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(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:00 - ID#22849)
..... New E-mail Address For Me .....

Just had a cable modem installed
At better than 3 MB download per second
Way fast, blazing speed, my hair blows back
Eyelids close to a slit, and cheeks puff out

Also even indeedy inasmuch so
I now have a new e-mail address

Tis a simple and appropriate name
Suitable for this new gold market, yes?
Going to set up a web page soon
To post charts and other stuff

I'll post the URL when it is ready


Oh yeah Happy New Year!!

A year is naught but within it brings
And most new years will offer no clue
To where it will take us
And how fast it will take us there
Whether we want it to or not

This, the last of a thousand
Is filled with mystery and potential
And great portends of good and evil

Will the new millenium bring chaos and mayhem?
Or will the changeover be more akin to
A lasagna burp after a big meal?
Not pleasant when first let loose
But soon enough it dissipates
And makes room for desert

To my extended ( and only ) internet family
I wish all here peace and success
May the gods of fortune give wings to your trades
May your family and loved ones be safe and prosper

For those in whose faces I have gotten
Forgive the sleight as heat of the moment
An realize all, we are joined together
Not just in our interest in the noble metals
And not in any arbitrary nationalistic sense

We ride this lonely and pale blue dot
On our elliptical path around our sun
And, as each year brings the stars
To the exact same spot in the sky,

I hope to see all here and more
At the beginning of the next
With glad stories and tidings
Of happiness and wealth
And other good stuff in 99

Brothers and Sisters of Truth and Curiosity
Thanks for everything this site has given me
And thanks to the folks who given it freely

We are all, to a soul, of Kitco blood, we


(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:01 - ID#257150)
And the First on 99?
-----------------Perdictions for 1999----------------------

 324 posts will state The bottom is in.
 27 Goldbugs will commit financial sepukku and sell at the absolute bottom.
 4 ADR quoted SA goldstocks will double-reverse-negative-split, only John Disney will know what it means.
 No geologist will fall out of a helicopter in Indonesia, a Presidential adviser may fall down a lift shaft in Albuqueque.
 An underemployed Scottish geologist will find 14 new things to do with a kilt.
 Tort will have us in stitches once again with his jokes.
 Andy Smith will quote Kitco at least three times in his Mitsui articles, then finally admit he posts under the handles of both ANOTHER and JTF. Noone will believe him.
 19 Goldbugs pull off one of their own wings still believing in RKO and Margeret Witte. Ms Witte will vote herself ANOTHER bonus.
 Tolerant1 will G & P his way through several troy oz of righteous sinsemilla.
 Ziva will return, if s/he hasnt already.
 13 newbie goldbugs will ask the meaning of IMHO
 945 confusing charts will be posted without legend, nor explanation.
 Vronsky will split 32 infinitives
 Gollum will find several of his levers have been incorrectly labelled, and two are actually working back-to-front.
 MissingLink gagnrad and other jewellers who visit will enchant us with pics of their precious metal creations
 Mike Sheller will cast his voodoo in the stars and be baffingly correct more often than not.
 18 new words will be added to the kitco lexicon.
 The word merkin will be banned due to a merkin knitters strikes in the merkin factories of Guatemala
 ?s wink museum will need ANOTHER wing.
 The Preacher will return with ANOTHER handle.
 Several posters contributions will stand out in head and shoulder formations above the rest for their generosity and scholarship including Schippi, RJ, Donald, Dabchick, SDRer, Eldorado, Cyclist, CMax, Mozel, Polarbear, IDT, sharefin,
 There will be 18 new wacky religions confusing UFOs, Millennialism, Cargo Cults and good old fashioned money making opportunities.
 Old Gold will become a goldbug again.
 George Cole will return as his 3 Pillars of the Gold Market analysis assumes the status of prescient legend. Everything seems to fit.
 Nick@C will make squillions on Aussie Juniors
 Fred@Vienna will make squillions on Aussie Juniors
 Barry will get his caps lock fixed.
 LGB will leave Loral and commence practice as a New Age Crystal physician specialising in Gold Homeopathy
 Mooney will organise the Biggest and Best Ever Kitcoite gathering, the prize for the longest distance travelled will go to an Antipodean.
 cherokee will add several more acronyms to the bottom of his posts ssmo wwabarsot grt cul8r
 Ted will return, if s/he hasnt already to reclaim nytolTeddo
 Peutz wont return.
 Bart will receive 2,597 posts of thanks for the site, and know that 10 times more lurkers are grateful.

And Gold?

Well, Gold is as gold does.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:03 - ID#183109)
Given Randgold's $3.15 book NAV, and its close at 1 3/8, I make the following pledge to my fellow Kitcovites..



(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:04 - ID#22849)
..... Salty .....

You DOG!

Por nada.......
Beaten fair and square

I'd rather be first in 99
Than last in 98

98 is old news
99 is where it's at

And is now where we are
( at least on Kitco time )

Righty O

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:04 - ID#257150)
Ho Ho!
Pipped at the Post!


I wish you a Prosperous New Year

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:13 - ID#43349)
With the new year, the Phoenix

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:14 - ID#22849)
..... Salty .....

I guess I shoulda' said HOG! Huh?

You grab the coveted LPOTY
Are you satisfied NO!
You then try to sneak in
And be first for the next trip round our star
You are fast mate, I give you that
But not fast enough by a fraction
To grab this year from me

I have thought of this year
Ever since I could do the math
Always wondered where I would be
When I reached the age of 40

It will happen this year



Tis no lie


(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:27 - ID#43349)
Even better...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:27 - ID#22849)
..... Salty .....

Your 00:01 ( AFTER my 00:00 )
Made up for you grabbyness
( That's new Kitco word #1 )
And started my new year
( which actually hasn't ended yet;
California time, yes? )
With a huge belly laugh
One verifiable snort
And several accompanying chuckles



(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:37 - ID#210114)
Happy New Year to All; Happy Euro!!
Best wishes to all.

Farfel; thanx for your posts. The Australian Financial Review is not the only paper negative on gold. In fact, its hard to find ANYHTING positive on gold.

And they have been right. Gold is at about the same price as it was this time last year. Gold has not performed. As I have said before, war happened, financial collapse has happened, President been impeached; all perfect gold bull stuf..... but no gold bull. It just keeps sinking into the mire.

I'll be positive on gold when ther is some thing to be positive about.

Live Long and Prosper in 1999.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 00:58 - ID#222231)
Happy New Year
God bless one and all. There is much more to life than gold and all that glitters. Your health, richness of spirit, love of life, friendship and respect for yourself and your fellow man.

The force be with you,


(Fri Jan 01 1999 01:27 - ID#285392)
Rumpled: Thank you
Best regards

lefty kiwi
(Fri Jan 01 1999 01:39 - ID#32176)
Aurator congrats on " c'est moi "
well done another KIWI victory ( can one call being last.... a win ? )

I wonder what Gann would think of gold closing the year at exactly $288 ...
twice 144 his magic number you know .

My prediction unfortunately it won't be a happy year but probably a profitable one for goldbugs at last .

(Fri Jan 01 1999 02:07 - ID#257150)
Thank you, mate. I was actually congratulating RJ on pipping me at the post for the first post for 99, now I'm not so sure. His was a double post, and we might just change the rules to make double posts inelligible. Yuk yuk.
Glorious New Year's eve last night at the Sky Tower Casino. A friend had one bet at roulette, one bet only, on 11. It came in. The lengthy celebrations meant we couldn't possibly make the Ellerslie races, despite the golden weather.
Now, what's your pick on Y2K, effect here?

Greenstone Gold
(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:19 - ID#428218)
To one and all............

A GID NEW YEAR.........


(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:27 - ID#350195)
Three cheers to
first in 99
last in 98
Sorry RJ, cookie crumbles and all that.
Damn good show though.

Strad Master
(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:32 - ID#250297)
New Year Greetings!
ONE AND ALL: Can't let the New Year start without posting good wishes to my good buddy Kitcoites. God Bless one and all. May 1999 bring each and every one of you Health, Happiness, Prosperity and fulfillment of all your fondest dreams. ( All those dreams that really are good for you, that is. ) May gold go to $30,000 per oz. ( Why not? ) and may everyone know the exact right moment to sell when it does.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:32 - ID#350195)
I sit corrected
RJ got the 00:00.
Well done!

Strad Master
(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:36 - ID#250297)
Fancy Schmancy!
HEY RJ: Where'dja get that fancy modem connection? How much does it cost? Sure would be nice to be able to zip around the net without waiting forever for stuff to load. I'd probably have time to do more posting if I could cut the wait time. Happy New Year!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 03:56 - ID#413109)
The world over, and we are truly well spread out.......


(Fri Jan 01 1999 04:55 - ID#251181)
If I could turn back time........
But see my appeal to the judges Jan 01 1999 02:07.
Canute-like, I seek a recount. Actually Canute was not the arrogant dolt of his reputation. Ain't if funny how some are remembered for what they aren't, rather than what they are. Like lemmings, they don't flock and jump off cliffs unless they are hearded by a Disney crew and panic, and female Black Widows don't bite off their mate's heads post-coitally unless starved and thirsty they are placed under high amp camera lights. Such is the comedic tragedy of this glorious golden world.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 06:03 - ID#275201)
Y2K Rehearsal
Thanks to you guys at Kitco my Y2K planning is well advanced but I had not expected it to be tested so soon. On Boxing Day the storms came and the power supply went.
Living as I do only 10 minutes from the city centre, it comes as a wee bit of a shock to lose the electricity supply for more than a few hours, let alone five days. Fortunately propane gas heaters,lamps and cooking stove were at hand! Christmas candles came in handy too!
The inconvenience was tolerable because other services functioned normally but the experience has certainly given me a new perspective. Five days without power is one thing, but how about making do for five weeks or so?
Sure hope some of the gloomier Y2K prognostications are not fulfilled. Will need to reappraise......

Happy New Year!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 06:06 - ID#39857)
Mother Earth takes on gold mine.....ohmmmmmmmmmmmm
8 dead after flash flooding in Indonesian gold mining area

Flash flooding in the gold mining area of Bengkulu in the western Indonesian
island of Sumatra has claimed the lives of nine people, 13 others have been

The Antara state news agency reports villagers of Ketenong Satu discovered
the bodies of seven gold panners and two children beside a swollen river.

The flash floods followed a landslide that toppled around two hectares of earth
from the province's Kerinci Seblat National Park.

And the rest well all I got to say is fizzzzzzzzzzzz

(Fri Jan 01 1999 06:34 - ID#275201)
New Year Trivia..............Man of the Millenium
Apparently listeners to BBC's Today programme have voted William Shakespeare "Man of the Millenium" ahead of Winston Churchill and William Caxton ( English bias here, wouldn't you say? )
So there you have it. W.S., W.S.C. and W.C. Don't know who was fourth but just maybe....... ( forgot, these were not American voters ) .

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 07:07 - ID#33184)
The pound freefalling for the last couple of hours against the dollar

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 07:42 - ID#33184)
Pound still falling ...
Only Chase London is giving quotes. It started giving quotes from 1.6510 and every few minutes has been giving 5 pips lower. Wonder with whom they are trading ?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 07:56 - ID#411440)
@ all: Happy New Year! May you all have a safe and
prosperous 1999.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 08:03 - ID#411440)
@ Cage Rattler: It looks like the Bank of England is
going to finally drop interest rates. Also, the British pound
is firmly in the dollar camp, along with the Canadian and
Australian dollars. I expect all of these currencies to play
off against the EURO as the US dollar declines over 1999.
As far as I know, the Bank of England has the second largest
hoard of US T-bills in its reserves after Japan.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 08:29 - ID#411440)
CNBC world view: I just heard the grinnies on CNBC
state that people may be getting concerned that the market cannot
sustain a 5th straight year of 20% plus gains, and that the
market may correct to the mean annual appreciation of only 10%.

Where has this guy been buying his booze???? The average annual
growth rate for stock prices has been 2.5% back to 1720, just
slightly ahead of world population growth.

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 08:48 - ID#33184)
@rhody - Profitability Reverting to the Mean
Fama and French produced quite a well-known paper in June 1998 that proved statistically that profitability is mean reverting. As a result, the level of profitability predicts future changes in profitability and earnings. Future changes in profitability tend to reverse past changes.

In other words, if a company is earning above average profits now, it will tend to have lower profitability in the future as its profits tend to the average.

There was/is a mutual fund that uses some of this methodology. An article on it is at the following link:

So, if everyone is earning WAY above average now, you would expect a HUGE drop off in order to revert back to the long term values.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 08:53 - ID#186147)
The admiration the sheeple have for their Great Leader has increased by more than a quarter during the year of his travail. But he is FAR behind the most admired person alive today, the NEXT President, Hillary Clinton.

