas re ECM / LEG

No URL on these, received most of my data from via email. Do you wish me to forward to you the information I have received?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:10 - ID#411259)
..... For the Weekday Crowd .....

Originally posted this weekend:

Regarding Purchase of Platinum:

The number one selling platinum coin in the world ( until this year ) was the Platinum Maple Leaf ( PLF ) . The Platinum Eagle ( PE ) creamed the PLF and took a lot of market share from the Royal Canadian Mint. The mint is a revenue generator. I saw some posts here about the profitability of the RCM and some surprise that this is a money making enterprise. The RCM proved that there was a market for platinum coins to individual investors, and the US Mint decided to eat the RCM's lunch.

I was the number one seller of PLF last year, personally selling more than 5% of all PLF sold in 1997. All of my personal platinum holdings are in PLF save a single PE proof that I paid way too much for ( but it sure is pretty ) .

Yesterday, when asked how one should invest in platinum, I responded by telling them to look into buying PE. May I instead suggest a way to support this forum and add a hell of a nice commodity to you holdings?

Buy PLF directly from the RCM through Kitco. If you don't like the Mountie, buy some PLF through Bart. You will love the stuff. You think gold feels heavy, wait until you hold an ounce of platinum, its almost scary, like its Kryptonite or something. When trading platinum heavily, I usually carry a once ounce PLF with me. I am not superstitious, but I like to hold the coin as I describe it to others. The damn thing is indestructible, apart from very minor surface scratches, the PLF has share pocket with coins and keys, been dropped onto cement from waist height, flipped a million times to decide which way to trade the market ( a JOKE OK? ) , and still looks brand new.

Click on the RCM banner above to inquire about buying PLF from the RCM through Bart. This is a win/win scenario.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:12 - ID#340459)
Thanks CC, tolerant1 and other Brothers for your tips, May we all Prosper, Ameen

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:16 - ID#411259)
..... Voyeur Professor .....

Always look on the bright side of life..... DOO doo Do doo DOO doo do doo do doo....

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:19 - ID#342282)
PH in LA re Comex
One thing. Their method of reporting data by CBS Marketwatch/DBC is weird. Tha vol for any one session is for the previous session. The schedule of sessions they told me was: Mon - Thru Fri 8:20 am - 2:30 pm Mon " 4pm 8am Sun 7pm 8am go figure??

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:25 - ID#342282)
Silverbaron re ECM/LEG
Please forward and thanx. You might try email this pm, but it's out now. great!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:25 - ID#210235)
@CNBC mass marketing stocks
Arrggggghhhh! Haven't watched CNBC in weeks. Put it on today to see how oil's faring. ( The gold index was up nearly 4% when I looked an hour ago, BTW. ) There is a younger Linda clone on. When they announced a CEO coming on to chat, they broke and had a GAME SHOW VOICE ( behind curtain #1 slick ) read off the company name and stock price. The commercials featured waitresses in a coffee shop discussing which mutual funds to buy. A customer advises them to just buy an index fund and sells a discount broker with a friendly information service named "Sally".

My cleaning lady is buying her grandbaby a mutual fund through some baby food outfit, instead of starting him a savings account. She can start with a hundred dollars.

In 1929, the Ladies Home Journal ran a piece how everyone could buy stocks and they would all be rich for life! Can't find the reference to quote now, but many of us remember it from 68-69 in the mutual fund mania.

What makes this hard to counter, is that they have big dreams they're buying. When people ask my investment advice I try to explain value investing to them, and where they can find fair value. They look at me rather as if I am speaking Russian, then follow their dream anyway. I suspect they feel they really have nothing to lose, as their meager savings won't buy them anything they want, from a beachfront condo to good medical treatment, so they might as well gamble it and hope it turns into something they might care about.

Which makes me wonder, why are you here? Is it just a personality type that resists manias? Or education? We need to sort this out, and see if there is a logical or emotional impetus that helped you see beyond fiat money and market manias. Something that we can share, perhaps starting with a website designed for ease of use and simplicy. Otherwise, our lifeboats are going to be awfully crowded in a year or two.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:35 - ID#288157)
Carl--re: oil/CRB
Bank index down 10...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:38 - ID#22956)
This article has mucho stuffo in it. It has all been discussed here but I thought some might like the nutshell approach. And why wasn't the announcement about the Millenium coin more bullish for gold??!? Same ole, same ole, eh? And what of Italy's holdings? I wonder how much of their gold belongs to someone else........ahem ( clearing throat ) know who..... ( and they weren't buddies with Adolph ) . Why has Italy 'hoarded' so much gold? Have they been consistent buyers throughout the years? Just curious....I dunno.

Now...plat and the rooooskies. They are ( once again ) holding out for higher prices. Looks as thought it's working. Now when will we see this big spike to ( don't say it ) .......$500/oz?? Perhaps this time? I for one would like to see it happen. I have mucho Platinum, uh huh.

To silver....Haven't seen many posts ( like in the past ) regarding comex #'s and supply tightness, or did I miss them?? Is there still not some supply deficit? Should we be seeing the spike? I am still holding my Sept spread ( having lost more than half it's value ) and would like to see some action here. Still working with someone else's $$ though so I am not too upset.

To gold....well, what can I say that hasn't been said. Someday.....

Say Bart, what of this $30 s/h charge? Is it per coin or per order??

To Ted - like the game yesterday?? Van Excellent would have made the finger roll........ ( choke! ) ....starks is a bum... construct spectacles


(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:39 - ID#288157)
Prometheus --re: "Why we're here"
One suspects that most of us were educated under systems that taught us
"how" to think rather than "what" to think...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:39 - ID#289357)
I'll forward the ECM / LEG emails forthwith; please let me know if you receive them. In the interim, you might want to explore the ECM threads at

Just do a search on ECM and follow the threads ( there is a lot of chat here on the subject )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:41 - ID#410198)
Haggis,When I was much younger surfing in Africa,with a few "mates" the term
"Septic Tank" was used as an American Slur,I could be wrong,but it would be like me calling all "mates" convicts......a little civility goes a long way

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:44 - ID#222231)
Haggis, Voyeur Professor, I quit.
Thank you both for your responses. My simple midwestern brain is dense at times. I can not visualize how the identity of ANOTHER has no relationship to what he is saying to this forum, especially if he is A A Aziz? ( as long as I do not know for certain, everything I've posted re: him is mute. ( That is my dilemma and the reason I'm searching for answers ) . Surely he is not the Messiah. ( not Monty Python either ) Never said he was. He's only the owner of one of the ME's largest banks with an invitation to join the BIS. This may endow him with insider knowledge that may or may not be of value, save that his words would carry greater weight in my pea picking brain if he were. ( ANOTHER dilemma )
The way he relates his thoughts are in a way poetic as Collin Seymour detinguished A A Aziz. Is this fact also a coincidence? In my dense way this also signifies something.

P.S. I always vote. The last time I did, it was for Snoopy. He came in dead last. Just like the horses I pick. ( That should tell you something! )

Haggis, are you a Scotsman in Australia or a Scotsman in Scotland? My apologies if I erred.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:49 - ID#266105)
@RJ/bright side

doobie doobie doo..

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:51 - ID#288157)
Two weeks ago, FT reported on J.P. Morgan sniffing around for a
'merger partner'...
Last week, FT reported on Chase sniffing around for a 'merger-partner'...
Friday, Fox news SF reported that BofA was in 'difficulties' over the
apparent 'mis-allocation' of muni-bond interest payments...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:52 - ID#266105)
@come up to the Kool taste

Dobie: Work!

Maynard: ( work?? )

Talk to Mr. Ed

(Mon Mar 23 1998 12:54 - ID#210235)
You are right, and how little we ( myself and my classmates ) appreciated it at the time!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:01 - ID#210235)
I've been reading your posts right along and, since I'm not here for an argument but for illumination, haven't entered the fray. I accept that I don't know who this guy is. If he wanted us to know, he'd tell us. His words get to stand on their own merit, just like yours and mine. If he is rich and famous, he probably enjoys the anonymity, and not being fawned upon by a bunch of yes men, anyway. I have seen this before.

I appreciated you putting what must have been several postings together where they could be viewed and considered as a whole, especially since I missed some of them the first time out. Am considering your proposition about whole oil/gold/LBMA possibility. Thanks.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:04 - ID#288157)
Restive Turkey...
March 23, 1998 Monday: Yilmaz: "We Have No Dissension with TSK"
The statement made by PM Yilmaz after the coalition summit yesterday, says that a dissension with Turkish Armed Forces ( TSK )
was not in question. The PM added that their fight against fundamentalism would continue within the legal framework and respectful to people's beliefs. Leaders of coalition parties, Yilmaz, Ecevit and Cindoruk, met to discuss the TSK statement.

Chiefs of Staff had objected to Yilmaz's remarks about the military meddling into government affairs. The statement made on Friday says
that the military has no intention to govern, but adds that it is their legal duty to fight against seperatist and fundamentalist movements.
Dnya Newspaper [Instanbul, Turkey]

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:06 - ID#210235)
Time to thank you for your many posts that add much richness to this site. You have a high ability to communicate foreign viewpoints in a meaningful and lasting way.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:09 - ID#251268)
for the tip,just came back for the tv,whew was B.C. freakin
or what,that was a botch job by S.S.,hmm,the guy is a good old
boy from the south,never seen him as honest as he was when the
crowd was pressing him,thats it for that type of forum on this trip
no more exposure to that much risk. ah shucks

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:15 - ID#288399)
Stock mutual funds
I am 47 and lost money in the '74-'75 bear market. Today, at the bank, attempting to open a CD/IRA, the bank manager, about 28, kept "informing" me that a stock mutual fund was "always" the best bet because they return much "more" than a CD and the fund can spread the risk through 150 stocks, so there is virtually no risk. I didn't argue but said, merely, "Higher return, higher risk", and declined. She thinks I'm crazy and throwing money away. The younger the person, it seems the more bullish they are. Well, they have to be.

Voyeur Professor
(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:15 - ID#231104)
For: CC & Midas: Speculation in gold stocks under $5.00

I am not a technician, but I would suggest that if several of you are looking for a moonshot play on a mining company, you might look into Campbell Resources ( NYSE: CCH ) . It sells at the depressed price of $0.375 with a rather solid cash position in its last quaterly report. The stock gets considerable trading volume at times ( often in the 100,000's ) and seems to be positioned to survive the gold depression. Don't buy it on my demented recommendation. I offer the information for your perusal of the company's fundamentals.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:16 - ID#20748)
Cherokee and jman : Time to sing
Blow jobs and land deals in backwater places,
Big Macs and french fries and girls with big
Lots of nice cleavage that makes willie spring,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Susan McDougal and Gennifer Flowers,
Horny young interns who while 'way hours,
Profits from futures that Hillary brings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Beating the draft board and getting elected,
Naming to judgeships some hacks I've
Conspiracy theories that blame the right wing,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Meeting with Boris and Helmut and Tony,
States of the Union with lots of baloney,
Winning debates and the joys of my flings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the Jones bites,
When Ken Starr stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad . . .

And for an encore :

Golfing with Vernon and urging some perjury,
Falling down drunk and requiring knee
Hollywood tarts who come here to 'sing',
These are a few of my favorite things.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:24 - ID#36977)
eb@Bart's shipping charge
That's per order. Seems high ( see someone's earlier post ) , but I figured that it was the annual membership fee, repackaged. My guess is that Bart & Kitco figured that it would be cost-prohibitive to initiate a membership fee, track it, and buy/manage software to remember who paid and when their membership expired, and possibly maintain the accounting on all this. So hence the $29.95 ( remember this number ) membership fee got translated to a $30 shipping/handling fee. All of this is conjecture on my part.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:28 - ID#288157)
Potemkin Political Economics 101--"Facades and Frauds", Lecture 1"
RE: IMF--Legislative Requirements for US contributions

"U.S. participation requires Congressional authorization and appropriation, but does not result in any budget outlays and thus does not increase the U.S. budget deficit.

Under the approach adopted by Congress to U.S. participation in the IMF, U.S. financial transactions with the IMF are treated as an EXHANGE OF MONETARY ASSETS RESULTING IN NO BUDGET OUTLAY on the basis that, when the Treasury transfers dollars to the IMF, e.g., when it makes a loan under the GAB, IT RECEIVES IN EXCHANGE ANOTHER MONETARY ASSET in the FORM OF A LIQUID, INTEREST-bearing claim on the imf ( WHICH IS BACKED BY THE imf'S STRONG FINANCIAL POSITION, INCLUDING ITS SIGNIFICANT HOLDINGS OF GOLD. ) "
April 1995: Proposals to strengthen International Financial System
Developed in consultation with G-7 Finance Ministers

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:32 - ID#288157)
Prometheus at 13:06
That is a very gracious and generous statement. Thank you very much.

PH in LA
(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:40 - ID#225408)

Many, if not most, of the participants here share your curiosity about ANOTHER's identity. The message IS intimately tied up in who the messenger is. Noone here would give much credence to the roto-rooter man on the question of gold prices. However, they would certainly consult him if the question of septic tank cleaning were to be raised.

I find it interesting your theory about AA Aziz, although I do not pretend to know exactly who you are talking about. Jumping to the conclusion that ANOTHER IS the billionaire Saudi prince does seem to me to call for a leap of faith. Would such a person really be likely to take the time and effort to read and post here? It seems more believable that ANOTHER might be a financial advisor or relative close to a prince ( or other Saudi higher-up ) who is also searching for understanding just as we are, trying to see things from our point of view. After all, much of what he says, when divorced from his poetic and often ( for us ) obscure writing style, is not that revolutionary. For example, his point that OPEC was formed not to raise prices but to manage them so that cheap oil keeps flowing to guarantee demand far into the future, does actually reflect what has happened. The Saudis in particular have often been credited with such a moderate point of view. Many here try describe them ( the Saudis ) as US puppets, but that too is an interpretation which only tries to describe the facts.

In any case, ANOTHER has not yet revealed himself to be incorrect on anything he has said so far. All the mistakes have been made by those who try to interpret his thoughts. Until he stumbles, I for one will continue to think hard about what he says. I do wish that others would contribute more to this process instead of concentrating on debunking his thoughts, comparing them to Monty Python and/or calling them into question. HE has never withheld his respect for anyone here. Why do so many do just that to him?