He has tried everything recently to catch up to her, to no avail. The only way he could possibly close the "admiration" gap, would be to confess to a crime involving either violence or child molestation.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 09:02 - ID#377211)
FSAGX and FDPMX are firming up. FSESX appear to want to burst to the upside... As tax selling action is done, cold weather is here and oils stocks are close to theirs lows, buying this sector might be a good move. BTW: small caps have bursted up, we will see whether that continues in January. Ultimate Oscillator shows similar pattern ( but not starting from a low, but from consolidation phase )
Happy New Year

(Fri Jan 01 1999 09:02 - ID#20359)
While Muddy Waters ,Guitar Slim, and Curtis Mayfield were among those whose music
had deeply impacted Jim's sound and style, THE Guitarist's admiration for Bob Dylan expressed itself on many occasions throughout his career.

Candles lit for all...jammin on the Island...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 09:34 - ID#20359)
The toothless whores cry out the loudest for censure...this lost if
Senators can speak such claptrap...while pigboy from Arkansas clings with his greasy mitts to that which physically houses the word of a God of whom he knows nothing...cameras roll...the waterboy Kissinger in the background...the bucket held by Haig...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 09:41 - ID#29048)
Clinton's popularity poll is based on 1055 phone calls made during the hours of 8 to 5 to whom? Who is home when these pollcats call anyway?

What's your take on the PMS for 1999?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 09:51 - ID#20359)
Speed, Namaste', gulp and a puff to ya...Happy New Year to you and yours...
If America had another brain it would die of loneliness...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 10:03 - ID#290456)
ANOTHER White House scandal brewing

(Fri Jan 01 1999 10:05 - ID#29048)
A happy and prosperous new year to you and yours...

We are in a war of ideas and the other side owns most of the media. That makes the Internet priceless.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 10:19 - ID#348286)
More popular than the Pope, 2nd year running. What does this say about society? I guess deap down, outside of the political correctness facade, women really do like this kind of thing.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 10:43 - ID#350194)
Happy New Year ALL!
"May you grow old slowly and prosperous rapidly. ---Allan Lyons

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:12 - ID#20359)
Miss. beats TX
and KY beats heard it the couch and a huge bottle of Tequila...Happy Happy folks...yEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhAAAAAAAAAA!!!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:16 - ID#339274)
New Year prognostications.
Third week of January XAU tops 76,second week of February an
important bottom,retest third week of March.
From the third week of March till the fourth week of May will
be a big rally,sideways until summer with an important top
in the first week of December.Remember those time frames: )

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:24 - ID#33184)
Japan's central bank investigated for tax evasion
TOKYO ( AP ) - Tokyo tax authorities have quietly begun investigating Japan's central bank on suspicions top officials evaded income taxes, a newspaper said Friday.

Agents from the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau are looking for evidence that Bank of Japan officials neglected to pay taxes on such perks as company-subsidized mansions and country club memberships, the Asahi newspaper reported.

Officials at the bank and tax bureau could not be reached for comment due to the New Year's holiday.

A tax audit of the central bank of a major industrial nation is unprecedented, the report said. It further tarnishes the bank's reputation, which was blemished last year by the arrest of an official on charges of leaking information in exchange for lavish entertainment.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:27 - ID#176235)
Best Wishes
From sunny Naples Fla, 80 degrees today have a great 1999. Bonne & Heureuse Annee.May gold rise to 325 350 what the hell why not 400.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:33 - ID#286230)
Oh Oh --Y2K Optimism

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:40 - ID#50148)
Selby, read the story below. They've already thrown in the towel on Y2K.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:41 - ID#34459)
Give me a Shout if you are out there today.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:44 - ID#339274)
and than the SnP
Topping into the second week of February with a major low
at the end of June,AND a summer rally with a cyclical top into the
fourth week of October.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:46 - ID#258269)
(Best Wishes)
From sunny Pengilly, Minnesota. Minus 29 degrees below zero.

Quion97: $400 gold sounds good to me.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:49 - ID#286230)
Already read that one. Going to be real fun 1 year from today. The End of the World group is going to be the focus of ridicule--unless they are right and then there will be no way to congratulate them.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:50 - ID#350194)
From Sunny Toronto, Canada (8 Degrees F)
Time for a brisk walk! ;- )
The ( extremely ) Fresh Air may clear my head and then perhaps I can decide whether its time to jump onto the Amazon bandwagon! Paper Gold!
Amazon's shares are now trading at about 97 times annual sales. ( Walmart trades at about 1.6 times sales. )
Market valuation is currently at about 18 BILLION. ( Higher than Sears or Costco. )
While volume of sales is increasing Amazon is still not expected to turn even a penny of profit for at least another two years. ( They lost .90 in third quarter and are expected to lose another .46 per share in the fourth quarter. )
Hmmmmm. Now let me see. If I decide to invest, when can I reasonably expect my $350 per share investment to be paid back in kind by annual accumulated dividends? Hmmmm. Does anybody have the latest Star Date calendar available for the year 2199?

Crystal Ball
(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:54 - ID#287408)
Microsoft Windows 2000

REDMOND, Wash. -- Microsoft announced today that the official release date for the new operating system "Windows 2000" will be delayed until the second quarter of 1901.


(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:56 - ID#286230)
Happy New Year Mooney
I thought it was colder than 8F. I'm still going for a walk along the north shore of Lake Ontario but I'm not too sure I'll get the 4 miles completed. The big problem is coming up from the US midwest and due to arrive Saturday night. Look at QLT on the TSE. Lots of good news but no gold.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 11:57 - ID#348286)
@No Problem, Don't Worry, All is Well, Going Smoothly, Under Control, Be Reassurred ........
FOCUS-Banks push ahead as euro clock ticks away

By Chizu Nomiyama

LONDON, Jan 1 ( Reuters ) - With just over 48 hours left before Europe's single currency makes its debut on the financial markets, international banks said on Friday the preparations were going smoothly.

The euro became a legal currency on Friday but it goes live on the markets on Monday. In the mean time, trillions of dollars of stocks and bonds must be redenominated from their original currencies into euros, computer systems must be reconfigured and mountains of data converted.

But banks and financial industry associations were undaunted, saying they had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

``All the plans and precautions from before the changeover seem to be bearing fruit,'' said John Gilchrist, director of corporate communications at Cedel, a major clearing and settlement system for international securities.

``Right now all is working according to plan. We haven't had to call up any of the contingency plans yet,''

Some 30,000 staff in London, the biggest financial centre in Europe, are expected to work over the so-called ``conversion weekend'' which began on Thursday with the fixing of the conversion rates to the euro for the 11 member currencies.

At Salomon Smith Barney in London, euro conversion workers are holding progress meetings every few hours to assess where the bank stands.

``We've got 3,000 targets to do over the whole conversion process,'' said a spokesman for the U.S. investment bank who had attended one of the meetings. ``We've done well and we're slightly ahead of schedule.''

He said some of those targets might take only a minute or two to meet while others were more complicated and took time. But the overall feeling at the meeting -- attended by about 30 of the several hundred euro conversion staff -- was that the process was going smoothly.

Banks have held numerous dress rehearsals for the occasion and industry associations said there was now little sign of panic as the big day loomed.

``Our phone is not ringing, which is a very good sign,'' said Cliff Dammers, secretary general at the International Primary Markets Association ( IPMA ) , a group representing banks and firms which underwrite international securities.

But they also said the pressure is bound to increase as the hours go by, with the institutions' redenomination procedures needing tremendous internal and external coordination. Some estimates put the total of government securities that need to be converted into euros this weekend at $2.1 trillion.

Gilchrist said the crunchtime for his firm will come on Saturday, as its clearing and settlement system has to work in conjunction with other organisations such as fellow clearing house Euroclear.

``We are getting into the redenomination process at the moment and we have to reconcile that internally and with Euroclear in Brussels, and reports must be issued to the customers,'' he said.

Despite all the dry-runs, many bankers have said no one will have a real sense of how well the markets have adapted to the euro until after trading starts on Monday. As a result, some said traders in the first stages will be hesitant.

``I expect business will generally be quite slow on Monday to start with because people will be confused about what to expect,'' said Marja Alperi, a vice president at Merita Bank in Helsinki, who is in charge of euro coordination for its capital markets trading.

``The first week it will be like training, and then it will be trading.''

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:00 - ID#258269)
Is A. G. manipulating the Gold Market?

It takes a few seconds to download.

Crystal Ball
(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:00 - ID#287408)
@ Mooney
Consider AMZN ( closed $321.25 ) put options :- )
Feb 330's last traded at $50.00/share X 100 shares or $5,000.00 a pop.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:00 - ID#348286)
Crystal Ball, Good One, Needed that laugh.........

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:06 - ID#275201)
So the President's man thinks the effects of Y2K will be similar to a powerful winter storm. Just come through one myself - yep, sure was an inconvenience.
Funny how these soothsayers are always likening Y2K to some meteorological event. Gartner Group compared the possible scale of the problem to a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Anybody ever wondered what havoc might be wreaked if every part of the globe were simultaneously hit by an earthquake?

Crystal Ball
(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:07 - ID#287408)
@Tolerant 1
G&P! Happy New Year! Namaste'

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:08 - ID#33184)
Euro Conversion Weekend progress reports

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:10 - ID#286230)
A year from today we will find out. At the moment I'm much more concerned about the major storm coming out of the US midwest that has the potential for another Montreal style ice storm. Fortunately the preparations for Y2k are the same as for an ice storm.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:11 - ID#411440)
@ Mooney: Happy new year! you have mail..

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:16 - ID#411440)
@ Selby: Happy new year. Given the nature of your present
employer, could you be in a position to inform the group about
any Y2K related glitches that arise in your systems at work?
I am assuming here that the fiscal year of your employer runs
from April '99 to April '00. This might give us an 8 month
head start on preparations if things are going to be bad in
Ontario. Comments? TIA, Rhody.

Tantalus Rex
(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:19 - ID#295111)
HAPPY NEW YEAR - Read this, a good read that might cure your hangover
John Tompkins, a frequent contributor to Reader's Digest and
former regional business correspondent for Time
Money Talks,

Is Alan Greenspan Manipulating the Gold Market?

Almost to the day, the second great manipulation of
the gold market began 132 years after the first.

On September 24, 1869, a pair of rascals named Jim
Fisk and Jay Gould cornered the New York gold
market, forcing short sellers to cover at any price.
Around the same week of 1998, a man named Alan
Greenspan began controlling the price of gold by
lending the metal to investment bankers who sold it
short each day to keep the market price from rising
above $300 a share.

Fisk and Gould were out to make millions squeezing
the short sellers. Greenspan's objective is to protect
our economy. When the Fed head organized the
bailout of the Long Term Capital Management hedge
fund, a part of the problem was the fund's surprisingly
big short position in gold.

Then it turned out that other hedge funds and
institutional speculators were--and many still
are--short of 8,000 to as much as 14,000 metric tons
of gold, many times annual production. If even a few
of these shorts were forced to cover their frantic
buying, it would send gold skyrocketing by hundreds
of dollars an ounce.

Can we prove this? No. But Fed Chairman
Greenspan said that he would control the gold
market if he had to. He spelled it out on July 24 in
little-noticed testimony before the House Banking
Committee. The chairman was trying to downplay the
risk that some derivative contracts might produce a
squeeze on short sellers.

He explained that there was no danger that the supply
of oil to fulfill derivative contracts could be restricted.
Then, he added, 'Nor can private counterparts
restrict supplies of gold, another commodity whose
derivatives are often traded over-the-counter, where
central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing
quantities should the price rise.'
3109 of 3115
You can hardly get clearer than that. We should
never have wondered why gold couldn't seem to
break through the 300 level. The answer was right
there in the Banking Committee hearings. It was
buried in pages of boring testimony, but we have
missed it. In other words, Greenspan told us two
months in advance what the Federal Reserve would
do to keep gold from going to the moon.

The market performance of the yellow metal shows
clearly that it was controlled in a narrow band from
300 to about 305 from the last week of
September--the 132nd anniversary of the 1869 gold
corner--to the third week of October. Since then,
control has kept gold bouncing from 292 to 300 and
back again. And in the last three weeks the selling
pressure has created a slight downtrend.

The possibility of manipulation of the gold market first
hit us in the spring. We'd been predicting that gold
would eventually recover from its long bear market,
but every time it rallied the rally was aborted by sales
of central bank gold.