PS. I appreciated your discussion on March 21 @ 16:29.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:49 - ID#334219)
chas: On CLN ad LYDX
I did not study these two in details but I can say that both have some merits. Claymaster has a very small market cap which could provide some hefty gains and leverage. However their reserves of some 100,000+ ounces are rather small. No too exciting from this point of view. Operating costs will be in the US230, about average.. Lydex, OTOH, is in what could become a big property in Spain..very nice interceptions with high grade. I haven't read anything about reserves yet...that is probably why they are still trading OTC. The drawback on LYDX is the number of shares outstanding...seems like a hefty 150 millions... LYDX once traded near $20 before they splitted 20:1

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:50 - ID#345176)

The Ballard fuel cells use platinum:

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:51 - ID#365216)
go palladium/professor voyeour
Professor, good call on Campbell Resources. It is going to
survive and prosper, bet on it.



(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:52 - ID#333127)
Wish Ballard used gold.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:54 - ID#36156)
What in the world is happening to the price of Palladium? It's all over the place!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:56 - ID#251268)
Well it looks like it happened
Palladium bit gold in the ass now maybe it will gitty up

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:56 - ID#36156)
Er, sorry General - Your Palladium question was first, SIR!

Voyeur Professor
(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:57 - ID#231104)
Ph in LA & Pete: Understanding the human comedy.

I'm afraid that my attempt at humor has caused some anguish. I subscribe, both professionally and in my personal life, to the English poet, Lord Byron's dictim: "If I laugh, dear reader, at any mortal thing, 'tis that I may not weep." So I have offered the modest caution that we not break faith with the possibility that we ( certainly myself included ) often appear more comic than heroic or redemptive in our lives. If I have offered a comic view of our predilection for a peek behind the veil of the temple, it should, I hope, serve as a cautionary reminder that we often become excessive like those old Greek protagonists. I was not mocking WHAT ANOTHER may have said, only the possibility we may appear hyperbolic in our hope for nirvanna.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 13:58 - ID#215208)
Kudos for RJ
Another gold star for RJ. Palladium just hit 295 ( per Bart's charts ) , now priced higher than gold, at least for the moment.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:00 - ID#365216)
TO HenryD
No Problem; just don't let it happen again : )

Carry on.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:01 - ID#410198)
I know we are all watching the metals,and getting a little punchie,but I had to post this
My pet hate is the they want to control a free asset,water check this out

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:03 - ID#266105)

Under the approach adopted by Congress to U.S. participation in the IMF, U.S.
financial transactions with the IMF are treated as an EXHANGE OF MONETARY
ASSETS RESULTING IN NO BUDGET OUTLAY on the basis that, when the


Seen the point made that Korean borrowing in the markets
were 14-15% the IMF funds were lent at 4-5%, a subsidy.
I guess a 10% spread on, say, $20B of US gov't funds
annualized would be at a cost of $2B/yr from the Treasury.

In other words, from the getgo, before possible default
comes into play, there's a debatable case to be made that
the IMF/RRubin claims of 'no-cost' is disengenuous, considering
the choices available to the natures of capital, seeking
greatest return, productivity as surely as the river to
the sea.

There may well be solid cases to be made for bailouts,
programs, transfers, etc. I just wish they would be made
honestly because when they're not, in my observance,
they tend to bear out their composition.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:06 - ID#251268)
Okay its officialy a race
go gold catch up!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:07 - ID#215208)
Waiting for platinum.
BTW - I still expect platinum to reach 423-425 range ( London close ) . With PA taking off, perhaps it will still make it today.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:10 - ID#57236)
What's up with Oil, Cry0, gold?
SDRer: You made a comment in one of your posts implying that the rise in Oil/Cry0 today might not have been due the the Venezuela/Saudi Arabian agreement. Only a few days before, we had the Belgian gold 'sale' with nary a budge in the price of gold, and gold stocks are in an uptrend now for over 3 months. What are you thinking?

This is what I see:

1 ) Russia in trouble -- Yeltsin's act is an act of desperation -- reason unknown. Bullish for gold.

2 ) Turkey in trouble -- high inflation rate, and moslem majority without representation. Possible military coup of some kind in the works. Bullish for gold and oil.

3 ) Big bang in Japan -- April 1 -- Probably more of same. Sales of Japanese stocks, and purchase of US ones? Indeterminate.

4 ) Signs of inflation lurking in the US, but interest rates still low. However, gold rises tend to be a leading indicator of rising interest rates.

I read something else over the weekend in a James Earl Davidson article -- Russian is effectively under the control of Gangsters. Much of Japan's debt is due to loans to gangsters -- those subway terrorist acts with nerve gas were synchronized to go off at the site of a police station to cover an attack of some kind. We have in the US -- probably through the drug trade -- a similar problem. This type of problem is probably widespread -- and eventually bullish for gold.

What is your take on all of this? What do you think is the most likely cause of what seems to be happening? The calm before the storm breaks somewhere?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:11 - ID#411149)
Tally Ho Gold up $3.10! Will we close on the highs? My whold screen issa GREEN.

Now this may be a short term thing, who knows but it is an example
of what is to come on a regular basis later on this year.

Iffin you were here for the ride in the late 70's this next ride will
put that one to shame and I was up 140X back then.

Off to do that 5k in the SUNSHINE, Ted!

Tally Ho for real

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:15 - ID#317193)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:18 - ID#288157)
JTF--I'm a-thinking that somebody's [or SomeBuddies] derivatives
have finally met the fan! Look at good ole Rhodium!
The "oil" thingy was a Big clue--that's why I told poor, worried Studio.R
to hang on just a little longer...Can't be happy about this, but best
to get started back to the right path, yes? Did you get everything
loaded to your satisfaction? NT? Win95? [I agree with you, and would
prefer AnotherCourse--kept hoping Geoworks might make it..]

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:22 - ID#317193)
I think some people know something we don't know-YET. Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:23 - ID#298259)
Can anyone verify the Gold prices Kitco is showing? CBS MarketWatch shows the day high at 295.40 as of 2:23pm.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:26 - ID#215208)
Go Gold
APR gold peaked at 299.20

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:29 - ID#287338)
Gold Off and running!!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:30 - ID#251268)
eh frustrated'
me thinks you picked the right handle,golds going up,I mentioned
several times there is a time divergence between cash and futures price
every time there is a big move usally 30 min.or so,I'm not a
day trader so doesn't mean much to me,but somebody sold me 12
options for peanuts last week,ha my broker was laughing at me,
well I'll sleep good tonight,aloha

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:30 - ID#215208)
April gold just hit 300. Hurray!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:33 - ID#266105)
@a different slice

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:34 - ID#238295)
the action
April gold up $5.80 a few minutes ago. Those who "got real and got short" are paying the price. How far this move will carry is anyone's guess and we could drop back sharply yet again. But today's action plus the much better reaction to news of CB selling provides more confirmation that the gold bear is just about over. Probably to be replaced by a period of base building before a decisive breakout.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:38 - ID#287338)
If we could only get gold to do that at the beginning of the day instead of the end, and then all day long. We be smiling all day long.

We are now at a critical point. Will she hold overnight and tomorrow??

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:39 - ID#342282)
Silverbaron re emails
I got your emails, but still can't get out. Checked the URL's re Hotcopper, but couldn't get past the first page. When my outgoing comes on. I'll email you. Powerful info. Many thanx, Charlie

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:42 - ID#298259)
thanks jman
Been watching gold for quite some time now and haven't seen this much of a lag between spot and futures, switched to USA Today which now has April gold at 296.50. I can wait for it to catch up.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:42 - ID#339265)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:46 - ID#348286)
*** GO GOLD ***

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:47 - ID#317193)
farfel-I am saved!!!
You are needed here! Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:50 - ID#341189)
Methinks there's more to the Russian situation than is out so far. The keys started with platinum and palladium and oil, before this last weekend. Remember our speculation last week that oil was acting better than news waranted? And now this, on what news? Another OPEC exercise in Prisoners' Dilema, and change over in Russian cabinet members? I don't think so. SOMETHING'S UP!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:54 - ID#342282)
Silverbaron re your info
Email me your phne #. I'll call you this pm if ok. Thanx

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:55 - ID#212197)
@PH in LA (today @12:06) Wanted: Discussion
You state to future markets:
"My understanding is that they lend liquidity to the markets which tends to even out price swings and give the markets stability. It would have never occurred to me that they also give big players ameasure of control over prices, but it is now my impression that this is exactly what ANOTHER is suggesting. Can this be true?"

Yes, this exactly makes this discussion so exciting.

Obviously, very smart guys in this discussion found already out a little more than one year ago that there is the LBMA operating which started to explain the unexplainable behaviour of the COMEX gold market. ( See the compilation of THE RED BARON! ) .
And then ANOTHER appeared contributing real insider knowledge about the gold market relating it to the oil market.
Now look at ANOTHER's last prediction from March 09, 1998. He said:
"The management tool of gold in the 90s" now to go into reverse! Alarge purchase, now, is sending another message, "bring gold back into $320 to $360 range." ....
This purchase happened in the meantime and was reported as a "sale" in the press. Isn't that an incredible exciting empiric experiment???
In one of the posts from past year, compiled in THE RED BARON's, the gold COMEX market was compared to a daxhund and the LBMA, where the real thing happens, to an elephant. Many smart analysts in the past have broken their heads and torn their hair, because they couldn't understand the completely unpredictable behaviour of the gold market and every observer stated to kind of know that it's the CBs who manipulate this market. But there was not the slightes empirical proof for that until the kitco discussion round learned about the LBMA. And especially through the posts of ANOTHER, the real world of the gold markets and its interconnectivity with the oil markets and the non-gold based currencies and CB politics become much more understandable.
I discovered the kitco discussion only two weeks ago. I'm completely excited about it and I cannot understand at all what's going on in the heads of those who make these hatefull comments about ANOTHER's posts and about those who find inspiration in his contributions with the goal to get a better understanding of the true reality of the golbal financial markets.
I am Alberich the Dwarf

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:55 - ID#255151)

Now let me caution against excessive optimism. After all, one day... Ah, the Hell with that... YIPPPEEEE!!! GO GOLD!

Carpe Aurem
(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:57 - ID#339292)
You just encapsulated the entire U.S. Market right there ( with your earlier post ) .

Thank you.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 14:59 - ID#410198)
NOW WE ARE COOKING,a gold dealers prayer,please God give me one more Gold
run,I promise I won't blow it again,

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:00 - ID#342282)
SDRer re Geoworks
What's this, software or a code?? Thanx

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:01 - ID#287338)
The bigger they are the harder they fall!
The DOW will try to turn positive in the last hour, just as every day last week. The bigger it is the harder it will fall. Lets just hope it doesn't take gold with it!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:01 - ID#286279)
It's good to see your F* Came back to be here for liftoff, or do you have to hit the road again? I must go to the airport. See ya later!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:04 - ID#26793)
S&P says Yeltsin action does not change ratings. Still negative.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:05 - ID#20748)
Good to see you. Welcome back.

PH in LA
(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:05 - ID#225408)
Part of the Human Comedy...and well, the alternative is worse!
Voyeur Professor...Understanding the human comedy!

Yes Professor, I did appreciate your citation of M. Python, remembered the spot and did get a chuckle out of it. Thanks for the levity. While we're at it, do you have any comment on ANOTHER's admonition to think long and hard about what would happen if the futures market were to disappear? Is it so obvious that noone can be bothered to comment on it?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:14 - ID#333127)
Sure took a lot of bad news to make the metals move. Yeltsyn fires buddies, Clinton almost crushed, oil up.If they stay up for awhile I'll start to believe. SWC up nicely but not PDLCF, any reasons why?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:14 - ID#246224)
First, I want all of you to go back to my Feb 17th post at 21:53.
I predicted this move to the day and penny and you all laughed me to scorn! Well, its time to pay up, dudes. Humble yourselves before the great predictive powers of the master. Lower. More grovel. That's better .. A little simpering would help. Just for effect! ;- ) ha ha ha!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:15 - ID#225273)
2nd rush at 100-day MA
To all:

As I suggested this morning, gold made the second rush at its 100-day MA. And from what I can tell, this time gold made it over. It took its own sweet time, but that last 20 minutes was really something.
I'm a little surprised the gold stocks have not responded better with the explosion in gold. Maybe by day's end, prices will be higher.

Farfel, in your absence, I took your place, telling the group last night that IT'S HERE and we should see good action today and this week.
You take over from here, though.

The Preacher

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:15 - ID#26793)
It sure looks like "something's up" as you say. Can't find anything on the net. Buffet? Japan? Indonesia? Bank problem? Plenty of candidates.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:16 - ID#288157)
Chas--it was an elegant O/S that reviewers said, "This is what Windows was supposed to be,
and isn't." As a friend in the business remarked, "Best doesn't always
win." Still trying to accept that...{;- )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:22 - ID#329157)
Another-PH in LA 13:40
We do not have roto-rooter men in England. However, I support the theory that "ANOTHER might be a financial advisor or relative"- with the principal calling in every now and then, as well as other members of the team ( e.g. the ones that sound like New York brokers ) . I find it hard to believe that a subsidiary player would be broadcasting 'Thoughts' without approval from above. I also find it hard to believe that any 'teenage hacker' or 'Man in Black' could be responsible for the posts made.

I draw your attention to the following:

Feb 16 1998 18:09
"My good friend did not place three 0s. My thoughts come thru one computer, but move far thru time and ones in line."

Feb 07 1998 18:45
"Is this not true? I an slow, but many think for me..."

The notion of someone very important chatting to those who live in the shadows of giants is not strange. Consider, for example, King Hussein of Jordan, who operates an amateur radio station with the call-sign JY1 and chats to "radio hams" throughout the world. In that fraternity we also have a US senator, and the father of Prince Alwaleed.

As with any financial advice, even if you consider the Thoughts of Another highly, it is always prudent to do one's own research, and take responsibility for one's own decision in the end.

Carpe Aurem
(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:23 - ID#339292)
Campbell another assorted jrs
I'm afraid I must disagree with the Professor on Campbell Resources. It is my humble opinion that Campbell will, in fact, not survive. There ARE a couple of junior gold mining stocks out there that stand a chance but I feel I must warn against CCH. Investing in junior miners right now is very tricky business. "Selectivity" and "survival" are definintely key words of the day. Based on my research, check out Philex Gold ( PGI.T ) , Ranger Minerals ( RGS.ASX ) , Geomaque ( GEO.T ) , Greenstone Resources ( GRE.T ) , Glamis Gold ( GLG.T ) , Rayrock Yellowknife ( RAY.T ) , or Claude Resources ( CRJ.T ) . These companies should survive and live to grow another day.