It wasn't just the sales themselves that kept gold
down, it was the way the central banks sold. Instead
of carefully metering out their sales to get the best
price and not disturb the market, they carelessly
dumped their bullion and usually denied they were
doing it.

At first we thought this was deliberate. Eventually we
realized it simply reflected the attitude of the present
generation of central bank bureaucrats. They hate
markets, don't know how to deal with them and don't
want to know.

As gold waterfalled down, producers continued to hedge the price of their
future output and put further pressure on the market. Gloom reigned. It
seemed to some of us that with inflation dead the naysayers might be right
and gold was just another commodity. And then, in a move that rarely
happens in any market all of the negative factors keeping the yellow metal
down seemed to evaporate so abruptly that gold gained an amazing
$20-an-ounce in only a couple of trading sessions, a $35 jump from the
3110 of 3115
It rocketed straight up in a way not seen since the great gold bubble of the
early 1980s. Gold rose as far as $315 and then settled back around $308.
To traders and portfolio managers the question was: is the move for real or
only another fake out?

The spring rally wound up going nowhere. It spent the summer trending
down, down, down--until September, when it came back to life again with a
sudden runup from its 18-year low of 277.90 to 300 in 10 days of heavy

The buying was enthusiastic enough to shrug off the Czech central bank sale
of 31 metric tons of gold thrown at the market right in the face of its upward
surge. At the same time, the central bank of Luxembourg said it had sold
most of its reserve, perhaps 10 metric tons.

The market ignored both sales. The problem for gold bears was that world
currencies and its stock markets were all tanking, banks were reporting
huge trading losses and Russia was coming apart.

Why was the barbarous relic moving up? Because people all over the world
were beginning to worry whether the money in their pockets and purses was
really as sound as all the central bankers claimed.

Without admitting any danger, the European Parliament backed calls for the
creation of a 100-Euro gold coin as legal tender once the European Union's
single currency becomes widely circulated. Sales of gold coins around the
world were surging. U.S. bullion coin demand reached an 11-year high.

There were rumors that an Asian-type International Monetary Fund might
be launched based on a gold-backed Japanese Yen. Indian gold demand
was 19% higher for the first three quarters of the year over the same period
of 1997. Demand for gold was up in Southeast Asia and in South Korea.

None of these factors was crucial; but they indicated that gold was sneaking
its way back into fashion. And this was bad news for Greenspan &
Company. So, it's reported that Washington got on the horn and asked
Asian governments not to be aggressive buyers of the yellow metal while the
Fed was trying to engineer a soft landing for the short sellers.

The Swiss government cooperated by asking its Parliament to approve sale
of 1,300 metric tons of gold. The lawmakers cooperated but the people will
get to vote on it in 2000.

It's reported that the countryside Swiss are not in favor of lessening the
strength of the world's hardest currency. Even worse for the Fed, it's
rumored that the gold backing of the Euro may be raised from the currently
planned 15% to 30-35%. France has strongly pushed for this to make sure
that the Euro will be strong enough to rival the dollar.
3111 of 3115
It's intriguing that half a dozen of the biggest investment banks have issued
reports on gold in the past couple of weeks. Bear Stearns weighed in with a
handsomely printed 86-pager announcing that precious metals are 'back on
the radar screen,' and gold is a 'disappointing metal showing signs of life.'

Chief among the reasons given for this is that there has been less exploration
and development, which has reduced supply, mining company costs have
been cut, and gold is underowned and underrepresented in investment
portfolios. The report also suggests that it may no longer be easy for
speculators to lease gold and sell it.

Prudential Securities' study says 'we are warming up to gold' because there
is more upside than downside in the next year. It forecasts an average price
of $320 an ounce for 1999 compared with $297 this year. The Pru will not
be surprised to see short covering rallies as hedge funds unwind their
positions. It also notes the possibility that the European Central Bank will
increase the percentage of gold in its foreign reserves.

Salomon Smith Barney says it's positive toward the gold sector and expects
the metal will breech the $300 an ounce resistance level and average $350
next year as fears of central bank sales subside and short pressure eases.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's gold analyst, Douglas M. Cohen, comes
down on the bear side of the fence. No crisis seems able to trigger a rise in
gold and continued central bank lending are his principal negatives. Indeed,
he says that Venezuela, Germany, Portugal, Austria, and Switzerland are
new entrants into the gold lending market.

Old friend Bill Murphy, a veteran gold trader, who writes on the metal
under the name 'Midas' [] says there's a cabal of
investment banks who are leasing and shorting in cooperation with the Fed
and others to cap gold at $300 an ounce. e believes that Goldman Sachs is
a leader of the group which includes J.P. Morgan. Perhaps that's the reason,
says Bill, that Morgan issued a report predicting that the price of gold will
fall in early 1999 before steadying up later in the year.

If being negative on gold is an indication of membership in the short selling
gang, then Lehman Brothers must be a suspect. A week ago, Lehman
issued a flash meeting report titled 'Reiterating our Bearish View of Gold
Equities.' In somewhat snotty tones, the report says, 'gold equities continue
to discount a significant and sustainable rise in gold prices as if it were
inevitable. It isn't.' Lehman maintains its long-term average gold price
forecast of $290 an ounce, ending the note by pointing out proudly that this
price forecast is 'the lowest on the Street.'
3112 of 3115
Though there's a ceiling on the price of gold created by Fed-facilitated
borrowing and short selling, there appears to be a floor under the metal that
keeps its price from collapsing below the $295 area. Each time gold hits the
floor, it bounces just a little and then hits the ceiling. We assume that the
floor consists of official buying by central banks. Poland and Russia have
bought openly; China and Japan are believed to be buying and it's likely
there are others. In addition there's growing private demand for gold in Asia
as a shield against currency devaluation.

With gold unable to climb, it may seem strange that the gold-oriented mutual
funds have recently performed so well. According to CDA/Wiesenberger
Editor Stephanie Kendall, the month of September was truly golden for
these funds with eight of the top 10 jumping over 50% in total return for the
month. The reason: bullion did relatively well during the month and gold
equities historically move three times as much as the price of gold. The
move can be up or down. For September, Fidelity Select Gold posted a
hefty return of 54.93%. But its year-to-date return is a minus 9.1%.

No one knows when gold will trade in a free market. The amount of the
metal sold short by speculators is huge and the Fed and its associates may
work at the unwinding for some time. And even when all shorts have been
covered, the Fed may find itself riding a tiger wondering how to get off
without being eaten.

The gold corner in 1869 only lasted days. Fisk and Gould had bribed the
brother-in-law of President Grant to use his influence to keep the Treasury
from releasing any of its reserves. But, the game was lost when Washington
changed its mind and overwhelmed the corner with Federal gold.

We don't see a quick and easy end to the present control.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:19 - ID#275201)
Love your prognostications. So precise. How do you do it....tea leaves, skeleton bones, tarot cards, crystal ball, clairvoyance, plain old fashioned hunches or did Nostradamus predict it ( along with everything else ) ?
No offence intended.....just curious. By the way, I predict you will be short listed for a "reality check", nicht wahr?

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:24 - ID#33184)
Euro conversion weekend participants seem to be slightly ahead of schedule
according to online progress reports

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:27 - ID#286230)
Hi rhody
Fortunately or unfortunately I took an early retirement "opportunity" from the Ontario government in 1996. However, I was involved in making 5 year budget projections in 1996 ( 40% budget cuts were promised and are being delivered ) and there were no problems with the making of the projections through 2001. I still have many friends who are watching the money and making similiar projections and no problems have reported to me. Makes you wonder why if you fear the end of the world as we know it.

What is the temperature where you are?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:39 - ID#262242)
Happy New Year
To all my Kitco friends, may God Bless you and your familys in 1999.

My predictions for this year:

A. More political fall out from the Clinton scandles that will tend to lock up our government.

B. The perception of the Y2K problem will cause problems in the economy as people prepare for a perceived disister.

C. I believe this year there will be financial problems. The problem will come from the "dollar" not the stock markets.

D. I believe that beginning in September, there will be panics as some goods get short or non-existent.

E. A very real possibility of our President declaring a national emergency by November or December.

These are my thoughts and opininions, just wanted to share them.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:44 - ID#31876)
Tokyo is Fearful of the Euro -- Now Folks, Here's Our Plan to Protect the Yen

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:53 - ID#268404)
Tokoyo fearful of currency speculating hedge funds not Euro

(Fri Jan 01 1999 12:59 - ID#31876)
For the best analysis on Japan, Max Moseley should have some
choice comments in his next newsletter. I'm hoping that Max
will cover the subject of hedge funds/derivatives. We shall
wait and see.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:02 - ID#153110)
Happy Newest Year

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:11 - ID#33184)
Something approaching Earth - target June 29, 1999 ?
"Having done some math on the anomolous frequency detected by elfrad, it has com to my attention that it has a velocity that would put it on earth exactly June 29, 1999 It travelled in 8 days 8806 miles, meaning it is travelling about 1100.75 miles a days, not accounting for any frequency shifts, ( Doppler, form shift due totransfer om carrier media etc... ) but that is exactly 179 days from now, OR, 180 days from when the shift was noted."

(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:21 - ID#50148)
Some dates to watch for...
I think August 23rd is when the GPS calendars roll over. I know it's in August 1999, so if your GPS receiver is more than a few years old chances are that it will not be happy this August. Another test date is 9/9/99. Then, of course, there's the infamous 12/31/99 date roll over. I wonder how many other 'test dates' are there out there?

In the FWIW column, Schwab updated trades that took place on 12/24/98 by their usual next day. So, on Christmas Day, 12/25/98, you could down load transactions. But, Lo and Behold! Here we are on 1/1/99, and there is NO update available for anything done yesterday... Hmmmm, I thought that this was an automated process that was done between 2 A.M. and 5 A.M. Eastern time... I guess they just went out to celebrate New Years....right???

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:22 - ID#33184)
Prospecting for gold on moon's surface - realtime pictures !!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:44 - ID#190411)
Old business
Date: Wed Dec 31 1997 11:26
Crystal Ball ( @ Tortfeasor ) ID#287367:
As a physician, I am frequently asked interesting questions. Recently I was asked if having anal sex can result in
pregnancy. I replied: "It is very rare, but when it does happen the baby always turns out to be a lawyer." ;- )

(Fri Jan 01 1999 13:49 - ID#190411)
Reality check:
Date: Wed Dec 31 1997 12:27
Realistic ( @LGB ) ID#410194:
If March Silver closes above the so important $6 level today, ( making it a year closing too ) it would be a big
short term positive and a quick recovery could be at hand but if it doesn't close above, there could be some
churning and twisting before it recovers.

I suspect that once the huge players are back next week, the "inventory shrinking" situation will be back as a
concern providing an upwards bias.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:00 - ID#190411)
That was a stupid thing on my part; the repost
I guess that over the short term, silver did make it up some.

Gusto Oro
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:07 - ID#430260)
Happy New Year...

Pinky's Tailing Box: New Year's Day Edition...

Should old investments be forgot and never brought to mind?
Should old investments be forgot, such as the PM kind?
We'll sink more funds in mining stock and hope more gold they'll find
We'll average down till we're in hock just because we're so inclined.

If the Cambiors say there can be ore, with reserves that can be mined,
We'll all stay long, at this price can't go wrong,
and besides, it's silver lined.


A postcard greeting from last January...

"I am visiting in New York, and every New Year's eve in Times Square, an
apple slowly descends until reaching the bottom of its journey to the
1998 sign.

Vancouver has something similar. A giant neon chart of Zappa's stock
price is on Howe St. A gold nugget drops within seconds down to .1998
( closing stock price ) .

Indonesia has something similar, but shortly after the nugget drops, it


The ABC's of Metals and resource stock...

A is for AMAX just coming off lows.
B is for Buffett, AG up to his nose.
C is for Central, the gold leasing Banks,
( controlling, conspiring, according to cranks ) .
D is for diamonds IP never finds.
E is for Exxon, and Echo Bay Mines.
F is for FLAG, still flying halfmast.
G is for gold & investing halfassed.
H is for Helca
I for IP
J is for Judgment goldbugs never see.
K is for Kinross.
L Lagging chart Lines
M is for Royal Oak's Miserly Mines.
N is for Newsletter, ( for example James Dines ) .
O is for Opulent Emerald finds.
P is for POG
Q for Queenstown.
R is for Rubin, the treasury clown.
S is for silver we all buy and hold.
T is for Trouble investing in gold.
U is for the Ultimate YK2 spike.
V is for Vancouver taking a hike.
W is for Walsh and the Whole Bre-X hoax.
X is for XAU, and other such jokes.
Y is for Yellow, the color of gold.
Z is for Zappa of which I still hold.