As far as other tiny exploration companies. ( CLN, LYDX, etc. ) Try the racetrack, it's more fun. Don't mean to insult, but exploration requires even more selectivity than junior mining. I follow a bunch of explorers that might have mines, too, but I think I've pontificated enough for one day. If anyone is actually interested in my stock research, you can do the email thing :

I'd be happy to address ANY mining stock inquiries.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:23 - ID#342282)
CC re your 13:49
Thanx, I'll do some more digging

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:25 - ID#57236)
Derivatives? Could be.
SDRer: Makes sense -- perhaps the market turmoil in SEAsia did enough damage that there are major bankruptcies lurking out there -- Japan? Europe?

I have figured out one thing to some confidence: It is not derivatives per se that are destabilizing -- but rather market instability that makes people choose derivatives for 'insurance'. The more unstable the markets, the more likely certain concerns will hedge with derivatives. The catch of course is that if the markets have a major 'twitch' again, there will be a boatload of derivatives holders that will be on the wrong side of the fence again, and a few months later more losses will have to be reported.

So -- my point is that derivatives per se do not necessarily destabiliize the markets. They are a symptom of instability, just as the LBMA gold trading volume is. But -- the user had better know what he/she is doing with derivatives, even if the markets do not lock up.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:28 - ID#348127)

It's been a while since I have seen the board look like this. All green. Lookin good. My guess is that G$S stocks will start a comeback tommorow morning. Little G&S stocks like SSC and the bunch could be ready for takeoff. Gotta go - Gotta call my broker.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:33 - ID#246224)
Donald, anyone
What is the current US$ worth of the DOW, S&P, etc. Asking this to understand what it takes to drive the prices up at this point in terms of total flow of cash. I'm thinking that the measly 20 or 30 Billion per month from Mfunds is NOT what is driving this market up ( has been any way ) . Just what, IYO, does it take to pump the DOW or S&P up by 10 points at this level of valuation?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:33 - ID#252150)
Ted@Poorboys 0740 0n ABX
It gave me a headache too, but I think it's positive. The Lady who wrote that calls herself "Ole Prospector" & is one very smart Lady. I used to follow her on the BGO/AZS SI thread & she was calling for 280 POG when it was 360. Thanks in large part to her I became disillusioned with BGO/AZS & got out before it started it's big decline, thereby preserving my triple.
Rain with leaden skies here today.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:33 - ID#393224)
G'morning all
May I be permitted just one little "yeehaa"?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:34 - ID#429245)
Rotten luck!
Allen ( USA ) - I went to see for myself, all the way back to February 17 at 21:53, and it was gone! There is absolutely no justice in this world.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:38 - ID#373403)
The bull is loose
Not just because gold is up so definitively, but because I pulled the trigger and put my last remaining capital into gold funds and the market did not drop. You won't find that in any technical analysis!

Palladium is very impressive also.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:38 - ID#393224)
Except for sugar and OJ--IT'S ALL GREEN!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:40 - ID#257148)
Anyone know an honest broker? -- ROFL--
If you were a salty antipodean who thought he might like to stop sleeping at night to trade the XAU, to whom would you recommend he entrust his trading? And Why?

I must away to prepare the release of our 98 software. Of course we have more problems with win than mac O/S. Windows was designed by the fnords under the direction of the illuminati.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:41 - ID#238295)
Dow off 100 a few minutes ago and dropping fast.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:41 - ID#26793)
If you mean the total market cap of the Dow and S&P I don't know the answer. Let me look and see what I can find.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:41 - ID#257148)
Anyone know an honest broker? -- ROFL--
If you were to advise a salty antipodean who thought he might like to stop sleeping at night to trade the XAU, to whom would you recommend he entrust his trading? And Why?

I must away to prepare the release of our 98 software. Of course we have more problems with win than mac O/S. Windows was designed by the fnords under the direction of the illuminati.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:42 - ID#317193)
farfel-Kitco sentiment
So what are you going to do now that people seem a little more positive? I thought you might come back on a day such as this. You were right on your call-negativism here is a sure sign of a turn. Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:43 - ID#246224)
How strange. I think I'm smelling a conspiracy here! Bart. Were are your backup tapes. Justice must be served.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:44 - ID#208393)
Real Price of PM (dazed & confused)
Gold @ 299? according to this site's board.

Alas, ...too good to be true.

Go to

which is also Kitco produced and see $294. :- (

CIBC shows $293 @

Can anybody please explain the differences?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:44 - ID#20748)
Yours was a great call. Keep'em coming.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:45 - ID#238295)
Farfel: Glad you are back! I'm not yet ready to say this is IT, but the odds look pretty good right now.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:47 - ID#36977)
Allen(USA) @ 16:14
Could not find your referenced post -- Feb 17 -- Please check that ref?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:51 - ID#287338)
What happen to the buy the dippies??? Are they all worn out?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:55 - ID#411259)
..... What a strong close! .....

Gold surprised me but I will look to sell this rally if it fails to follow through. My clients bought over 1500 oz platinum between 382 - 402 so that's looking pretty good. Silver failed to break 6.40 today, if it breaks and holds tomorrow, silver will go.


I am impressed with your trading strategy. Careful with those silver shorts at 6.30.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 15:56 - ID#347235)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:05 - ID#288157)
As we discussed many ( well, it seems like many ) weeks ago, starting with the fiats. But now there are NEW players on the field, with new tools and a 'different' perspective...a kind of "antidote-algorithm". It's going
to be quite a show!

Carl@What's.Afoot If you and Donald can't find it, it doesn't exist!
So speakth a Believer! We'll have to be reading between the lines, tho.
Tally ho! {:- ) )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:13 - ID#26793)
This sight has weightings of each stock but nothing on total cap yet.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:16 - ID#222231)

The above URL was posted by Poorboys,3/23/98 06:03. I do'nt believe he recognised the significance of his post. Is this what ANOTHER was alluding to in his so called infamous post that supposedly predicted a $320/oz to $360/oz in 5 to 10 days?
Could this be what he meant by the tool was used in a way not intended and a rush to cover would be difficult? I wish you guys would dissect this premise.
I, for the life of me, can not understand the animosity toward ANOTHER. I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TOLERENCE AND THOUGHTFULNESS. I WISH OTHERS THAT SEE SOMETHING IN ANOTHER WOULD ALSO SPEAK UP. The constant belittling and sniping has frustrated me to no end. I'm not trying to pick any fights; just trying to get to the truth.
The oil producers are beginning to show signs of displeasure with the pricing being imposed upon them. We all know what happened in the last embargo. I sincerely believe that something in that order is beginning. Look at what is happening in the CRB, XOI and XAU today. These are huge moves. ( These moves will be set back, but only temporarily ) .IMHO.
PH in LA, why would'nt a man such as A A Aziz post here? He's human like everyone else, and from what I read about his bio, DOWN TO EARTH. His motives, as I wrote in my dissection, maybe nothing more than helping people that believe in the value of a real currency, namely GOLD.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:22 - ID#270236)
gold price
CNBC had $299.50 for April at the close.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:27 - ID#30272)
Italian Central Banker
I have heard that Italy's head of the Central Bank
has come out and said that gld will occupy 30% of
the European Economic Central Bank's
total reserves. Very Bullish for gold.
There now appears to be very little scope
for for further CB sales. Once the CB's
of Europe finalise their weightings AU will take off. Just watch the shorts panic buy. LOvely to see them running scared.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:29 - ID#26793)
Dow/Gold Ratio = 29.46 This is a drop of 1.08 ounces and is the largest drop since October 27, 1997, when the ratio fell 1.98 ounces. On January 23, 1998, we had a drop of .93 ounces.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:31 - ID#410194)
Here are the latest Comex inventory figures released this afternoon:

Gold: Unchanged at 567,574

Silver: Rose 276,933 89,948,406 ( Hovering above an 18 year low )

Copper: Fell 168 short tonnes to 112,636

Quite an upward adjustment in several commodities since late last week. The South Asian woes have exagerated the usual "February break" in most commodities and the few who looked at it as a great opportunity may end up to be on the profitable side once again!