If all of these letters were strung end-to-end they'd make a fine noose
which I'm willing to lend.

Well, off from the toilet bowl to the Rose Bowl...



Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:10 - ID#348257)
Happy New Year Bill, as in Happy New Year All!

Still savor the memory of that smoked Oregon Salmon.
Best for '99 to you n'yours.

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:16 - ID#33184)
Car bomb at Cape Town tourist attraction injures two
Luckily I avoid this tourist trap if I can help it.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa ( AP ) - A car bomb exploded Friday in a parking lot of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, one of South Africa's major tourist attractions. Two passers-by were slightly injured.
Police sealed off the outdoor parking lot, about 100 yards from a shopping mall at the waterfront, while search dogs sniffed cars to assure there were no other explosives in the area.

The Toyota Corolla that apparently contained the bomb was destroyed in the blast, which also heavily damaged several nearby cars. Smoke was still rising from the site an hour after the blast and shards of debris were scattered on the pavement.

Thousands of people were at the waterfront's bars and restaurants when the bomb went off at 6:55 p.m.

``We have been very, very lucky that this was not more serious,'' said police Capt. Jacques Wiese.

Two men, both South Africans, were slightly hurt in the explosion, police said.

The explosion comes four months after the bombing of a Planet Hollywood restaurant at the waterfront, which claimed two lives.

There have been no arrests in the Aug. 25 attack. A caller to a radio station had claimed responsibility on behalf of a Muslim group but the group later disavowed any part in it.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:19 - ID#348257)
I love it when a plan comes together. The glory of Kitco is the diverse points of view, all focussed toward trhe same subject, from which so many pieces of the puzzle may be drawn.

My own astrological work ( not unlike Cyclical analysis in a sense ) based on planetary transits to specific positions in the NYSE horoscope indicates a peak of positive effect upon silver in early May. This could be a topping area or approach to one, after a rise that gains monentum from March on.
My particular indicator here, for those interested, is the Jupiter conjunction with NYSE Moon at 19 Aries first week in May. This is a significant MEDIUM term aspect, indicating activity lasting from several weeks to a few months ( 2-4 ) . Usually the approach is where most of the action is, with the peak around the actual conjunction. I have mentioned this approaching porential in silver since the Fall of '98, so this isn't news to many Kitcoites. I just thought you might be interested to know that your XAU prognostication for a "big rally from 3rd week in March to 4th week in May" was corroborated by another discipline.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:29 - ID#348257)
OPEC in the spotlight Next week...
"Another" phenomenon to look at ( astrologically speaking ) is the T-square from Jupiter to OPEC's Mars ( 23 Gemini ) and Jupiter ( 24 Sagittarius ) , and OPPOSITION to its Mercury ( 25 Virgo ) at the same time when transiting Jupiter reaches 23-25 degrees Pisces. The time window for this potentially significant activity opens up by Thursday or Friday of next week ( January 7, 8 ) . It will last, technically, until around the end of the month. So early to mid month may reveal an important story concerning OPEC, with the possibility of significant events concerning the oil and energy markets.

Right now, Jupiter is conjuncting Sunshine Mining's natal horoscope Sun ( based on the reincorporation chart, which is very much "alive" ) . Could this be a kickoff clue of sorts for silver? SSC seems like an historic buy right now. Rummage among the couch cushions and you might find enuf change to buy a few shares.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:39 - ID#411440)
@ Selby: Projections are one thing, and running programmes
into year 2000 are another. If you still have contacts, perhaps
you could act as a pipeline into the Ontario government.
This government destroys everything they touch. If there is
one consistancy, it is their incompetence. With this in mind,
how can we entrust them with the Y2K compliancy of Ontario Hydro?
I don't have to describe the results if the power grids go down
in January.

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:39 - ID#33184)
@Mike Sheller - you might find this site interesting

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:41 - ID#33184)
Why a Gold Standard and Why Still a Controversy?

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:44 - ID#33184)
A Monetary System for the New Millennium

Cage Rattler
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:46 - ID#33184)
Why a gold'

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:49 - ID#284226)
Need info re the S&P500 Stock Index

Anyone know of a URL that provides the AVERAGE price for the S&P 500 for 1998? ( I know I can find this eventually in published data in a few months, but I'd like to finish my S&P500/Gold ratio charts for 1998 now, if possible. I just spent an hour searching the internet, and haven't found it. I have the average gold price for 1998--$294.25, I believe. )

TIA, Fergie

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:54 - ID#286230)
Well the Ontario government didn't destroy me. Not yet. They have given me a 30% reduction in my income tax and are about to cut that further by reducing Education taxes which have been rising unchecked for about 30 years. So I not so sure they are as bad as they might be seen to be. Anyway, I don't know of any problems and if I hear of any I'll post them here.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:56 - ID#348257)
The Gold Cabal
It does not surprise me that rumors of a gold cabal bent upon depressing the POG are rife. There is likely more truth than myth in these suppositions ( suppositories? ) I repeat a story I have related before at Kitco:

In '89 I was doing some work on gold market analysis and sharing it with a newsletter writer who will remain anonymous ( suffice it to say that he was one of the TRULY FEW who not only predicted the '87 crash months before it happened, but was noticed by Prechter for his superb Elliott Wave analysis and was propelled into Barron's with a half-page article wherein he actually predicted the crash IN PRINT months prior ) . Anyhow, I just wanted to establish this guy's credentials. At the end of '89, as I recall, this astute technician attended a gold analysts convention where Wayne Angell was guest speaker. At the time, the Fed was doing everything it could to bring down the inflation rate to "zero" at a time when high rates would be a distinct threat to the government debt markets and financing of the huge budget deficits of the period. Angell acknowledged that it was not convenient or practicable for the Fed to "target" oil, inasmuch as the energy market was too big, but that gold was easier prey and that the Fed would be focussing on that commodity to dissuade market participants from sending any kind of upsetting signals to paper purchasers through the gold price.
This was the first mention, to my hearing, of a policy of "gold targeting" by the Fed. It was one of the first shots fired at goldbugs to chill them in their tracks. The rest is apparently history.

How shameful and sad, if this ongoing cabal is indeed true, that Alan Greenspan, earlier one of our most sterling proponents of free markets and one of our staunchest opponents of government intervention, is now the ringleader in this financial felony. If there is a "need" to do this in order to "protect" the financial system, then what does this say about the decay and aberration of that financial system itself? It could only have been one who understands gold so well who could have thought of and engineered such a conspiracy. And conspiracy it is.

Greenspan has his OWN Karma to work out on this one. I cannot be his judge. I can only look into his horoscope and see the hand of fate approaching. But by all that is holy in the temporal world, it merely points up to me that the greatest fear this government has is of people with knowledge and a modicum of the wisdom of history. That is YOU, my fellow Kitcoites. They are afraid of YOU! And for that alone, I am proud to be among you. For all the food fights and pettiness of our all too human nature, we see gold in a way that transcends mere decoration, mere luxury, mere industrial utility. We see gold in a moral and technical and foundational way...a way which strikes terror in the hearts of those who would confiscate and control, and use any immorality to justify their clouded ends.

No market can be manipulated out of tune with reality for very long. The cabal has taken its best shot. Forces will grow which will break the chains that constrain the King of metals, and the resulting avalanche will take down the Fed with it. I have seen the Fed's horoscope... the hour draws nigh...
patience goldbugs, patience.

"Over the forces of nature, there's no control..."

The Heavy Metal Band "Eclipse" from "Avalanche."

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:56 - ID#284226)

Sorry, I misstated the average gold price I have for all of 1998. I have it as: $294.51. Anyone else have a different figure? My sources are the World Gold Council's quarterly data for the first nine months of the year, and Kitco's daily listings for the last the three months.

TIA, fergie

(Fri Jan 01 1999 14:58 - ID#286230)
The wind along Toronto's Kew Beach Boardwalk almost destroyed me. No brass monkeys in sight.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:12 - ID#252150)
Happy New Year from sunny Victoria. 41F & the sun is glistening on the St. of
Juan de Fuca. One of the things I really admire about American's is their sense of humor & the absurd:
Clinton-the most admired man in America. Ya gotta love it.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:23 - ID#252150)
Mike Sheller@I see that you've done a 180 on your assessment of
Greenslime. I was always mystified by the admiration that you seemed to show for him, as recently as several months ago.
I've stated here several times:
He'll go down in history as the worst fed Chairman ever.
I hope he is swallowed alive by Tol's snake & his already putrid flesh is dissolved inch by inch in the snake's belly.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:25 - ID#24997)
Dabchick, URL to get gold & silver Lease Rates
This URL was listed on the TVX U Yahoo Club by one of his members, I thought you may find it useful. And there are also some commentaries from N.Y, Tokyo, Sidney, London. A very interesting site for all.
As this will be the year of the Rabbit... lets hope for some real valued gold eggs at Easter. Wishing you all a prosperous Year. GITA ( Gold Is The Answer )

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:31 - ID#286230)
James (Happy New Year from sunny Victoria.
Hi James. It is now -16 C in Toronto -- about zero F if you are out in it. We are expecting 40 centimetres of snow from the US Saturday . Provides a real contrast to the hot air we usually get.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:35 - ID#317193)
Well stated. BTW...Comstock, thanks. We watch this new oil, gold, bond market ( s ) together? yes.


(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:37 - ID#257148)
Public Service Mes: Sponsored by the Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Books
Your 15:23 reminded me of the librarian's curse, prominently displayed in libris auromontana. They really knew how to curse in them thar days, eh? BTW, which Victoria?

For him that stealeth a book from this library, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck by palsy and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain, crying aloud for mercy, and let there be no surcease for his agony until he sinks into dissolution. Let book-worms gnaw his entrails in token of the worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his final punishment, let the flames of hell consume for ever and aye.

The Librarian at the Monastery of San Pedro, Barcelona

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:39 - ID#257148)
Mes = Message. What a mess.


(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:39 - ID#20359)
Boy O boy, can I pick football games or what...0 for 2...a not too impressive record eh...
I was in the other room and heard me Mumm talking to the television, so I went in to investigate...there was a film clip of Clintler saying SS was in great shape for Y2K...Mumm called him a I asked why and her response put me on the floor...She said"his lips are moving."

I love it...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:40 - ID#252150)
Sterling accomplishments@What are the odds of 2 Canadian girls being
named by billboard as the top 2 female vocalists of 98? Shania Twain for the best singer & Celine Dion for her album with the mega-hit love song from the Titanic sound track. Of course, Titanic-the biggest grossing movie of all time was directed by Cameron, also a Canadian.
To really add insult & bafflement to American golfers, a Canadian, Jason Zuback, won the world long drive contest for the 3rd year in a row. At only 5ft 10 ins he outdrove a buch of gorrilas who towered over him & outweighed him by an average of 40 lbs.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:51 - ID#231337)
James in Victoria ......Hello!
I have just returnd from a great 5 mile walk here in VICTORIA .... glad to meet a fellow KITCO follower from Victoria on this site. I think its more like 46 - 48 and let me add that the bright prospects of the day probably foretell a bright ( er ) year for us all interested in Gold.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:52 - ID#316193)
"So what happens now? I suggest the following scenario may unfold
over the next ten years." Sheldon

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 15:59 - ID#348257)
James - AG the Golden Pimpernel?
You think tol 's got a snake? I used to have a SNAKE. Raised my son's pet python from a pup ( or whatever ) to a 17 footer when he died ( after 17 years of serpent handling on the part of Dad - yours truly ) . That snake could have almost swallowed tolerant. I say almost because tol is a sturdy lad. I know.

As for Greenspan, I must admit I was so impressed for so many years ( since the late 60's ) with his thinking and his work that it took me a long time to see things as they are ( or appear to be ) nowadays. Forgive me if I am slow to jump on someone. I give people a lot of rope usually, but when the rope runs out I cut it real fast.

It is a sad situation. He is now something of an Ayn Rand novel anti-hero. Perhaps he is working undercover to bring back the gold standard and will demonstrate that he is even more brilliant than we give him credit for, love him or hate him. Sort of like the "Golden Pimpernel."

There I go again...

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:00 - ID#26793)
I have the average daily gold price for 1998 at $294.11. The average daily for January 1, 1975 through December 31, 1975 is $347.93

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:01 - ID#339274)
Mike Sheller
Thanks for your Astrological input.What is your take on the
end of June bottom projection for the main market,and
the following cyclical high in October.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:02 - ID#348257)
Cage Rattler
Not only do I find the Astrikos site interesting, it is the first website that my Astrological Investor feature was carried on. The proprietor of the site is a young astrological/technical genius named Rainsford Yang. If I ever get my chance put together an astrological/technical investment company or fund, Rainsford knows he will be my first choice. Anyone interested in S&P daytrading should watch this lad carefully.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:03 - ID#26793)
My last post the average should have read 1975-1998 is $347.93

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:07 - ID#348257)
tolerant, TYoung
tolly: I saw yer Mum talk to the TV once when I was over. An it wasn't even on.

Happy New Year kid.

TYoung: We watch them, Yes.

Go CRK! I might just have caught THE day.


Gee, I'm starting to sound like RJ.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:31 - ID#252150)
Aurator & Selby
Aurator-Victoria, B.C. Canada. I plagiarized that curse from Tol. He incanted it on the IMF bunch. I almost feel guilty for invoking such a curse on what should be such a happy day, but because of AG, the IMF & the accursed NWO, there are 100s of millions of people who have had their standard of living reduced to the point where they are living in abject poverty, IMO.

Selby- I lived in TO until I was 11 & used to visit there irregularly until the early 80s. Hav'nt experienced an eastern winter since 75. We had a few days below freezing a week or so ago with a wind chill that gave me a bit of a headache. I don't think that we will be completely spared low temps this winter & expect a few blasts from the north & probably a snowstorm or 2.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:33 - ID#348257)
I must admit my Crystal Ball is a bit cloudy on the overall market specifics, but I have a few indicators that SEEM to lean toward new highs in the major averages and PERHAPS around 11-12000 on the Dow.

I know I was a bullish blasphemer a few months ago when stox were down, but it looked SO much like a bottom to me what with the underlying market taken down so heavily so soon, that I got very bullish in the midst of the horror and was right ( I tend to be a contrarian on top of being a technician - when both click it can be very nice ) .

The thing I see most beneficial to the stock market in general is transiting Pluto's approaching trine ( 120 degree angle ) to NYSE Midheaven ( 10 Aries ) . This seems very supportive and the effect will peak, temporarily, in Mid March, with Pluto going retrograde on March 13. The retro could be the catalyst for a softening in stox after Mid March. Pluto goes direct again in August, so the market could bottom out around late July, early Aug. The next peak in the astrological configuration is November/December of '99. So I guess that cycle is just a bit forward of yours.

But all that is solely based on Pluto's action, and I don't know if I want to judge a whole market by just one phenomenon - even though I have found Pluto to be a very very powerful longterm influence ( 6 mos to 2 years ) . I would also prefer to work with aspects to planets rather than Midheaven points or Ascendants in a corporate or institutional horoscope, simply because often you can never be absolutely sure of the accuracy of a recorded time of founding. The NYSE chart HAS proven its reliability with many good astrologers though.

I see a very powerful aspect to the NYSE in May of 2000 - PROBABLY a severe crunch, perhaps even a panic. It may be the end of a big decline and another bottom area. Also very powewrful influence in the USA and ISRAEL charts. VERY potent.

Also, Saturn's conjunction with NYSE Venus ( gold significator in the NYSE chart ) Mid April '99 seems to corroborate the Jupiter/Moon conjunction for silver. By April we could see PM's getting quite hot ( after a moderate rise prior ) and a topping stock market. Many individual corporate horoscopes seem to bear this out.

I also get good aspects in many energy and PM corporations in the year 2000, and again in 2003-5. This leads me to think the bottom for resources is in, and there will be a long, major rise from here which could be interrupted by a big shakeout decline down the road before it really gets into high gear for a blazing 2003.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:36 - ID#257148)
Now that we know the effect of Pluto, please can you tell us the effect of Goofy on the POG, too.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:36 - ID#348257)
I must admit my Crystal Ball is a bit cloudy on the overall market specifics, but I have a few indicators that SEEM to lean toward new highs in the major averages and PERHAPS around 11-12000 on the Dow.

I know I was a bullish blasphemer a few months ago when stox were down, but it looked SO much like a bottom to me what with the underlying market taken down so heavily so soon, that I got very bullish in the midst of the horror and was right ( I tend to be a contrarian on top of being a technician - when both click it can be very nice ) .

The thing I see most beneficial to the stock market in general is transiting Pluto's approaching trine ( 120 degree angle ) to NYSE Midheaven ( 10 Aries ) . This seems very supportive and the effect will peak, temporarily, in Mid March, with Pluto going retrograde on March 13. The retro could be the catalyst for a softening in stox after Mid March. Pluto goes direct again in August, so the market could bottom out around late July, early Aug. The next peak in the astrological configuration is November/December of '99. So I guess that cycle is just a bit forward of yours.

But all that is solely based on Pluto's action, and I don't know if I want to judge a whole market by just one phenomenon - even though I have found Pluto to be a very very powerful longterm influence ( 6 mos to 2 years ) . I would also prefer to work with aspects to planets rather than Midheaven points or Ascendants in a corporate or institutional horoscope, simply because often you can never be absolutely sure of the accuracy of a recorded time of founding. The NYSE chart HAS proven its reliability with many good astrologers though.

I see a very powerful aspect to the NYSE in May of 2000 - PROBABLY a severe crunch, perhaps even a panic. It may be the end of a big decline and another bottom area. Also very powewrful influence in the USA and ISRAEL charts. VERY potent.

Also, Saturn's conjunction with NYSE Venus ( gold significator in the NYSE chart ) Mid April '99 seems to corroborate the Jupiter/Moon conjunction for silver. By April we could see PM's getting quite hot ( after a moderate rise prior ) and a topping stock market. Many individual corporate horoscopes seem to bear this out.

I also get good aspects in many energy and PM corporations in the year 2000, and again in 2003-5. This leads me to think the bottom for resources is in, and there will be a long, major rise from here which could be interrupted by a big shakeout decline down the road before it really gets into high gear for a blazing 2003.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:37 - ID#348257)
I think we have already covered that in our vilification of Alan Greenspan.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:37 - ID#348257)
sorry for the double post gang

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:40 - ID#34883)
Liberal Hate Speech

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:41 - ID#252150)
Hi Orca@Glad to know that there are at least 2 of us Kitcoites in Victoria.
I'm afraid that I some have difficulty in feeling bullish on POG. It helps though, when I hold up 1 of my Mounties & bask in the golden light that it reflects.
A 5 mile walk eh? Pretty impressive. The Wife & I are just on the way out, but we will just do our normal 1 1/2 miles.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:43 - ID#34883)
Former Marxist, et al

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:45 - ID#348257)
but Schumer IS a putzhead!

And where does that leave our own Steve Puetz?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:50 - ID#26793)
Judy Shelton discusses the pros and cons of the Euro

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:50 - ID#252150)
Mike Sheller@Maybe I'm getting paranoid and AG is really a kind
humanitarian, working to get us back on the AU standard. In that case I only wish that a garter snake would dissolve his little finger up to the second knuckle. He can't get off scot free.*g*

One thing I've definitely learned is never to bet against him. Unfortunately, I'm a slow learner & he cost me dearly.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 16:56 - ID#252150)
Mike Sheller@I was impressed with the way you called the last equity
bottom. I'm not sure about your methods but would appreciate it if you keep us apprised.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:00 - ID#26793)
Discussion of impact of deflation on gold and silver

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:05 - ID#34883)
Sheller, thats Mole, with a Capital M ( like Bond, James Bond ) .To think...6 years of Schumer, whining socialist. I don't know about puetz, its the armeggedon thing, nobody wants to here it, gettin gold back in the game Yes, a future Yes.

I like corporations...the division of labour through time ya know.
Time Preference manifested in numerals ( interest ) does not bother me.
Private Property to give the numbers reference to reality. Ricardo's Law of Association helps seeing this.

Gold gettin back in the game helps everybody - even the socialists.

Happy New Year-Go Gold

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:07 - ID#348257)
I made a big bet ( for me ) on silver in July of '89. The rest is history. AG cost me lot too. I am a lot warier now.

As for calling the bottom in stocks a few months back, that wasn't astrological or unusual methodology of any kind. It was the gut sum of observing markets since 1969. THAT is what a bottom is like. Fear, indiscriminate selling, the overall list down 30-50%, the blue chips finally breakiing down, and everyone talking deflation and crash. When investors talk I listen. This was a true psychological bottom. We can argue "economics" and "finance" for weeks on end, but markets have a way of reflecting group psychology, right or wrong. The economics may be correct or mistaken, but the MARKET is always right. Because it IS.
I have found that the best time to buy something for speculative gain is when everyone has a really good argument why you shouldn't go near it. As I go along, I tend more and more to wait for those situations. When the technicals, and astrologicals say there is a bargain to be had, usually the fundamentals will be ready to change as well. But my impression on the stock market a few months ago was just pure "experience."

It's how I feel about gold and energy right now, only these markets are not the darlings of the new crop of traders so they will respond in slow motion. But once they are discovered, it will be fun trying to decide when to start letting them have your gold and oil shares. But not for a while, IMHO

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:08 - ID#348257)
forgive me. I knew even as I typed your Handle that I was sinning.

BIG "M" it is!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:19 - ID#252150)
Mike Sheller@I was'nt totally caught off guard by the big move up & did'nt
start shorting until 8700+. But AG blindsided me with the between mmetings rate cut & then high sticked me for 86 stitches with the 3rd cut. By that time the bulls felt that they could completely ignore fundamentals. The sad thing is that even though I made the fatal mistake of averaging up, if I'd kept my nerve I would have made everything back with AMAT.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:21 - ID#257148)
Dissin' Greenspoon.
More on Goofy
Moron, Goofy.

Faith in experts, authorities, and gurus that presumably know
leaves humans vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.
Modest attention to the doublespeak of expert Alan
Greenspan should be enough to reveal to any person of
reasonable intelligence and linguistic competence that
Greenspan is incompetent; self-deceived; or a willful, knowing
liar. The economic exploitation that results from Greenspan's
folly are equally obvious in statistical growth of debt
published by the Federal Reserve System itself.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:26 - ID#26793)
Fragile Brazilian economy is plummeting once again

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:33 - ID#341227)
@ALL...Happy '99...@SPOCK...when to be positive about gold?
Spock said....

Gold has not performed. As I have said before, war happened, financial collapse has happened, President been impeached; all perfect gold bull stuf..... but no gold bull. It just keeps sinking into the mire.

I'll be positive on gold when ther is something to be positive about.

Farfel says...

Spock, you need not be mystified why gold is NOT responding positively to the various matters you mention. The Clinton government, Wall Street, and Big Media succeeded in:

1 ) Obliterating the public's memory of gold as a safe haven this past decade, e.g., moving gold quotes off the financial media's radar screen. Just look at CNBC for example...the gold quote rarely appears more than once an hour. As recently as the Eighties, it appeared on a constant basis.

2 ) Colluding with friendly CB proxies to ensure that CB gold sales and leasing ( current or future ) are always announced at the time of or preceding any tumultuous world events.

3 ) Promoting treasuries and bonds through Big Media channels as the ONLY proper safe havens during such tumult.

4 ) Regular interventions in the collapsing stock market to preclude the natural market forces moving it into proper equilibrium, therefore convincing ill-educated American mutual fund holders that the stock market is ALWAYS a NO-LOSE proposition. Conversely, for those know anything about gold at all, they have been taught this past decade that gold investment is ALWAYS a NO-WIN proposition.

The entire exercise has been a form of Pavlovian conditioning in which gold investors have learned that they can always expect to be screwed by the extant financial it makes much more sense to invest in internet stocks, etc.

So, when will there be something positive for gold?

The most likely scenarios:

1 ) The removal of the corrupt Clinton financial establishment and its replacement with a truly free market-oriented, non-interventionist establishment.

2 ) A schism within the de facto mutual fund cartel, between those who covered their gold short positions and those who have not. Financial opportunism is always difficult to repress, especially when the participants have figured out a "sure-fire" way to profit from insider knowledge of the extant gold-carry trade.

3 ) A totally, unexpected, left-field world event which actually manages to scare the average investor. To date, the average American investor is absolutely fearless, since firstly, the average Baby Boomer is so abysmally educated and is not aware of anything to fear and secondly, since he has been conditioned over the past decade to expect the government to ensure he will never suffer a loss caused by macro-market factors. Again, I believe that a major fraud at a large mutual fund where the investors discover their money is simply not there...and the government will not cover the loss....or some analogous problem with American banks..are the most likely scenarios to engender real fear in the hearts of American investors. That's what happened back in the Sixties with Cornfeld's IOS debacle, the resultant scare setting of the Bear Market of the Sixties.

4 ) A de facto rebellion by the international community against holding American Dollars, supplanting them with alternative currency standards and/or precious metals. The strength of the American Dollar is imperative in precluding the current financial market bubble from popping since any real notable weakness will inspire huge foreign investment outflows.