Short term traders who have been awaiting another little spike up in Gold have been rewarded today! This is the "slightly bullish camp" in which I'm a member ( ! ) who expect Gold to trade between it's lows of around 280 and 320 for many years to come. ( Oh oh! I may just have made more ennemies... ) The end of a bear market doesn not automatically makes it a bull.

I do leave the door open for a more sustained move up above 320 but just a little bit...a little little bit so that I don't have to count on it to change my life as I'm ready to remain open minded for many more opportunities... elsewhere!

As for those who are waiting ( and prediciting ) the big one, the end of the bear market that automatically turns into a big bull market, well, you have my respect for being so persistent ( although persistence is not always THE key ingredient to make money, but sometimes ) and so let's let the market decide! When and if Gold trades above 320 for a few days in a row, I'll be man enough to congratulate you.

Charles Keeling
(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:33 - ID#344225)
Silver at 6.39~~~~~
Platinum at 421.00~~~~~
Palladium at 295.15~~~~~

This tells me that GOLD has a long way UP
to go!

The Yeltsin thing may really have legs. Last
time around, the tanks rolled and it was some
spectacle. This could be good for a month
of increasing metals prices. Might Platinum
and Palladium pull GOLD up to 325 - 340?

Oil and the OPEC come back to life. Even
Venzuela joins the party.

Put these two items and "shaky derivatives"
together with some banks that are hurting
and the "BIG BANG" about to be launched for
some fireworks in the DOW and deep cyclicals.

Mix all of the above together, and watch for
Tony Blair to throw the UK into the EURO mess,
that is destined to be a non event, and stand
back for a real show.


(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:34 - ID#410194)
COMEX DATA (again)
The line for Silver came out strange, here it goes again:

Silver: Rose 276,933 troy ounces to 89,948,406 ( Hovering above an 18 year low )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:35 - ID#26793)
XAU/Spot Ratio = .256 Gold and the XAU moved in tandem and stocks are still .044 ounces below the point where I begin to worry that the XAU is overpriced.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:38 - ID#26793)
Gold/Silver Ratio = 46.77

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:38 - ID#39971)
Why Gold Went Up Today?
I don't know why some are looking for " official " reasons to be issued

to " explain " why gold went up.All the answers are here before you as

have been contributed by many in 1998.Now,what do you want to believe?The

list is long..too long.Pick yer choice and get " REAL ",eh.

The likely spin will be " short covering ",and may very well be.What you

may not be informed of is the " exact " reason this covering took place.

One I've heard was due to the oil price increase.Ok..whatever........

For those long,let's look for a good follow through.For those short,well,

it had to happen.

Hi Farfel! await an Oscar winning explaination.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:38 - ID#393224)
The silence on CNBC about pm's is deafening!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:40 - ID#255217)
Hope springs eternal...
I'm afraid to hope..., but can't help holding my breath a little to watch tomorrow's opening in silver. I've been down this road before. But it looooks like silver may be on a toot! Another nice move UP in gold would add to the fire. Overnight trading might give a clue to tomorrow's opening.
Keep your fingers crossed! Gooooo Gold! Gooooo Silver! Shazam!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:42 - ID#269245)
Here's our chance! Sell it all before PM's loose value forever!!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:43 - ID#317193)
Derivatives, did I see the word derivatives-we'll see. No warning on this implosion, unless this is the warning. Tom

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:47 - ID#410198)
Gold up $7.00 Numismatics up $15.00....... MS 61 SAINTS N/A.....Platinum premium over spot $34.00

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:48 - ID#341189)
Rummors from Italy that ECB will back with 30% gold

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:49 - ID#372262)
Just received my copy of "IN THE FOOTSTEPS" from Michael Kosares.
Subtitled, "the remarkable internet postings of 'Another'." " The inside story on the Gold-for-Oil deal that could rock the world's finanical centers." It's 92 pages long and includes commentary and charts to validate what Another has been posting here at Kitco since last October.
Haven't read it yet, but it looks very interesting. Those of us who have communicated with Another over the last few months are included. Looks far more official in book form than on the internet!! After I've read it I'll report on it. Stay tuned!

Bully Beef
(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:53 - ID#259282)
I need it back to 330 although
I think growth will occur at a faster pace in my fund if we have ,, say another rally of 5 bucks or so. It will be interesting to see how the goldmine co's shares react tommorrow. Some of them can go back to work with gold at 300. I know you all hate RYO but I think it could really rally on a higher price. Well Preach shall I make a call and take a position on LYDX ? I'm going to pretend I put 2500.00 on it tommorrow at the first conceivable opportunity. Realistically this is possible if I don't pay my property taxes this year. Lets see if I regret paying my taxes on time. You got to aaccentuate the positive...

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:53 - ID#31868)
Midas - a couple more interesting stocks
Take a peek at ITRO on NAS and LLL - CAN -

ITRO is an interesting environmental company with a unique silver producing twist. Lyon Lakes is a smaller gold play.

I have some more info if you want to see it, email me at

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:55 - ID#269409)
@ RJ...
Best call again this week. Platinum WAY up. Gold looks nice but unable to sustain above $300 even with the instability in Russia due to Mr. Yelstin firing the entire Govt.? Hmmmmm...Now we'll all hear how ANOTHER predicted these political events!

Anyway, to answer your question of Saturday, YES, you're Proof 97 $100 AE is worth $900+ wholesale, and higher retail. Latest price I saw them going for in Coin World ads was $995.... might be higher by the end of this week with Platinum up so strongly....

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:56 - ID#31868)
Bully Beef - Go for the sure thing!!!
Pay your taxes.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:59 - ID#57236)
Euro Banks to become independent entities, Starting with France

(Mon Mar 23 1998 16:59 - ID#26793)
Gold up on Russian problem and Italy comment? We knew this at midnight.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:01 - ID#393224)
Limited Space Available!!!

Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 21:48
Nick@C ( APRIL MENU ) ID#393224:
--Gold-bear soup
--Shishkabob gold-shorts ( on big, sharp skewers )
--Fricaseed central bankers
--Barbecue Prez

Get your reservations in early!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:01 - ID#341189)
New Russian premier is an oil man

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:02 - ID#246224)
It certainly is nice to see ..
a hyperbolic trajectory!!! Tyro- between you and me, I was joking. But don't tell no one else OK? Thx. Gold low was 6 months and 1 week after the silver low. Does anyone care to chart and post a normalized chart in case these two are at it again? Panda? TIA

Bully Beef
(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:03 - ID#259282)
Is there a site where you could observe the Austrailian gold stocks
as they open for tommorrow tonight? Aussies Please.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:04 - ID#390249)
30% gold in ECB??
Both Belgium and Italy have alluded to the possibility of ECB holding 30% of their reserves in gold. Belgium stated it would be in the third phase, Italy didn't put a time frame on it. These two counties wouldn't have independently come up with this figure so there must be very serious discussions at this level. IMVHO I think this is scaring the shorts.