As we enter '99, increasingly, the preceding four factors are becoming real possibilities. We must always hope for a tranquil, peaceful America...however, the Clinton regime, in refusing to allow the natural market cycles to operate, have a created a potential environment for incredible financial disaster around the country.

Live Long and Prosper in 1999.



(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:34 - ID#222231)
The final nail in Klintons coffin?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:40 - ID#371367)
Mike Sheller
I have spent the last few weeks getting up to speed on Gann analysis. Gann was also an astrological investor and I would be interested in your opinion if any on his work.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 17:45 - ID#372235)
Happy New Year to all!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:01 - ID#257148)
.....Fund of Funds, and Fraud of Frauds.....[sung to Handel's Messiah].......repeat....repeat..
Several good points.
If the BBs have all their "savings" in mutual funds {Got IOS?} then I guess the FDIC insurance on personal bank balances is a red herring. What a clever way to avoid insurance liabilities!

Have Morgans and Eagles
Their fury forgotten?
Morgans, Eagles,
Morgans, Eagles.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:02 - ID#268404)
Best Wishes for the New Year
To farfel, What me worry [: ) )

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:03 - ID#26793)
Half of all Russian banks expected to declare bankruptcy

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:05 - ID#35757)
I forgot my password

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:15 - ID#257148)
The only Playing Card Money was issued in Canada. True or False?
THis is the clearest metaphor illuminating the debt trap of FRN that I have ever seen.


It is true that vesting in the hands of a private
entity the power to issue a fiat paper currency
gives to that private entity extraordinary power
over not only the economy of a nation but its
society as well. While many constitutionalists are
acutely aware of this fact, little discussion has been
made concerning an important corollary of this
power. Not only is the power to issue a fiat paper
currency extremely important to the currency
creators, but the ability to loan such currency into
circulation gives to them absolute and complete
control. The issuing power probably would be
absolutely useless unless the currency so issued is
borrowed into circulation by the users thereof. It is
through this process of borrowing currency into
circulation that our creditors, the currency
creators, wield complete power over the debtors,
the users of currency. This inherent flaw in our
currency system has not received adequate

The most convenient method to demonstrate the
inherent flaw of borrowing currency into circulation
is the extremely simple example of a card game.
Let us imagine 5 people sitting in a room, and 4 of
them desire to play a game of cards. Four players
sit down at a card table, but, although possessing
the desire to play a game, it is noticed that they
have no cards with which to play. The fifth person in
the room approaches the 4 players and notices
their lack of cards. This fifth person just so happens
to have in his possession a deck of cards, which he
acquired for less than two cents per card. Being a
character of predatory nature, the fifth person
offers to loan his cards to the players upon
stringent terms and conditions. This villain makes
to the potential players the following proposal: "I
have 52 cards and I will loan each of you players 13
cards apiece. However, each of you players must
execute and deliver to me a promissory note
wherein you promise to repay me 13 cards, plus 1
card in the way of interest, within one hour. And in
order to afford me protection that I will be paid in
full at the end of one hour, each of you must give me
a mortgage upon certain of your real and personal
property." To this "take it or leave it" offer, each
player agrees, they each give to the fifth person
the required promissory note and mortgage, and
the fifth person delivers 13 cards to each player.
Upon obtaining the cards necessary to play, our four
players engage in their game. However, when one
hour has passed, the fifth person notifies the
players and demands payment of the notes. Each
player still only possesses 13 cards apiece, and no
player can repay the principle and interest due to
the owner of the cards. The fifth person then
forecloses upon each player and obtains possession
of all pledged collateral.

What was the fatal flaw committed by our
unfortunate card players? This mistake occurred
when they decided to borrow their cards into
circulation in order to play their little game. An
examination of the promissory notes they gave to
the fifth person discloses that the aggregate
principle amount borrowed was 52 cards; however,
aggregate liabilities of all 4 players was 56 cards,
which was 4 cards more ( the interest ) than were in
circulation. Our fifth person was most definitely
playing with a deck stacked in his favor and he most
assuredly knew that by creating liabilities greater
than the amount of cards in circulation, he would
eventually acquire possession of all the collateral
of the players.

Mad Hatter
(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:23 - ID#346236)
To all Au bugs!

Happy new Year!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:28 - ID#39857)
Nasty Government Marionettes refuse work visas for Water Puppets
Australia denies work visas to Vietnamese puppet troupe

Australian authorities have denied work visas to one of the major international
attractions of the Sydney Festival which begins today.

Ronan Sharkey reports a troupe of Vietnamese Water Puppets have not been
able to leave Hanoi.

The Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe of Hanoi were due to arrive in
Australia on Monday. But they were informed on New Years Eve by the
department of immigration that their work visa application had been denied.
The water puppets are Vietnam's leading company and are regular guests at
arts festivals around the world. Their first performance in the Sydney festival
is sheduled for Thursday evening in the Botanic Gardens, but that is now in
jeapordy. The visa application was lodged three months ago and Producers
of the water puppets are requesting the decision be reversed immediately

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:30 - ID#220325)
James, Orca, you are not alone in Victoria!
Looking forward to all those worthless Vancouver penny stocks to start being manipulated up again. They drove them into the sub-basement from dollars to pennies and now the 2 cent ones are going for 7 cents. Looks like accumulation is over. Is this a sign of the times?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:35 - ID#254112)
To All: Ein Glueckliches Neues Jahr!
aurator: thanks for pointing to these reflections on BELIEF.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:45 - ID#284255)
Real Money Perspectives

Great holiday reading..^o-o^

(Fri Jan 01 1999 18:54 - ID#221227)
Platinum supply.
Several years ago, my partner and I went to look at the latest gold discovery, here in the Northern Territory of Australia. I took a pan of gravel from the nearby creek, to see why the old timers had

missed it. The pan showed a lovely tail of gold and a small tail of silvery metal hanging ( heavier ) behind the gold. "What's that stuff?" asked my partner. "Must be platinum." I replied and we both

laughed and went home.. We found out months later that it was Pd & Pt from the ( graphitic ) gold reef.

I have done a lot of prospecting for exploration companies ( prior to the Gold tax & Mabo & Wik etc ) and I have NEVER been told to submit my samples for Pt group assays. "Too expensive!" they tell me!

Best forum on the net! Happy new year and thanks to all!


(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:06 - ID#252150)
Hi Snowbird@I used up all my luck on BGO/AZS & now restrict my
gambling to BGR PM Wts. If I did spec in 1 V. stock, it would by STT. Have you followed it at all?

THE Priest
(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:10 - ID#369333)

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:24 - ID#254112)
@Donald: Your 18:03 about Russia
In this article is written:
"But it's the Russians that have felt the brunt of 1998's market
mayhem. Inflation was 84% over the year, the economy
contracted by 5% while 29% of the whole population - that is
42m people - now live below the poverty line, earning $28 a
month or less."

This is something hard to imagine, but ir seems to be true. It means if somebody lives on $50.00 a month in Russia, he/she is far above the poverty line. How can such a great people become so prfoundly paralized and imprisoned in totally destroyed economic conditions?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:26 - ID#190411)
Did you get my e-mail reply? I am not sure whether my NT system works.

Greenstone Gold
(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:33 - ID#428218)
G'Day from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.........

It's a mere 41 dec C today and, believe it or not, the sun is shining...

Gold, gold....the merry old soul, the merry old soul his he......

Anyone want to but a 100 million tonne gypsum mine ???



Greenstone Gold
(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:33 - ID#428218)
G'Day from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.........

It's a mere 41 dec C today and, believe it or not, the sun is shining...

Gold, gold....the merry old soul, the merry old soul his he......

Anyone want to but a 100 million tonne gypsum mine ???



Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:35 - ID#348257)
Gann was a genius that very few have truly figured out. He is reputed to have taken 50 MILLION out of the markets in his career. In 1910 he had an advisory service which cost $3,000 to $4,000 per year. This was when the average wage was $15 per week!!!!!

I can't say that I understand everything he had to say, but it is clear he did have a command of astrology, among other things. He was truly a Market Metaphysician, and one of the all-time greats of technical analysis.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:49 - ID#43460)
Happy New Year!
Good news to all today, as the Clinto-nazis endure yet another revelation from the press. You heard it first on Kitco!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:53 - ID#252150)
If Brazil does'nt crash these equity mkts, then perpetual prosperity is assured.
Brazil will definitely implode, IMO & RR, AG & Co. will not be able to dismiss it as an insignificant economy like Russia. But I've lost big by betting against them so far & am gun shy at this point.

I can't imagine how they could save Brazil. The IMF is essentially broke except for AU & even if they wanted to sell AU I don't think that the U.S. senate or congress would endorse throwing good money after bad.
But we can never underestimate the lengths that the immoral cadre of NWO imperialists will go to, to supercede & undermine democratic & free mkt processes.

I think Brazil will devalue & snub their noses at the IMF, but the IMF won't have the guts to halt the loan tranches, & will continue to waste all their bullets. If they do keep releasing the tranches to Brazil , then I guess it could take years before Brazil finally implodes & brings down the whole rotten house of cards.

Regardless of when Brazil goes, I would be surprised if the smart money does'nt use the possibility as an excuse to take profits, after they've pushed the mkts as far as they perceive to be possible in the near to intermediate term.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:54 - ID#434226)
An early governor wrote IOUs on playing cards.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 19:57 - ID#50148)
I guess windchill temps can go below -100F. Think oil.... May be gold will follow..

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:00 - ID#220325)
James: I don't follow STT BUT!
I have a long list of others that have performed abysmally in recent times although they are cyclical. $3.00 stocks are now selling for .10 cents. They have done this before and I expect them to rise again so I am trying to accumulate and am counting on the perfidity of the promoters to help me in this after they have finished feasting.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:06 - ID#43460)
Pig in the oven
TheMissingLink: If you are reading this, I have invested my wax "Arkansas Razorback Hog" in a 4" plaster crucible and am now baking it. Have cooked it at 400 degrees for 4 hours and will leave it tonight to get up to 1100 degrees. ( Note we "Merkans use Farenhite not Centigrade temps. ) Tomorrow will cool it to casting temp and try to get the silver to melt and pour right. Maybe in honor of the Prezz should try gold? Nope, too expensive! Silver is cheaper now relative to its real value than it was back in the 1960's. IMHO

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:10 - ID#341234)
Clinton Paternity
You are right, gagnrad, we did hear it first on Kitco. Here is the post.


Date: Sun Sep 20 1998 23:46
Gianni Dioro ( Now Clinton Faces Tot Test ) ID#384350:

Today's "News of the World" ( British Tabloid ) on page 5 has a picture of the supposed half-cast bastard son of the President Clinton. Some excerpts from the article:

Bill Clinton last night faced being forced to provide a DNA sample to prove he is the father of a prostitute's love child. Bobbie Ann Williams, mother of the 14-yr. old mixed-race boy, is in hiding-afraid she will be caught up in the Lewinsky furore. But writer and black activist Robert McIntosh, 54, plans legal action to decide once and for all if Bill IS the boy's dad. Two years ago the News of the World told you how she had fled her home after nobody would believe her, even though she passed two lie detector tests. But now Clinton is a proven liar, the 39-yr. old may be able to force him to provide a DNA sample to compare with her son Danny's.

Bobbie Ann was just 24 and working as a hooker in Little Rock when she claimed Clinton, then governor, saw her as he was out jogging.

"The other girls were pretty excited. They knew about the governor's jogging trips. He'd pick you up right there in the street."

Bobbie Ann said Clinton paid her 120 for oral sex. They later had a three-in-a-bed romp with a second girl. That was when Bobbie Ann became pregnant. She said, "When my baby was born he was as white as any white child. I told myself, "This is Bill Clinton's baby. I know it is."

McIntosh added, "When he was governor of Arkansas he loved sleeping with black women, he loves sex with black women.

"Damn it, he's been with enough black women to cast a Tarzan movie. I don't have a problem with that, what I have a problem with is that he won't admit it.

"I have seen that kid a hundred times and I tell you I know that is Billy Clinton's boy. If he denies it, it's quite simple, a DNA test is quick and easy. He was made to take one over the stain on Monica's dress, and he can do it to establish if he's the father.

"If it proves he is, then he can start paying for that poor kid's food, clothes and education, just like he does for Chelsea."

Clinton and his aides have always refused to comment on Bobbie Ann's claims.


So far, Drudge has not gone into quite as much detail. I cannot wait to hear the results of the DNA test. Of course, when the public finds out that Clinton is a "deadbeat dad," his approval may go up another 10 points. Who are these morons responding to these polls?

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:10 - ID#284255)

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:23 - ID#43460)
Wow, Fred that is even better!
Thanks, and a hat tip to Gianni Dioro, for posting first and even scooping Drudge. ( September was when I was rebuilding my system, with computer parts all over the living room and just a quick check now and again to see if Kitco was still on the Net, else I would have archived that classic post! ) But I'm shocked to think that a liberal Democrat would prove to be racist in abusing the women he debaunches! I mean didn't that go out with the plantations and slavery? That poor kid should have had the best private schools and the best opportunities, instead he has had to live out his life in poverty.

Right O about the approval rating.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:29 - ID#35757)
Let's see. Bill Clinton fathers a child with
a black prostitute, and plays no child support. He IS our first black president!

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:35 - ID#227238)
With that revelation, Clinton's approval rating should hit 95% or better. ...... 98% if it's true.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:39 - ID#329186)
To All Kitcoites A very Happy ,Safe & Prosperous New Year
It looks at though klintler is becoming an even bigger liability to those that pull the strings ( marionette ) what new devil would replace him? ( with fresh strings of course )

Go Gold & Silver

take care


Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 20:53 - ID#348257)
Devil wit da blue dress
blue dress on

devil wit da blue dress on

(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:02 - ID#329186)
Mike Sheller ( Ah how
times to memory

Knight Te' oops nite

(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:05 - ID#186147)
Fred: How could a man who has a solid 73% approval rating among the sheeple be a liability to the controllers? Erle: I think 95% is raising the bar a little too high. I have thought, and posted before, that the goal is somewhere around 80-85%, for BOTH Klintons. As i posted recently, i thought it would take a violent crime, or one involving child molestation to get him there. They outsmarted me again, just as they have from the very beginning, when he tried to put the fairies in the military. This will do it, assuming that it is either proven or confessed to. Then no one will have to put up any false fronts. A truly corrupt population will have the totally corrupt Leader they desire. And, if they can have the DJIA north of 10,000 in mid-'00, Hillary will win in a 50 state sweep in 2000.........

(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:07 - ID#251181)
Email received. Is your NT Y2K compliant? ( Trick Question )

(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:26 - ID#329186)
Oldman ( Liability) this was ment due to the following admission that Klintler
does not make the decisions , these lines copied from Unveiling the Wizards of Oz final part oracle of alberta over on golden eagle.

I was trying to imagine a bigger slob than clintler yuk "They" have a few

"You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions. You may find you can get away with virtual presidents, virtual prime ministers, virtual everything"
-- President Bill Clinton speaking in Ireland in the summer of 1998.

take care
buy gold

Who Cares?
(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:27 - ID#189230)
Clinton - Rumor - Multiple Bastards, Not Just One
Interesting rumor from regarding
the First Deadbeat Dad -
Don't Forget--Danny's Not the Only One!

Earlier Post
1 Jan self

Just after Clinton first took office, my wife hired a PR person named Deeana Hodges [sp?], formerly of Reuters and last on Sam Donaldson's staff. She said they'd been working on the love-child story hoping to derail Clinton in the primaries, but when they could not get the story fleshed out in time to hurt him in the primaries, they shelved it lest they hurt him against Bush.

The story starts with Hillary standing over the desk of a very pregnant Arkansas government aide and telling her in front of her co-workers that Bill Clinton's child was not going to be raised on a secretary's wages, that she should give up any idea of keeping the child and that she, Hillary, had already arranged an adoption by parents of a more fitting background.

Turns out the adoptive mother was Dr. Nancy Snyderman [sp?], a doctor who appears on news programs as a medical expert. She lived in Arkansas at the time but since relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Apparently Snyderman denied the report to Donaldson's staff and offered to submit her son to a blood test. However, she showed up for the test with her *other* adoptive son.

Whenever there is speculation about Hillary as the victim of Bill's philandering or about the nature of their mariage, I just picture Hillary towering over that poor pregnant secretary and think how easily she could have chosen to end his philandering long ago. Instead, she chose to become our nation's Chief Enabling Officer.


(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:36 - ID#335190)
"TRANCHES"@I did not understand this term I thought these url's may help others. Happy New Year ALL
James ( If Brazil does'nt crash these equity mkts, then perpetual prosperity is assured. ) Date: Fri Jan 01 1999 19:53

"If they do keep releasing the tranches to Brazil , then I guess it could take years before Brazil finally implodes & brings down the whole rotten house of cards."

Bonds - Tranches

A 'tranche' ( der: french ) is used in finance to define part of an asset that is divided into smaller pieces.

A common example is a mortgage-backed security. One bank my only be interested in the payments at the longer end of the security; while another investment firm may want only the cash flows due in the near term. An investment bank can split the original asset into 'tranches' where each party ( the bank and the investment firm ) receive rights to the expected cash payments for particular periods. The two new assets are repriced, and the investment bank usually makes a tidy profit. This can be done with many assets, the goal being better marketablity of typically larger assets.

Subject: Trivia - Stock Prices in Sixteenths

The tradition of pricing stocks in fractions with 16 as the denominator takes its roots from the fact that Spanish traders some 400 years ago quoted prices in fractions of Spanish Gold Doubloons. A Doubloon could be cut into 2, 4, or even 16 pieces. Presumably, it was too difficult to split those 1/16 wedges any further, or prices today might be quoted in 32'nds! Using fractions as a means of quoting prices was popular for a couple of hundred years thereafter, and as the NYSE is more than 200 years old, there's the link!

That takes us back to about 5000 BC and an interesting coin called the Dinar - which was parsed into tenths.

According to the Hammarabi Code, the Dinar was worth todays' equivalent of about $325 ( ie., an ounce of gold - only it weighed slightly more ) . Within their agricultural economy, it was a piece of metal ( more easily transportable ) equal in value to a bushel of wheat, which, according to the Code, weighed 1 Stone ( the Sumerian Standard ) , which, by our standards, weighed about 60 pounds.

To Sumerize ( pun ) , an ounce of gold was equal to about 60 pounds of wheat in value. This was established since it was obviously easier to carry a bag of gold to the other side of the empire to exchange for a large quantity of, say, wool, than it was to caravan several tons of wheat for the same purpose. And so on.

Subject: Derivatives - Basics

A derivative is a financial instrument that does not constitute ownership, but a promise to convey ownership. Examples are options and futures.

In the early 1990s, derivatives and their use by various large institutions became quite a hot topic, especially to regulatory agencies.
What really concerns regulators is the fact that big banks swap all kinds of promises all the time, like interest rate swaps, froward currency swaps, options on futures, etc.

They try to balance all these promises ( hedging ) , but there is the big danger that one big player will go bankrupt and leave lots of people holding worthless promises.

Such a collapse could cascade, as more and more speculators ( banks ) cannot meet their obligations because they were counting on the defaulted contract to protect them from losses.

All of this is done off the books, so there is no total on how much exposure each bank has under a specific scenario.

Tantalus Rex
(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:38 - ID#295111)
Gold coin sales up 20%
The Royal Canadian Mint reports that sales of Maple Leaf gold coins are up more than 20 per cent. They've sold 650,000 ounces so far this year, up from 1997's total sales of 538,000 ounce

David Madge, who supervises gold bullion sales for the Mint says he even knows of one U.S. resident who has bought $15 million worth of gold coins. That sale, he says, was directly related to Y2K

(Fri Jan 01 1999 21:39 - ID#300202)
Tellin'uswhatwewanttohear. Looks purdy.

Greenstone Gold
(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:11 - ID#428218)
a Quotation........

"Contrary to all the obituary columns, gold does have a future."

Robert de Crespigny of Normandy Mining, at the Australian Gold Conference in Kalgoorlie, March 1998.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:27 - ID#266105)

Good links all, thanx-- Mole, Donald, etc. A refreshing alternative
from the popular mainstream 99% of a single ideological viewpoint,
a journalism staffed by personnel schooled at a formative age in
an academia 99% the same.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:36 - ID#341234)
First Deadbeat Dad
gagnrad: Thanks to the great posters on this site, I learn more here than anywhere else on the Net. Clinton is not a racist. He is an equal opportunity employer!

morbius: If this story is true, Clinton may actually lose some of his African-American support. Nahhh.

Oldman: I share your frustration with our corrupt President. Notice the controllers in the mainstream media have not touched this story. Thank goodness for alternate media.

Who Cares?: Maybe this story will open the door for the rest. It is time for the truth.

Greenstone Gold
(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:43 - ID#428218)
To be or not to be................
The Fed and the stock market

On October 15, 1998, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan fired the shot heard 'round the world. For
on that day, with foreign and domestic equities markets in disarray, he announced that the Federal Reserve
Board had voted unanimously to cut interest rates for the second time in three weeks. Investor reaction to
the Fed's decision was nothing less than euphoricthe Dow Jones Industrials promptly shot up nearly 400
points on an intraday basis and proceeded to climb nearly 1500 points in the span of two months.

By this simple yet profound action, the Fedunwittingly or notprovoked a nationwide debate among
investors and economists over the role of central banks, monetary policy, and their influence on markets. Both
critics and defendants of central banking wanted to know just how much of an influence these mysterious
bodies exert over the course of one nation's economy? The Fed's "October Surprise" seems to have been
forgotten but many questions remain unanswered. It is our endeavor to shed light on this issue and hopefully
provide those answers.

Before we can provide solid answers to the question of how much control the Fed possesses, we must first
understand the role this institution plays as a central bank. When we begin to examine the roles of central
banks, we are immediately shocked to discover that the very nature of a centralized monetary authority is
antithetical to the concept of the free enterprise system, as provided for us in a constitutional republic.
Under this system, observed Reginald McKenna, former president of the Midlands Bank of England, "Those
that create and issue the money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the
destiny of the people." In other words, once the government is in debt to the central bankers, it is at their
mercy, including the financial system of that government ( i.e., the stock market ) .

Taking it a step further, Gary Allen, in his runaway best-selling book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, observed:
"All those who have sought dictatorial control over modern nations have understood the necessity of a central
bank. When the League of Just Men hired a hack revolutionary named Karl Marx to write a blue-print for
conquest called The Communist Manifesto, the fifth plank read: 'Centralization of credit in the hands of the
state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.' Lenin later said that the
establishment of a central bank was ninety percent of communizing a country."

Allen continues: "How powerful is our 'central bank?' The Federal Reserve controls our money supply and
interest rates, and thereby manipulates the entire economycreating inflation or deflation, recession or
boom, and sending the stock market up or down at whim. The Federal Reserve is so powerful that [former]
Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, maintains: 'In the United States
today we have in effect two governmentsWe have the duly constituted GovernmentThen we have an
independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money
powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution.'"

Thus, we see the foundations lain for an all-powerful, all-controlling central bank over the financial affairs of
the entire nation. But it doesn't stop there. Central bank control extends beyond merely national borders in an
intricate web surrounding the entire globe. The U.S. Federal Reserve, in conjunction with international bodies
such as the IMF and World Bank, are presently implementing their carefully crafted plans of global economic
dominion. Alluding to this, market analyst Bert Dohmen, in the November 1998 edition of his highly respected
Wellington Letter, wrote: "For more than twenty years colleagues in my business have talked about the
long-term goal of certain groups to create a central bank of the world, which would eventually lead to one
world government. Even those who have doubted that such a plan exists, or would ever be realized, must now
have second thoughts. This year's financial turmoil, which may not have been all that accidental, has brought
the major industrialized nations and emerging countries together in order to discuss these ideas in a more
serious manner."

Indeed, as Bismarck once said, and as Dohmen pointed out, "Nothing happens by coincidence in the realm of
politics." The same could easily be said for the financial and economic realms.

How then will this desired control be effected? Answer: the manner in which it is being pursued at this very
momentthrough monetary policy and market manipulation. By pursuing an easy credit policy and by rapidly
expanding the available money supply, the Fed has manufactured a financial condition in which it is not worth
having one's assets in a savings account or money market fund due to the low rate of interest, and in which it is
too costly NOT to be invested in the stock market due to the extraordinary gains and profit potential
( engendered entirely by an accommodative monetary policy ) . Thus, the Fed creates a situation in which, by
default, everyone is in the stock market and therefore vulnerable to the possibility of financial collapse.