I still think England is buying.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:05 - ID#26793)
That story was in the Hedgehog post of 00:01 this morning. Why did it take until 2PM for the market to react?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:08 - ID#222231)
Where did you order book? PLEASE!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:09 - ID#57236)
Sorry - forgot German bank is essentially independent already
Donald: Anything more on Anthony Fazio, Bank of Italy governor? He apparently stated that gold may make up more than 30% of European Central Bank reserves. ( see your last post )

You know, if the Central Banks keep talking about gold as a reserve currency, people might actually believe that gold is worth something again.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:11 - ID#341189)
I don't think we know yet what's happening. I'm just looking for clues that connect oil, platinum, and palladium. Russia is an oblvious intersect. Wild guess: miners or oil field workers or both have taken action not yet reported.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:17 - ID#57236)
Gold Reserves for EURO
Neophyte: This is now the second or third pro-gold post by a European Central bank. I suspect that what is happening is that the Europeans have bought the gold they think they need, and are now talking gold up to boost the EURO, as well as set the stage for selling US dollars. It remains to be seen where the dollar inflationary effect will end up -- in the US markets?

Spud Master
(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:17 - ID#273112)
A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking a Balanced Budget (gag)
Latest "Public Debt to the Penny" via the US Treasury

$125 BILLION dollar deficit so far this year:

03/20/1998 $5,538,571,184,190.64
09/30/1997 $5,413,146,011,397.34

Our US FedGov "balanced budget" for Fiscal 1998 is up another billion to $125 billion deficit so far this year.

Anyone one else see our firghten, red-faced, save-his-ass-anyway-he-could Coward in Chief in the tv footage from Africa today - looked like he was ruining his pants from fear of a stampede. ( of course the spin is that he was just "concerned" for the crowd ) .


(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:17 - ID#372262)
From Centennial Precious Metals at 1-800-869-5115. Bot my copy for $25 but may be $34.95 now that it's been published.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:23 - ID#372262)
Spud--Have to agree with you. BC looked absolutely TERRIFIED of that all black crowd of ancestor worshipers trying desperately to touch his pearly white flesh for good luck! Have to wonder what the hell he's doing going to Uganda to survey the carnage there! Can you imagine what would happen to gold if Boris were to expire while BC gets macheted in Uganda? This is a more risky venture than even BC realizes!! Eh?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:28 - ID#57236)
Russia connection
Carl,Donald: In the past there have been numous strikes by Russian miners, who apparently do not get paid. Perhaps Boris Y fired his government to prevent a coup or revolution -- fomented by angry Russians who want their salaries.

I don't understand how this will affect the gold markets, as I don't think Russian gold is that significant. We also have had similar Russian turmoil without lasting effects on the precious metals markets. Perhaps the Russian situation is much more serious than we know from the news media - or perhaps this is a one-day flash in the pan -- Russiawise.

Lurker 777
(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:32 - ID#317247)
Allen, I found this hidden under the previous post.
Date: Sat Feb 17 1998 21:53
Allen ( USA ) ID#246224:
Last night I was awaken from a deep sleep by the TV flashing on and off. After closer observation I noticed an image of Barts quote page and it read On Mar 23 1998 spot Gold 299.30 +7.70 14:43.
This is a brand new TV and obviously it was broken so this morning I took the TV back to the dealer and complained. He offered me a newer model and apologized for any inconvenience this had caused.
By the way, I love my new TV.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:34 - ID#342282)
JTF Russiawise
I am not Russiawise, but whar struck me from numerous posts here is that MAYBE he "cleaned" out the mafia??? Hopefully

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:34 - ID#222231)

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:35 - ID#398105)
New York, New York, you are a wonderful town...............

... and in the last period of trading........

YOU RIPPER.............

Spud Master
(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:36 - ID#273112)
@THE GOLDEN PROPHET & one scared merde-less Clinton
Indeedy, one has to wonder just what the hell the Secret Service were thinking when they allowed this thing to happen:

Clinton, epitome of the privilaged elite, parasite of the poor, working masses, puts himself within fingernail range of some of Africa's poorest peoples? You can bet they don't get on-demand aspiration service from cow-faced White House interns ; )

Aside from the sheer hypocrisy - it was sheer insanity.

Yes, we saw the TRUE Clinton today - just a small, scared man, powerless, looking for a way out. Some great man, eh?


(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:37 - ID#393224)
G'day, mate. Where can I buy one of those TV's?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:39 - ID#269409)
Silver/ WB.....This posted already?
Friday March 20, 4:35 pm Eastern Time

Buffett silver purchase may anticipate battery use

NEW YORK, March 20 ( Reuters/PR Newswire ) - Warren Buffett's purchase of 20 pct of the world's silver may anticipate a new use
for the metal in fuel cells, according to an upcoming report by industry consultants Chilport Proprietary Research ( CPR ) of Katonah,
New York.

``Scientists are racing to develop the next generation of fuel cell batteries used to power electric cars, laptop computers, cellular phones,
submarines and satellites and one of the most promising is silver-zinc fuel cells,'' said Richard J. Siegel, managing partner, Chilport
Proprietary Research.

CPR will publish a report called ``Buffett's Silver Lining'' on April 6, 1998.

On February 3, 1998, U.S. billionaire, Warren Buffett, announced that his company, Berkshire Hathaway ( BRKa - news ) , had bought
129.7 million ounces of silver between July 25, 1997 and January 12, 1998.

``In recent years, widely-published reports have shown that bullion inventories have fallen very materially, because of excess of user
demand over mine production and reclamation,'' Berkshire Hathaway said in its February 3 statement.

``Therefore, last summer, Mr Buffett and Mr Charles Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire, concluded that equilibriumbetween supply
and demand was only likely to be established by a somewhat higher price.''

Mr. Buffett is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

``We first started to look at this story,'' said Chilport Research's Siegel, ``when Mr. Buffett was compelled to reveal his substantial
investment in silver a month prior to releasing the much anticipated Berkshire Hathaway annual report March 14th.''

``To use Mr. Buffett's own baseball imagery, like all great fast ball pitchers, he doesn't give anyone much to hit. The key question to us,
was he buying based on low supply or high demand? The fact that he took physical delivery of silver swayed us toward demand,'' Siegel

``The fact that he is a major shareholder in Gillette ( G - news ) , the parent company of Duracell focused us on batteries,'' Siegel said.

``And further reading of the February 3rd press release, which said Berkshire has no present plans for purchase or sale of silver,
pointed us toward emerging silver-use technologies, rather than established ones, like photography,'' he said.

``Silver-zinc fuel cells fit our investor profiler model like a batter's glove,'' he said.

High energy, rechargeable silver-zinc batteries are already being used in the U.S. Navy's deep sea rescue vehicle, designed to perform
at great ocean depths and on the Mars Pathfinder Lander, which provided electrical power to the lander for the mission.

The Mars mission was launched on December 4, 1996, and landed on Mars on July 4, 1997 and almost all launch and primary storage
energy for manned space flights have been supplied by silver-zinc fuel cells.

A 1900-watt, silver-zinc battery powered the Honda Dream Solar Car, which recently won the annual World Solar Challenge race for
sun-powered cars. The car used solar cells developed at the University of New South Wales. Five cars in the race covered 2,000
kilometers ( 1,240 miles ) from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia, using the photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. The
Honda Dream Car took 33.32 hours to complete, the race, averaging 89.7 km ( 55mph ) , and reached a top speed of 110 km ( 68mph ) on
desert roads.

Environmentalists are enthusiastic about the possibility of widespread use of electric vehicles because they are 97 pct less polluting than
conventional ones and California has already insisted that ``zero-emissions vehicles'' be ready by the early 2,000's.

``Even if Mr Buffett bought silver simply because he likes the way if looks,'' said Siegel, ``I think fuell cell techology is an exciting
racehorse for the investment community, especially Buffett-style value investors,'' Siegel said.

``True portable power is finally on the horizon and anyone who's ever had a cell phone go dead knows there's a real need for it,'' he

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:40 - ID#410387)
The New Gold Coin
What are anyone's thought on the new gold coin that according to Mr Munk will out do the South African Kugerand ( spellig? ) . I saw it posted on Excite buisness news last night. It seems millions will be put into advertizing and promoting the coin. Newmont, Placer Dome, Barrick and a large Gold Producer in South Africa are all on board. Perhaps this helped gold rally today and will continue tomorrow. With CB's getting out of the picture right now, it would be great and these low inventory levels, to see gold take off!!!! GO GOLD

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:42 - ID#269409)
@ APril 6
Note that April 6 date for Buffet's "Silver lining" report.....Spike up in Silver that day?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:42 - ID#368244)
Studio R

They are playing our song. Oil up , gold up--- time for the second verse, but tomorrow is ANOTHER day, but it's only a day away.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:43 - ID#372262)
Yupper! Wonder if that is BC's real "game-face" when danger threatens? "Get back!" may become more than the lyrics to a once popular Beatles song. It may be the words he uses to keep the press parasites away from him once he's indicted. Methinks we'll be seeing a lot more of that angered face of fear before this presidency comes to an end!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:43 - ID#398105)
I have just listened to Old Ghana..........

Do I see visions of JFK..............

or, do I just see visions................

He had better get back to good old USA, gold MAY be making a move...

or, is it just a coincidence that he is out of the country.....

I hear those African drums beatinggggggggggggggggg.........

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:44 - ID#287277)
Is it not "interesting" that the prominent feature in Monday's
South China Morning Business Post [Mar 23, 1998] is the following:

Quietly confident: Lee Cheong GOLD DEALERS chief Henry Wu has earned political and corporate respect - thanks to his late father Woo Hon-fai ( right ) - and is now seeking a Legco seat." Enigmatic? Coincidence? Of course it is...{:- )

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:47 - ID#20167)
The reason for the market actions today are IMHO due to the
simultaneous discovery by many analysists of the comming
inflation as signaled by the following.

1. Lumber, one of the most sensitive inflation indicators, is
forming a complex multi-month reverse head and shoulders
bottom. A breakout above $325 would be very bullish for
commodities. Get your house before the big boom ahead!
2. Bull markets are already in progress for silver, platinum
and palladium, can gold be far behind?
3. The cash Commodity Research Bureau Index ( CRB ) has
completed a fibonacci 0.618 retracement of the run-up from
the 1993 low to the 96 high ( Elliott wave 1 ) If this
assumption is correct, the index has completed EW 2, then
we are now in EW 3 of a great multi-year bull market in
commodities. This index has just completed a 2 month
double bottom, so a lift-off from here is highly probable.
A rise in the CRB usually signals rising interest rates
and finally,
4 The credit markets should tank soon. The 30 year t-bond
appears to have made a top some 2 months ago and a break
below 118'16 basis the near term futures contract would
verify that the top is in place.
5. All this is very bearish for the equities markets and I
believe that the looney dipsters are about to have their
heads handed to them on a platter. In the short term, the
dow is vulnerable to 7,000 ( a drop of 21% ) If that level
doesn't hold, look for the dow to go much lower. The
flagship dow is about to collide with the rock of
Gibraltar ( reality )

BC, Ag & RR this one's for you!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:50 - ID#341189)
I agree with your comments on Russia. The gold reaction was minor and understandable in light of the big runup in the CRB and oil - those PPI #'s aren't going to look so friendly in the future and there have been a lot of gold contracts put on in the last few days. Fresh shorts are easily panicked. The more interesting story to me is the mega moves in the other metals and the v bottom in oil. Perhaps what is already known accounts for this, but I thought last week for example the sharp oil turn around was too confident to be explained by the meeting news. Plus we've had platinum and palladium acting like their's going to be some kind of supply disruption. Perhaps I've just gotten so cynical about what I read that I've become too suspicious.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:51 - ID#26669)
Myrmidon, that's true about Ballard as far as I know from reading their material, but...
...over what SUBSTRATE is their palladium appled? Gold? Silver? Palladium? Nickle? Acrylic plastic? You see they leave out some important info. Knowing which it is could be like the tip I heard on Kitco a few months ago about rhodium. Someone then mentioned that a Japanes car maker was going back to palladium-rhodium catalysts as the price of palladium had gone up. Then rhodium skyrocketed a few days later.

I kick myself every time I think about last spring when I learned about Ballard then I couldn't get the basic stock research done before their stock price started escalating. Last time I checked their price was ( choke, sob, sigh ) over $90. No telling what it is now.

If you want some other sources about fuel cells try this one:

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:53 - ID#26793)
@JTF: here is a repost of the Fazio story

(Mon Mar 23 1998 17:59 - ID#398105)
A wee bit of trivia..........

Did you know that between 1890 and 1954 there were 17200 cancelled gold mining leases in Western Australia - all of which realted to underground mines.

Of these

- 102 had gold production in excess of 1 tonne of gold, the largest being the Sons of Gwalia mine at Leonora which produced in excess of 80 tonnes of gold.

- 642 had gold production in excess of 100 Kg.

Now the trick is to work out who holds what today, and do they know what they hold - a good exercise for a GIS system ?!!

(Mon Mar 23 1998 18:15 - ID#26669)
Looking back over my posts the last several months you can probably see that I've suspected some new basic PM use, but all my sources are closemouthed about the actual composition of various experimental and on-the-shelf batteries, amount of PM consumed and other such proprietary details. And nobody at Kitco seems to be willing to talk about knowing any more than I do or have any associates closer to the "horse's mouth" in this rather esoteric field of expertise.

So we're depending on you to come through with the rest of the details, old Bud. Surely with all your friends and associates in the space industry you're aquainted with at least one electrochemist you could quizz for the details about silver/zinc batteries? Like for a start, have they come up with a way of making a durable silver plated base metal or plastic electrode so as to make the cost reasonable for large batteries?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 18:19 - ID#393224)
Aussie gold
Aussie gold index up 4% ( +44.1 to 1139.8 ) in early trade.

(Mon Mar 23 1998 18:21 - ID#372262)
Nick@C--How's Lihir doing down under this fine golden morning?

(Mon Mar 23 1998 18:23 - ID#411259)
..... What a strong close! .....

Gold surprised me but I will look to sell this rally if it fails to follow through. My clients bought over 1500 oz platinum between 382 - 402 so that's looking pretty good. Silver failed to break 6.40 today, if it breaks and holds tomorrow, silver will go.


I am impressed with your trading strategy. Careful with those silver shorts at 6.30.