This further accounts for the unprecedented action of the Fed over the past few months in repeatedly
lowering interest rates, an action which had the dual effect of boosting stock prices, thereby making them
more attractive to the average investor, and of instilling a false sense of confidence that the Fed will always
rescue the markets when they fall. Expounding on this phenomenon, The Economist wrote recently: "So what is
wrong with America's cutting rates now just in case? Plenty. Every rate-cut pumps up an already inflated
stock market. Investors piling in more money in the conviction that the Fed will bail them out if prices start to
fall. Rising share prices, in turn, allow consumers to carry on spending, and companies to keep investing. But
the more share prices become overvalued, the more they will eventually have to fall. And the more consumers
have spent and companies have invested on the basis of these overvalued prices, the more painful the
economies eventual adjustment will be." So in effect, the Fed is sowing the seeds of the Dow's eventual

Frank Veneroso ( Veneroso Associates ) told Forbes recently that he is "shocked" by the number of
sophisticated money managers who are long equities because Fed-orchestrated bailouts inside and outside the
U.S. have convinced them that the Fed will never let the stock market fail. Such faith in Alan Greenspan
ignores history, as Veneroso pointed out. "The Fed has a tiger by the tail," he told Forbes.

Demonstrating that history repeats ( or, is soon about to repeat ) , Gary Allen writes concerning Fed
manipulation: "Having built the Federal Reserve as a tool to consolidate and control wealth, the international
bankers were now ready to make a major killing. Between 1923 and 1929, the Federal Reserve expanded
( inflated ) the money supply by sixty-two percent. Much of this new money was used to bid the stock market
up to dizzying heights. [Ed note: Sound familiar?]

Allen continues: "At the same time that enormous amounts of credit money were being made available, the
mass media began to ballyhoo tales of the instant riches to be made in the stock marketThe House Hearings
on Stabilization of the Purchasing Power of the Dollar disclosed evidence in 1928 that the Federal Reserve
Board was working closely with the heads of European central banks. The Committee warned that a major
crash had been planned in 1927. At a secret luncheon of the Federal Reserve Board and heads of the
European central banks, the committee warned, the international bankers were tightening the noose" [i.e.,
were planning to raise interest rates].

Thus, the Federal Reserve created the stock market bubble of the 1920s by lowering interest rates, and
then created its demise by raising them. Obviously, the exact same conditions that existed in the 1920s
preceding the Great Crash are in place today. The overriding question then becomes: Will history repeat? Is
the Fed presently conspiring to bring about a similar market panic through their control of monetary policy?
The answer to that question has already been provided, at least in part. In July, we reported the following
incident: "On 16 June 1998, the Navy and Marine Corps were conducting their annual strategy meeting
entitled 'Current Strategy Forum.' This year's meeting was held at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport,
Rhode Island. A source who was in attendance at the meeting reported that he was shocked by a sentence
uttered by the Under Secretary of the Navy, if only for its remarkable candor. Our source reports, 'After
speaking for about 30 minutes from his prepared notes, the U.S. Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable
Jerry MacArthur, then began to answer questions. After answering several questions, Mr. MacArthur made
this statement, apparently off the cuff: 'Senior Military Pentagon officials have been working closely with
senior officials at Wall Street to perfect severe scenarios that could quickly be put into action once Wall
Street crashes.' Notice the Under Secretary did not say 'could crash' or 'may possible crash.' He
emphatically stated that the Pentagon is fully expecting it to crash." So very obviously, a blueprint for a Wall
Street crash has already been drafted. We are merely awaiting its implementation. And if history is of
further precedent, we may have already received another, more forceful, warning of an imminent collapse
from Mr. Greenspan himself. In None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Allen mentions that then-Fed Chairman Paul
Warburg provided a furtive warning to insiders who "knew the score" to sell all assets in anticipation of a
crash. That signal came on March 9, 1929, when the Financial Chronicle quoted Warburg as giving this sound
advice: "If orgies of unrestricted speculation are permitted to spread too farthe ultimate collapse is
certainto bring about a general depression involving the whole country." In a recent speech, Greenspan
himself made a similar statement and even used the term "speculative orgy" as did Warburg. In recent
Congressional testimony, Greenspan said: "I've never seen anything like this. What is occurring is a broad area
of uncertainty and fear. When human beings are confronted with uncertainty, meaning they do not understand
the terms of particular types of engagement they're having in the real word, they disengage. And in markets,
disengagement of necessity, means that prices fall. In other words, fear itself is something to be frightened
of. It harms markets in its own right." Interestingly, this statement is a complete inverse of Franklin
Roosevelt's famous statement shortly after the Crash of '29, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." To
provide proof that a direct correlation exists between Fed monetary policy and stock price behavior, we have
included a chart from a respected financial publication of many years ago.

In the chart shown here entitled, "Federal Reserve Monetary Policy and Dow Jones Industrial Average
( 1935-69 ) , reprinted from the June 24, 1969 issue of Indicator Digest, we see clearly the impact that
expansive and restrictive monetary measures have on the Dow's performance. As illustrated, the Dow fell
whenever the Fed embraced a restrictive monetary policy and rose during expansive monetary policies.
Further proof that a perfect relationship exists between Fed policy and the stock market is provided by a
more recent chart comparing the performance of the S&P 500 price/earnings ratio and money supply ( as
measured by M2 ) . Note the almost perfect correlation between periods of monetary restriction and
expansion and the dips and rallies in the S&P. So what is the answer to this problem of central bank
manipulation of markets and unilateral economic control? The answers are as complex as they are varied.

There is no one simple solution, certainly not one that can be easily implemented in view of the numerous
obstacles in the path of true reform. However, one measure that MUST be undertaken before financial order
and self-sovereignty can be restored to our nation's financial infrastructure is the return to a gold standard.
Ironically, Greenspan himself made this very observation years ago before his entrenchment at the pinnacle of
the Establishment. In an essay entitled "Gold and Economic Freedom," Greenspan wrote "The abandonment of
the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an
unlimited expansion of creditIn the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from
confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value." Such a measure, however, will be a long time in
coming, if ever. In the meantime, individual investors need to protect themselves from imminent financial
chaos. And this can only be effected through the individual initiative of gold investment. For, as Greenspan so
eloquently pointed out, it is gold alone that is immune from the monetary debasement policies of central
bankers and others who would control the fate of nations.

Clif Droke
4 January 1999

Clif Droke is editor of the weekly Leading Indicators newsletter covering U.S. and global equities markets
and general socio-economic affairs from a technical perspective. For a free sample copy of Leading
Indicators, or to subscribe, write to: 816 Easely St., #411, Silver Spring, MD 20910; e-mail:

(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:45 - ID#341234)
Crisis Alert: Great Depression By March!
Speaking of the alternate media, here is a story from the Weekly World News, a grocery store tabloid. I posted this on Prudent Bear a few days ago, and I thought Kitcoites might enjoy it also. Weekly World News is always predicting the end of the world, and I do not think their respected financial analyst is even a real person. Still, maybe they are onto something...


Cover: Crisis Alert! Great Depression By March! World Economic Collapse Looms, Warn Wall Street Insiders. Will you survive the coming financial chaos? Horde food ... Hide cash ... & Prepare For The Worst!

PANIC! World Economic Collapse Will Come By March

By George Sanford, Weekly World News

January 5, 1999

New York City - Frightened Wall Street investors, economists and other financial experts are bracing for a Second Great Depression - a complete collapse of the world economy that is expected to take place by early March ... and could last as long as 100 years!

"We are looking at an era ahead that, potentially, has more in common with Europe's Dark Ages than with recessionary periods of the recent past," declared respected financial analyst Thomas VanDurman. "It will be a bleak period of hopelessness, social upheaval and almost unimaginable poverty."

Last October's stock market crash - in which stock prices suddenly plummeted hundreds of points - was just a small foreshock of the fiscal catastrophe that's on the way, warns VanDurman.

"It was like a warning tremor you get in the months before a major earthquake."

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan is no alarmist, but he sounded equally grim when he recently testified before Congress.

Noting that a frightening $1.5 trillion in wealth had been wiped out in the recent stock market dip, Greenspan warned that the economy is about to worsen - big-time.

"We do not know how far it will go," he said.

In an ominous sign of our economy's underlying weakness, U.S. exports have dropped more than $10 billion in the past two years.

And America's leaders are helpless to affect the main destabilizing factors, which originate overseas.

The latest round of turmoil in the global markets was set off last year when Russia in effect defaulted on its debt. This has sent Western financiers fleeing from risky investments, according to VanDurman.

"There's a growing sense of panic in the investment community - and that panic is really what has put the economy in such jeopardy," he said.

Stocks are worth only what people are willing to pay for them, the economist explained.

"If people are too worried to buy stocks, the value drops. And with the kind of panic we're starting to see now, prices just can't hold.

"If current trends continue, one day in early March the stock market will go into total free-fall. By the end of the day, some major stocks are going to have literally zero value."

Even billionaires like Microsoft chairman Bill Gates could become paupers overnight, said VanDurman. "Those individuals who have most of their wealth invested in the stock market will see their net worth drop dramatically overnight.

"We'll likely see a wave of businessman suicides, just as in the last big crash in 1929."

The collapse of the stock market will lead to worldwide depression - and the effect on American society will be devastating. Banks will be in ruins, businesses will go bankrupt, factories will close their doors, and millions of homeless and starving people will find themselves on the streets.

"This won't be like The Waltons, not by a long shot," said VanDurman. "There's just not the sense of community there was in our grandparents' time.

"Food riots will be common and formerly law-abiding citizens will turn on each other like animals in a desperate scramble for basic necessities.

"Home invasions, in which starving vagabonds break into houses, read them for food and supplies and terrorize the occupants, will become an everyday occurrence - even in communities that are now posh, such as Beverly Hills."

Worse still, while the first Great Depression lasted little more than a decade, the coming crisis will linger and on.

"World War 2 helped us get out of that depression," said the expert. "But we can't fight another world war now, with every major power having weapons of mass destruction. It would bean a nuclear holocaust."

"The Second Great Depression will last decades, perhaps longer. We may not pull out of it anytime next century. It may very well turn out to be a 100-year depression."

(Fri Jan 01 1999 22:47 - ID#222231)
Dannys picture, looks just like you know who.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:07 - ID#348257)
Tantalus Rex
That was tolerant 1 who bought dem 15 mil worth of gold coins.
He's preparing for a hunnert year de-pression.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:09 - ID#348257)
I plan to hoard a whole horde of food.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:11 - ID#348257)
Scenes from a 100 year depression...
"Home invasions, in which starving vagabonds break into houses, read them for food and supplies
and terrorize the occupants, will become an everyday occurrence - even in communities that are
now posh, such as Beverly Hills."

At least people will be reading again.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:13 - ID#348257)
More scenes from a 100 year depression...
"World War 2 helped us get out of that depression," said the expert. "But we can't fight another world
war now, with every major power having weapons of mass destruction. It would bean a nuclear

It would bean everyone.

Mike Sheller
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:16 - ID#348257)
Dont you just love

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:18 - ID#266105)

I've got a little different version, one in which money can
no longer be defined much more regulated and managed by a Fed
given tools of policy designed for a world which no longer exists.

What keeps lurking in mind is Greenspan's comment when trotted
up to the hill for one of his testimonies around the time of the
Russian default, LTCM and the surrounding market turmoil/breakdown.
He noted that things are mending after a fashion, providing a window
of opportunity to do something about that leaky roof.

Mo in To
(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:31 - ID#347205)
Is Clinton Mr. Lovejoy or What
To All,
OK, maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but is it a coincidence that in Primary Colors, John Travolta's character impregnates a young BLACK girl? Hmm, maybe Hollywood IS wagging the dog, or maybe y'all just have a DOG for a president....

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:36 - ID#257312)
White House Pushes Crackdown on Child Support
White House press release from 12/31/1998 ( via Free Republic ) http//

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:40 - ID#342397)
W. Jefferson Clinton
Well, now we know what all the recent hype about Thomas Jefferson and his alleged offspring by a black slave was all about. Well, don't we.

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:41 - ID#266105)

Auric-- that's all you get these days it seems, irony & ironheads.

Report out--

Hope this isn't the scoop of the century ( yawn ) .

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:43 - ID#257312)
WH Child Support Press Release

Corrected link

(Fri Jan 01 1999 23:58 - ID#288231)

the time to end all times....that which we perceive as
just around the corner..a time for chaos and flux to
reign supreme....our eyes scream.....the writing on the
teepee rendered into smoke for many it surprising
to thus smell the beast? to feel the presence of that
which has no mass, yet has inertia......the inertia of
the lemming-peopleo-carbo-earth-anouts who have violated
their could have been so much more............
and yet it is not! so......we have peaked as a culture....
and as rome she burned so many others......
so shall the immutable laws of nature afford the west
what it has dealt.......

'for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'
sir isaac.....

read it and weep.......the party is, tomorrow....
the heat rising....vapor pressure rising...bubble point decreasing..
distillation initiating.....NOW!

'the meek shall inherit the earth'
the big book....